Maine Gov-Elect Janet Mills (D) …. Behind The Mask


“Not only was Maine’s Governor elect, Janet Mills, the subject of a cocaine usage investigation but also in addition an Assistant United States Attorney (Richard Cohen) ordered the investigation cancelled and deleted from the record system.

The investigation was conducted by B.I.D.E. (Bureau of Intergovernmental Drug Enforcement). Read FTM’s report HERE. (November 12, 2018))

BANGOR DAILY NEWS reported (May 5, 1992) “Report clears drug agents of wrongdoing” “Attorney General Michael E. Carpenter on Monday released a special investigative report which cleared state drug agents of any wrongdoing in their probe of alleged drug use by District Attorney Janet Mills. But Carpenter stressed that the special investigators — two law professors from the University of Maine School of Law in Portland — were barred by federal law from probing the activities of federal drug agents involved in the case.

The investigation of Mills by the Bureau of Intergovernmental Drug Enforcement, now the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, was terminated by U.S. Attorney Richard Cohen when drug agents failed to turn up enough evidence to prosecute Mills.

News of the probe of Mills was leaked to a Portland television news reporter and first broadcast publicly in December 1990. When Mills, a prominent Democrat and BIDE critic, complained she was being targeted unfairly by political opponents (Cohen is a Republican), the case got widespread publicity.

The special investigators — Professors David P. Cluchey and Melvyn Zarr —stated in their report they were unable to get cooperation from the U.S. Attorney’s Office or the federal Drug Enforcement Administration during their three-month probe of the Mills case. They said the investigation of Mills was justified because “information had come to state and federal law enforcement officials from a number of persons involved in the drug culture that District Attorney Janet Mills had purchased or used cocaine.”

Carpenter said a recent law change by the Legislature would ensure that any future investigations into the activities of state officials would be headed by the Attorney General’s Office to ensure that such investigations are open to public view.” Read more HERE.

Pattern of cover-ups in Augusta

NOTICE AND DEMAND – April 8, 2010 – sent to AG Janet requesting a meeting to present evidence of criminal activity…she refused!

U.S.A.G. Richard Cohen (and former Maine A.G.)  View MOST POWERFUL, REVEALING VIDEO BY TOM DUNN

Richard “King-Kover-Up” Cohen

Do you truly believe “a law change by the Legislature would ensure that any future investigations into the activities of state officials would be headed by the Attorney General’s Office to ensure that such investigations are open to public view”?

The Attorney General has final say in whether or not to investigate crimes. Will the AG investigate himself/herself? As the pattern of cover-ups continued with A.G. Schneider (now a sitting judge) when he brushed a RICO case under the rug, John Morris, Comm. Dept. of Public Safety was contacted. Pursuant to 25 MRS, Chap. 351: Department of Public Safety §2908. Police officers; powers and duties; cooperation, the Commissioner of Public Safety may expand the duties and powers of police officers beyond the duties and powers enumerated in this section to investigate, prosecute, serve process on and arrest violators of any law of this State. After response from John Morris, this law was changed.

As you can see, Augusta has all of its “bases” covered, whether a Democrat or Republican!

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Election 2014: Candidates Paul Aranson and Michael Carpenter…Justify Your Run For The Maine State Legislature

Scarborough (District 29)

State Representative Candidate Paul Aranson (D), Attorney

Houlton (District 2)

State Senate Candidate Michael Carpenter (D), Attorney, former Maine Attorney General

Both of these candidates must justify their run for the Maine Legislature in the upcoming election.

As an attorney, Paul Aranson has demonstrated that he cannot uphold the constitution, the rights of the people, the rules of court, nor his oath of office.  His “behind the scenes” tactics – in judge’s chambers – involving a police brutality/excessive force case is just cause for concern in his run for a State Representative seat in Maine’s Legislature. An attorney who finds it “very interesting” that a witness would enter the jury room, with jurors present, and says nothing about it……shocks the conscience.

As an attorney and former Attorney General, Michael Carpenter grossly violated his oath of office, duties and obligations in the cover up of police brutality during his tenure as Attorney General.

More details, EPISODE 37, listen HERE.

Do you want two lawbreakers to be your lawmakers?  Know your candidates!





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Judge Kevin Cronin Comin, Goin, or Out There Bonin – Music Video by Kevin Patrick Brady.
Judge Kevin Cronin of Alegan County, Michigan is the latest recipient of a music video produced, directed, and performed by infamous judicial lampooner, Kevin Patrick Brady.

“Judge Kevin Cronin is perhaps best-known for giving custody of children to a man who broke his wife’s back and killed her.”

“Other notable misdeeds of Judge Kevin Conlin include ordering $1,300 per month in child support to be paid by the disabled woman and sentencing her to jail six times due to her inability to pay.”

Fireworks in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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