Election 2014: Candidates Paul Aranson and Michael Carpenter…Justify Your Run For The Maine State Legislature

Scarborough (District 29)

State Representative Candidate Paul Aranson (D), Attorney

Houlton (District 2)

State Senate Candidate Michael Carpenter (D), Attorney, former Maine Attorney General

Both of these candidates must justify their run for the Maine Legislature in the upcoming election.

As an attorney, Paul Aranson has demonstrated that he cannot uphold the constitution, the rights of the people, the rules of court, nor his oath of office.  His “behind the scenes” tactics – in judge’s chambers – involving a police brutality/excessive force case is just cause for concern in his run for a State Representative seat in Maine’s Legislature. An attorney who finds it “very interesting” that a witness would enter the jury room, with jurors present, and says nothing about it……shocks the conscience.

As an attorney and former Attorney General, Michael Carpenter grossly violated his oath of office, duties and obligations in the cover up of police brutality during his tenure as Attorney General.

More details, EPISODE 37, listen HERE.

Do you want two lawbreakers to be your lawmakers?  Know your candidates!





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Judge Kevin Cronin Comin, Goin, or Out There Bonin – Music Video by Kevin Patrick Brady.
Judge Kevin Cronin of Alegan County, Michigan is the latest recipient of a music video produced, directed, and performed by infamous judicial lampooner, Kevin Patrick Brady.

“Judge Kevin Cronin is perhaps best-known for giving custody of children to a man who broke his wife’s back and killed her.”

“Other notable misdeeds of Judge Kevin Conlin include ordering $1,300 per month in child support to be paid by the disabled woman and sentencing her to jail six times due to her inability to pay.”

Fireworks in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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