Maine Senate BAR Member, Roger Katz, Proposing Per Diem Compensation For Active Retired Judges From $300 Per Day To $500 Per Day!

Note – the latest Judiciary Committee schedule states the hearing is at 2:00 p.m. Those attending the public hearing should be there at 1:00 p.m….just in case.

LD 731 Sponsor Sen. Roger Katz of Kennebec – Cosponsored by Representative Barry HOBBINS of Saco and Senators: David BURNS of Washington, Dawn HILL of York, Chris JOHNSON of Lincoln, Representative: Matthew MOONEN of Portland

Public hearing: Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015, 1:00p Room 438 State House

Senator Roger Katz (attorney) (R-Kennebec)
Senator Dawn Hill (attorney-inactive) (D-York)
Rep. Barry Hobbins (attorney) (D-Saco) – House Chair of the Judiciary Committee
Senator David Burns (R-Washington) – Senate Chair of the Judiciary Committee
Representative Matthew W. Moonen (D-Portland) – member of the Judiciary Committee
Senator Christopher K. Johnson (D-Lincoln) – member of the Judiciary Committee

This proposed legislation further proves the “double standards”, whose “interests” it serves and begs many questions.

Judges retire, receive a pension, return to the bench and get more compensation…as this bill raises the per diem compensation for active retired judges and justices from $300 per day to $500 per day!

BAR members proposing raises for their “club”members.

When judges return to work is there a reduction in their pensions?

What about people on social security (living on less than a livable wage) who go back and are subject to reduction?

How about judges who strip people of entitled pensions in their decisions/judgments, causing financial hardship?

How about the VA which delays veterans’ pension claims for years/decades, causing financial hardship?

Ask your representative for help with these issues and you’ll get the standard answer “there’s nothing I can do.” Yet they can do plenty when it comes to their buddies.

Wouldn’t this bill in itself be considered fraudulent legislation, since it’s presented by BAR card carrying attorneys? A conflict of interest? A vested interest which would constitute a racketeering enterprise (RICO)?

Could this be considered embezzlement from the taxpayers who paid their salaries, their pensions and are now paying retirement and salary? Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could do that?

Are they paying taxes on either one?

And The B.S. Artist Of The Year Award Goes To….

BDN reports “With this week’s resurgent interest in royalty, here’s a sampling — not a comprehensive list — of Maine families and other combinations that qualify as their own brand of Maine dynasty.”

Baldacci: Brothers John, Gerry and Joe got their start on the Bangor City Council, following in the footsteps of their father, Robert, who was active in Democratic Party politics. John then served six terms in the state Senate, four in the U.S. House and two as governor. Now, current Councilor Joe Baldacci is eyeing a run for his brother’s old congressional seat. Meanwhile, brother Peter Baldacci has long served as a Penobscot County commissioner, and sister Rosemary made a bid for the Maine House in the early 1990s. Outside of elected office, brother Bob has chaired the Finance Authority of Maine, and sister Lisa has worked on Capitol Hill and as a Maine political operative. Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell isn’t part of the Baldacci dynasty, but he’s a relative. Mitchell’s mother and Gov. Baldacci’s grandmother were sisters who immigrated from Lebanon.

Mills: Peter Mills is the third Sumner Peter Mills to serve in the Maine Legislature. His grandfather, from Stonington, served one term in the Maine House and two in the Senate between 1903 and 1908. Father Sumner P. Mills Jr. of Farmington, a Republican, served three terms in the House and two in the Senate between 1939 and 1970. And S. Peter Mills III of Cornville, a Republican, served seven Senate terms and one House term between 1995 and 2010. Democratic sister Janet served three terms in the Maine House and is serving her second term as attorney general. In 1994, she challenged John Baldacci in the Democratic primary for the 2nd Congressional District seat. Sister Dora Anne is former head of the Maine Center for Disease Control. Peter Mills’ wife, Nancy, is a Superior Court justice.

Pingree-Sussman: Before her election to the U.S. House in 2008, Democrat Chellie Pingree served four terms in the Maine Senate, including two as majority leader, between 1993 and 2000. She unsuccessfully challenged Republican Sen. Susan Collins for her seat in 2002. Meanwhile, her daughter Hannah served four terms in the Maine House, including one as majority leader and one as speaker. Both Pingrees’ names swirl in speculative circles when the focus turns to future statewide races. The Pingree family added fortune in 2011 when Chellie married Donald Sussman, a major Democratic donor in Maine and across the country.

Collins: U.S. Sen. Susan Collins’ two parents, Donald and Patricia, served as mayors of Caribou. Donald served one term in the Maine House and four in the Senate between 1971 and 1992. Susan Collins worked on Capitol Hill for former Sen. William Cohen, served as Gov. John McKernan’s commissioner of professional and financial regulation and ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1994 before she was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996. Patricia Collins became the second woman to chair the University of Maine System board of trustees in the early 1990s.

King-King-King: It’s admittedly a stretch to call this a dynasty since there are no blood relations, but there’s no denying those with the last name King have played a major role in Maine politics. Maine’s first governor was William King, who held the office from 1820 to 1821. Unrelated Angus King became Maine’s 72nd governor and is now its newest senator. Meanwhile, Bangor author Stephen King and wife Tabitha are major Democratic donors.

Beliveau: One of the State House’s most influential lobbyists, Severin Beliveau served a term each in the Maine House and Senate in the late 1960s. He is a former Maine Democratic Party chairman, and he ran in the 1986 Democratic gubernatorial primary, losing to then-Attorney General James Tierney. Son Emmett is an aide in the Obama White House, and son Devin served a term in the Maine House (2010-2012). Severin’s father, Albert, was a Maine Supreme Court justice and grandfather Matthew McCarthy was the first municipal court judge in Rumford. Uncle William McCarthy was a Superior Court judge, and brother Albert was an Oxford County probate judge.

Snowe-McKernan: This special brand of Republican dynasty began with Peter Snowe, who was killed in a car accident during his second Maine House term. Olympia Snowe won the special election to replace her first husband, spawning a 40-year career in elective office. Snowe and John McKernan dated while they represented Maine in the U.S. House. They married in 1989, during McKernan’s first term as governor. Snowe was elected to the Senate in 1994, becoming the first woman in history to serve in both chambers of her state Legislature and both houses of Congress. Peter Snowe met Gov. Paul LePage as a teenager and persuaded Husson College to let LePage take the entrance exam in his native French.

Woodcock: Penobscot County Judge of Probate Allan Woodcock Jr. retired last year as the state’s longest serving probate judge. Nephew John A. Woodcock serves as chief judge of the U.S. District Court for Maine. John’s son, Patrick, is LePage’s energy director and a former Snowe aide. John’s brother Tim is a Bangor lawyer and a former Bangor mayor and councilor. Sister Elizabeth Woodcock is an assistant attorney general in New Hampshire.

Longley: Maine’s first independent governor, James Longley, served one term in the Blaine House (1975-1979). His son, Republican James Longley Jr., served a term in the U.S. House (1995-1997), representing Maine’s 1st District, and unsuccessfully challenged Angus King for governor in 1998.

Martin: While not part of a political family, John Martin became a major power broker in his 19 terms in the Maine House — including nine as speaker — and four in the Senate. Some called him the Earl of Eagle Lake.

But Martin himself proved Maine is no monarchy. He lost power last year when he came up short in his bid for re-election to the House.”


Maine’s Ruling Family – the Mitchell-Baldacci family.

Baldacci – Business As Usual.  Source: LANCE TAPLEY

Baldacci swears in judges with area roots.  ”The swearing-in ceremony for five Maine judges seemed more like a family reunionthan an official event.”

Of importance to “all in the family” is the creation of 147 positions in government by (former governor) Angus King.

ORESTIS-HARPER’S DEVELOPMENT (SACO ISLAND) …….. involves Senator (now Rep.) Barry “hobnobs” Hobbins.

There are a number of nominees that could be added to this list….do you know anyone?

[new post] Maine Governor LePage And House Leader Emily Cain Vow To Reform Government Ethics

Sun Journal reports  “Republican Gov. Paul LePage and House Democratic leader Emily Cain are responding to a national report that gave Maine government an “F” for its potential for corruption. Maine ranked 46th in the “State Integrity Investigation” by three nonpartisan good government groups that was released in mid-March.”

“Cain on Tuesday submitted a “concept draft” bill, “An Act to Strengthen Maine’s Ethics Laws and Improve Public Access to Information,” that she hopes will provide a vehicle for bipartisan reform proposals.” “And we can say to ourselves: why did we get scored that way and can we take a look at ourselves in the mirror and say what do we want to be known for?”

“LePage’s acting chief legal counsel, Michael Cianchette, said “rewriting ethics laws and finding best practices is a big objective.” “While the goal is to address a range of problems identified in the report, Cianchette said he believes the legislation will ultimately “focus in on a few red flag areas.”

Says Cain “what I’d like to see happen is not only an end result that increases trust in state government, but a process that reflects and leads to an increased trust as well.”

“It’s not a Republican or Democrat issues said Cianchette. It’s a transparency issue.”

Maine Corruption Risk Report Card

I’m happy to hear that Gov. LePage and Rep. Emily Cain have at least indicated there is a problem. However, they would learn from the people where the problems lie if they were willing to talk with us, rather than the likes of Sen. Barry Hobbins, Sen. Jon Courtney, Rep. Alan Casavant & Co.

Rep. Cain wonders “why did we get scored that way?” She certainly won’t get the answers from Maine’s legislators. So many of them have been hand-delivered documented evidence of the corruption that has been ongoing for decades. We’ve all gotten the same answer “there’s nothing I can do!” They’ve done plenty……covered up! The “red flags” have flown in front of their faces, including Maine’s constitutional officers.

We don’t need more laws….they don’t uphold what’s on the books as it is. (And too many unconstitutional – those, they make exception) Unfortunately, it has been a Republican/Democrat issue. Each party covers each others butts. The reason being….they listen to each other. They are as transparent as saran wrap….we can see right through them. They don’t have to worry about the people exposing them. They are doing that all by themselves with their silence on the abuses, brutalities and atrocities inflicted upon their constituents!

If Governor LePage and Rep. Cain are serious about this effort, they can start with the removal of all members of the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability which will remove the conflicts of interest…..THE root of the problems. Then follow up with the people.  Governor LePage and Rep. Cain can get “a range of problems” straight from the horses’ mouths, rather than from the southern end of a northbound horse.


PPH reports “Maine’s system of public campaign financing, which has been enormously popular with legislative candidates, appears to be losing its luster. Figures from the state Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, which oversees campaign financing, show that 63 percent of Maine’s legislative candidates are drawing public funds through the state’s Clean Election Act in this year’s legislative campaign. That compares to 80 percent in the last election cycle and 85 percent in the previous one.”

“I think there has been a drop-off because some candidates are concerned that outside groups will launch negative attacks and there will not be matching funds to counter them,” said Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello, R-Poland.”

Snowe-Mello understood the corruption, and listened to the people, when she was a state representative. Since becoming a Senator, she’s deaf, dumb and blind…..another Barry Hobbins! What a big disappointment in Lois Snowe-Mello.

Maybe there’s a “drop-off” because good, honest, decent people don’t want to find themselves with trumped up charges……not to mention the election fraud that goes on when good people run!

Related, click here, click here.


I will be adding documents associated with the links below. Check back often.

Gov. Angus King letter

Attorney Mark Lawrence (former President of the Maine Senate) was appointed District Attorney by Governor John Baldacci to fill the vacancy created when Michael Cantara became Commissioner of Public Safety. He ran for congress, 2008 election, and lost.  He was later nominated by Congressman Michael Michaud for position of Maine U.S.A.G. I wrote Congressman Michaud and asked that he justify his nomination of Mark Lawrence for said position. No response.  Lawrence was no longer named as a possible nominee. He has opened his own law firm.

Lawrence campaign contributors

Gov. John Baldacci campaign contributors, click here and here.

Printed in the Clarion Edict.

The articles in the last edition of the Clarion Edict are excellent! They are very informative and inner-twine with each other. It is refreshing to know that the people have a place in which to have their voices heard.

I want to expand on the article by Joseph Nugent “Maine U.S. Attorney Office Non-Feasance.” Why do public officials keep passing the proverbial buck and look the other way? Joseph Nugent asked “who is going to do something about corruption? Why is it happening? Who is profiting from it? Why is no one doing anything about it? How long is this type of wrong doing going to be tolerated? And who will ultimately enforce the law, maintain the public trust and protect our faith and confidence in our system of government?”

The duties of the Attorney General are established by the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated, Title 5, sections 191 – 205. These statutes direct the Attorney General to discharge various responsibilities, including investigating and prosecuting homicides and other crimes. In addition to these statutory powers, the Attorney General is vested with certain other powers deriving from the Office’s common law powers. The leading case on the powers and duties of the Attorney General is Superintendent of Insurance v. Attorney General, 558 A.2d 1197 (Me.1989). The essential principle stated by the Court in this landmark decision is that the Attorney General possesses constitutional and common law authority, independent of the agencies represented by the Office that may be exercised by the Attorney General in the public interest.

The State Court Administrator, established by M.R.S.A. Title 4, Chapter 1 ξ 17, subject to the supervision and direction of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, is responsible for administration and management of the court system, including investigating complaints with respect to the operation of the courts. Maine’s Court Administrator is James T. Glessner.

Why are the unlawful interferences by officials rubber-stamped by Maine’ judicial system? Why do state government agencies in place to protect consumers, fail to do so? The power of the agencies, etc. is supported by the corruption of the courts. Why do they get away with this? Because they can. The lack of oversight and accountability that exists in Maine government agencies/departments/committees/commissions, including the Judiciary, pose a real problem for small business owners and residents.

It is disgusting and appalling, through past administrations, that there has always been the excuse, including the Attorney General’s Office – top law enforcement agency in the State, that “there’s nothing we can do.” This being the case, it is my opinion that the state has 2 choices: 1) replace the person in charge of an agency or 2) if an agency is not servings its purpose/mission, eliminate the agency. This would be fiscally responsible. Paying salaries of employees who fail in their job performance is a misuse of taxpayer money. It is imperative that Governor LePage initiate investigations into the job performance of the Attorney General’s Office and Administrative Office of the Courts as this is a matter of public interest and trust.

As long as we have family connections, “revolving doors” in Augusta and legislators who leave their common sense at the door when entering the chambers, public and judicial corruption in this state will continue.

As Mr. Nugent reported, lack of action by Attorneys General Steven Rowe and Janet Mills occurred during the (former governor) John Baldacci administration. If “you wonder why public and judicial corruption is going unfettered here in our State”, connect the dots. The masquerade party ongoing in Augusta is known by more people than our officials realize. The political players dance from one elected position to another, wheel and deal with connections they’ve made, ignore the pleas for help from their constituents who pay their salaries, then eventually climb the ladder to a higher position. Then family members join the party. The individuals we thought would be great representatives of the people, and we voted for, have lost their way. They sold their souls and the future of their children, grandchildren and the American people for the sake of comfort and wealth. They have elected to take the path of corruption which, eventually, will effect them.

U.S. Attorney for Maine Thomas Delahanty II, a longtime Superior Court justice, is related to Judge Robert Crowley.

Maine’s Ruling Family – the Mitchell-Baldacci family.

Baldacci – Business As Usual.  Source: LANCE TAPLEY

Baldacci swears in judges with area roots.  “The swearing-in ceremony for five Maine judges seemed more like a family reunionthan an official event.”

Senator Barry Hobbins, click here, Kennebec Journal, Cutts Island Group.

Re Radio Address – Sen. Hobbins on Government Transparency, March 19, 2011:
“Democrats have long believed that people should know who, how, where, and what is being governed.” Hobbins “wants to work with Governor LePage moving this state forward, but he wants to do it with transparency and openness.” He stated, “Governor, I hope you will join me.”

Hobbins brought up one case in point, the Governor’s announcement of the formation of a Business Advisory Council, “however, in the Executive Order, the Governor added language exempting the Council from Maine’s Right to Know Law.” “As a founding member and former chair of Maine’s Right to Know Committee, Hobbins felt “a responsibility, a stewardship, for transparency in Maine government” and “in response to the Executive Order, he wrote a letter to the Governor asking him to re-evaluate his decision exempting the Advisory Council from the Freedom of Access Act. To date, he had not received a response from him or anyone in his administration. Hobbins stated he “will remain dogged in his efforts to allow the people of Maine access to the state’s business. Transparency is essential to an open society. A cloud of suspicion forms over elected officials and governments where the truth is shrouded in anything but openness. Sunshine Week and the Freedom of Access Act were borne out of this—this need to know, the need to hold elected officials accountable.”

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Senator Hobbins should understand the peoples’ plights including, but not limited to, the decades of seeking justice, the decades of frustration due to the unresponsiveness of elected officials, the lack of transparency in Maine government, the lack of official accountability and the taxation without representation. Hobbins asked Governor LePage to join him in moving this state forward, but he wants “to do it with transparency and openness.” I’m asking Senator Hobbins to join me, and the people, in reining in an out-of-control government and to “do it with transparency and openness.” I, we, remain dogged in our efforts for fairness and truth. Senator Hobbins has long been a member of “there’s nothing I can do club.”

Top 25 Biddeford-Saco political players and coaches according to All Along the Watchtower. The list is not surprising to those of us in the know whose names are included:

Donna Dion and Jim Grattelo (former Mayors/councilor of Biddeford). Biddeford, I’ll See You In Court -Click here, First Amendment Case – click here, Click here.

Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre. – I learned that there is an unwritten rule in Chief Beaupre’s Department. That rule “none of his police officers are to speak with me.” Why’s that? They might learn a little about the law, their constitutional duties or maybe a secret about their own chief.

William Kany – Saco-Biddeford Savings Institution.

Senator Barry Hobbins.

The Honorable Mike Cantara – Michael Cantara is a bar certified attorney. A former Biddeford mayor, Cantara was later elected to become York County’s District Attorney before being tapped by Governor John Baldacci to serve as Commissioner for the Maine Department of Public Safety and later as a Maine District Court Judge, where he serves today. Attorney Mark Lawrence (former President of the Maine Senate) was appointed District Attorney by Governor John Baldacci to fill the vacancy created when Cantara became Commissioner of Public Safety. Official corruption was brought to D.A. Cantara back in the 1990’s. However, my complaint against Atty. Michelle Robert (who was appointed to the A.G.’s office by Governor Angus King, despite his pledge of a “hiring freeze”) was dismissed by Cantara because Michelle Robert was “his friend and colleague.”

Judge Michael Cantara’s Stall Tactics On Reagan’s Foreclosure Case

Also Pro police brutality and elder abuse.

Of importance to “all in the family” is the creation of 147 positions in government by (former governor) Angus King.
With further regard to Nugent’s concerns about the Maine U.S. Attorney General’s Office, malfeasance and non-feasance extends into Washington, D.C., including members of Congress.

In February 2007 a complaint was filed with the O.I.G. against two U.S. Attorneys on their failure to perform their duties as Federal Agents and their failure to uphold the law. The complaint was forwarded to the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys, per correspondence of Roger M. Williams, Special Agent and dated April 12, 2007. This was during the tenure of (now former Attorneys General) Alberto Gonzales and Michael Mukasey. Involved in this cover up is H. Marshall Jarrett, the longtime chief lawyer in the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility, who was appointed by President Obama to head the Executive Office for United States Attorneys.

U.S. Congressman Robert Torrecelli. Torrecelli did not take action. When Torrecelli left Congress ), Eric Shuffler later became speech wirter for N.J. Governor Jon Corzine.

On December 5, 2008 I attended a Judiciary Committee Field Hearing in St. Albans, VT, chaired by Senator Patrick Leahy, re: “Community-Based Solutions to Drug-Related Crime in Rural America.” 

I submitted documentation and a demand for a full investigation into drug related crimes and violations of law, rights and due process. I am quite disappointed that I was not afforded the opportunity to speak with Senator Leahy after traveling hours to Vermont. His only response to me was that he would read my documents on the plane. The evidence/documents presented to him demands a full investigation into the cover up of drug-related crimes, including a death, and extends from New Hampshire to Washington agencies, ie., DOJ, FBI, US Attorneys Executive Office, H. Marshall Jarrett, Counsel – Office of Professional Responsibility, NH U.S.A.G. Thomas Colantuono (left his position) and N.H. Asst. U.S.A.G. Mark Zuckerman, and others. I never received a response from Senator Leahy regarding this matter.

Is it not surprising that public officials keep passing the proverbial buck and look the other way? Where are the checks and balances? There are none. Governor Paul LePage must exercise his authority, per the Constitution of Maine, Art V, sec.12, and take care that the laws be faithfully executed. His enforcement of the law can restore the public’s trust, faith and confidence in our system of government.

As The Plot Thickens, Connect The Dots.


Has anyone watched Maine Governor Paul LePage’s TV Show?

BDN reports “LePage to start TV show: “Inside the Blaine House.”

“Inside the Blaine House,” will represent an opportunity for the governor to open a dialogue without media interference, said spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett. It will be issue-oriented and will feature the governor, commissioners and senior staff.”

 Can Sen. Barry Hobbins justify his criticism of Governor LePage’s lack of government transparency when so many issues have been brought to him and he stuck his head in the sand. There was nothing he could ever do (a line they all use). He was paid to do a job. His job performance has been less than poor. His Senate Chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee was a disgrace. IMO, Senator Hobbins has been a major problem with the state of affairs in this state with his aiding and abetting corruption which was brought to him. He is termed out this year and should have time to ponder his willful and reckless disregard for the law, abuses,……and the public. May he ask God to forgive him!

Back in the 1990’s I recall calling into a TV program (it may have been the Capitol Connection) where (former) Governor King was a guest. I asked Governor King “by what authority did you have to buy an island off the coast of Maine without taking it to referendum, the people?” The host said he [King] didn’t have to answer that question. King replied, I will. His answer: “Because I’m the Governor and I can. The people will be glad I did.” I never heard another word about this island. Have any of you? The live call-in programs ended.

Governor LePage could get some issues to be discussed from The Clarion Edict.

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This has the same makings as the Saco Island deal!

Union Leader (NH) reports “New buyer for grand hotel in Great North Woods.”

“DIXVILLE NOTCH – The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel has a new buyer, but the board of directors of the Tillotson Corp. is giving out few details about the sale.”

BDN news article.

Are these dots connecting?

Saco Island Project

Saco Island – Harpers Development


Sen. Hobbins Radio Address on Government Transparency, March 19, 2011 he stated:

“Democrats have long believed that people should know who, how, where, and what is being governed.” Sen. Hobbins “want(s) to work with Governor LePage moving this state forward, but [he] wants to do it with transparency and openness.” He stated, “Governor (LePage), I hope you will join me.”

During Senator Hobbins’ long tenure in the Maine legislature he could have asked (now former Governor) John Baldacci to do the same. However, birds of a feather….. With decades of seeking justice, the decades of frustration due to the unresponsiveness of elected officials, the lack of transparency in Maine government, the lack of official accountability and judicial corruption, Hobbins still remains behind the veil of secrecy. He has refused to join the people in reining in an out-of-control government and to “do it with transparency and openness.”

We remain dogged in our efforts for fairness, truth, transparency, openess and accountability for the thefts of property, atrocities, abuses and brutalities inflicted upon the people on the State of Maine.

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 Portland Press Herald reports Judge Michael Cantara’s” decision to set bail at $250 for a man who is charged with trying to outrun police on the Maine Turnpike was met with outrage Tuesday.”

While I do not believe the reports of the mainstream media, I am concerned about the “officials” who are involved in the stories being reported. The “revolving doors” in Augusta and within the state are of most concern to me. I am aware of the double standard of justice and selective prosecutions by District Attorneys and State Attorneys General “turned” judges.

In this particular case, “the bail was part of an agreement between the prosecutor and defense attorney.”

Michael Cantara began his “political” career as District Attorney of York County. “Deals” were the way of doing business in the D.A.’s office. I, for one, refused his “deal” in 1991. (From the files of Philip Castora, Private Investigator, letter to D.A. Cantara – no action taken.)

In January 2003 Governor Baldacci Cantara nominated Michael Cantara Commissioner of Department of Public Safety. In March of 2003, Mark Lawrence was unanimously selected by York County Democrats to succeed Michael Cantara as District Attorney and complete the unexpired term of former District Attorney Michael Cantara. Mark Lawrence was former president of the Maine Senate (1996 to 2000).

As the “revolving doors” continue in Augusta, in December 2006 Governor John Baldacci nominated Michael P. Cantara for judgeship. States Governor Baldacci, his nominee has ” demonstrated outstanding leadership” and he is “confident that (Michael Cantara) will serve the State with utmost integrity… and wisdom to Maine’s citizens and courts.”

Integrity and wisdom are not the criteria for judgeship, it’s who you know on the other side of the “revolving door.”

For Governor Baldacci’s latest “last minute” appointment, see previous blog



 The Senate confirmed the re-appointment of Judge Christine Foster.
see article

Governor John Baldacci and Senator Elizabeth Mitchell pushed the re-appointment of Judge Christine Foster through rather quickly. Governor Baldacci called the session for Friday so the Senate could consider his nomination of Judge Christine Foster of Portland for re-appointment to the District Court bench. Was there a public hearing on this? There’s a pending complaint against Judge Foster before the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability. Why didn’t this come up by members of the committee? Oh……perhaps because judges sitting on this committee are involved with Foster’s continued judicial misconduct, obstruction of justice and extortion? The Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability must be rid of judges and attorneys. The policy of policing themselves must end! It’s time for judges to be elected by the people and this would eliminate any “improprieties” that appear to exist.

Before joining the District Court, Christine Foster was Assistant Attorney General for Maine for seven years (1989 to 1996). Judge Foster, as with most judges appointed to the bench, come out of the Attorney General’s office – a huge root of the problem in the judicial system.

Another interesting point in the Senate’s re-appointment of Governor Baldacci’s nomination of Judge Foster and the information posted to the website. On Friday, November 19, 2010 I heard on the early morning news that Gov. Baldacci nominated Judge Christine Foster for another 7 years. I looked into the Maine Senate webpage and discovered the following.

In Senate Chamber, Friday, November 19, 2010.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 5, Part 1, Section 8 of the Constitution and the laws of the State of Maine, the Senate convened in the Senate Chamber at Ten o’clock in the morning and was called to order by President ELIZABETH H. MITCHELL of Kennebec County.”  There is something wrong with this picture.  The ten o’clock Senate confirmation session was posted at 7:30 A.M.

—– Original Message —–

From: pcastora
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2010 7:30 AM
Subject: Judge Christine Foster

It appears that Senator Elizabeth Mitchell got a few senators together, for a quorum, to get Judge Foster back on the bench before the Republicans take control.

Judicial reform in Maine is imperative.  This has been ignored for decades by past legislators and governors. This new administration has a duty and obligation to the people to look into the corruption and failed policies within Maine’s judicial system. The remedy for this “disease” can only come from one place……….the people!

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Still Waiting Elizabeth Mitchell!

Current President of the Maine Senate, Elizabeth Mitchell, is a gubernatorial candidate in the upcoming 2010 November election. “Mainers want a governor who has an open conversation with them about the issues facing our state. They don’t want a candidate who ducks debates and hides from questions,” Arden Manning, the Democrats Victory 2010 campaign manager. See article here.

Elizabeth Mitchell has “ducked” issues since her tenure as Speaker of the House in 1996 and shielded (then former A.G.) Andrew Ketterer’s blatant disregard for the law and violations of rights against individuals of the state of Maine. As a representative of the people of Maine, her unresponsiveness continues today. The State of Maine, and its people, cannot move forward unless, and until, the necessary steps are taken to rectify the fraud, waste and abuse being perpetrated at the expense of honest, decent, and hardworking people of Maine. I’m STILL waiting for a response to my most recent letter sent on November 22, 2009. I did not receive a response from her, from Speaker of the House, Rep. Hannah Pingree nor others who were copied.
See my letter to Libby Mitchell here.

Are officials refusing to review documented evidence of Medicaid fraud because the recipient of said funds is a campaign contributor? This matter was first brought to (former congressman) John Baldacci in 2002.

Why are my requests to view documents in the Biddeford Community Development Office pertaining to HUD funds awarded to Tim Q. Ly denied? Biddeford City Councilor Bob Mills claims that I cannot see these financial statements because this “comes under the Privacy Act.” Mills conveniently sits on the council and is (was) Manager of Maine-Ly Realty LLC owned by Tim Q. Ly, two individuals who conspired “behind closed doors” with Biddeford City officials to steal my home….and Bob Mills lives in MY home! Birds of a feather……

I would appreciate your help in lighting a fire under Libby Mitchell to get her to respond to my correspondence. We all deserve an answer!

Connect the dots to the pattern of official corruption. See Categories: City of Biddeford, Governor John Baldacci.

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