Bar Treaty of 1947

By J.T.
2 10 2017

This notice is in regards to the Bar Treaty of 1947.
Sections have been highlighted and notes attached for emphasis and assistance for certain parties.

The Bar Association wrote the United Nations Charter.
49 of those drafting the Charter in San Francisco were Rotary members.

All courts and attorneys as officers of the court are operating under the United Nations.(Hence Amal Clooney an international attorney.)

Follow Clinton Foundation connection to Radcliffe Foundation: clue- Frank Giustra; connection to Clooney Foundation connection to Syrian refugees connection to Sweden refugees.

Attorneys, Rotary International, United Nations all operate under the authority of the Vatican under One Law, One Religion and the prerequisite to the One World Order. (Bar Association is a 501 (c) (3) non profit religious organization).Simple connection, they all worship Lucifer.

It is a well known fact that when the general population sees in writing an edict, writ, Charter etal, the works have been on the table fifty to one hundred years previous. Hence the terms “Conspiracy” and “conspiring”.

All these entities are tightening a barbed noose around the world’s neck systematically looped there by global Rothschild’s entities which are directly and/or indirectly connected to those above but not limited to, including through use of their agents the Rockefellers, all of their Pacific entities, including all the Pacific Union Railways etal Railways here and abroad, including all utilities. through deception and other fraud.

Attorneys, Rotary, Railway, Rothschilds, Rockefellers are all a finger on the same glove repeatedly slapping us all across our faces.

United Nations etal subsidiaries, which includes the courts, are a means to an end.

But, as in the rules of engagement or the Art of War, I forget which one but in this case I employ both, use your enemies weapons against them. This application may also be employed against those who drafted these Charters with intent for global dominance.

Rules were made to be interpreted and amended.
Please review the Bar Treaty attached.
Remember, The Smith Act of 1947 was written the same year. Figure the logic applied for that action.

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Connecting The Dots To The Clinton Foundation

by JT
11 5 2016

“Donald Trump etal;
Hang tight. I have previously contributed to your cause. Hillary Clinton WILL go down and she is
taking Chelsea, Bill and Clinton Foundation with her.

NOONE is checking out the Hospital, Health Care and Insurance connections to Hillary, Chelsea,
Clinton Foundation, ALLIANCE FOR A HEALTHIER GENERATION, INC., Barrack and Michelle
(Michael) Obama. They are acting in concert and collusion and conspiring to commit treason and
fraud. The FBI DOES have a case.

Check out the Florida Medicaid/Medicare/ Tricare Fraud with Governor Scott. Run connections to
Clinton Foundation see where & if they collide.”

Read more HERE.

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CLUB OF ROME’s 1972 handbook, Limits To Growth

Courtesy of J.T.

Here’s where we are all headed folks!

Click here.

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By: JT
October 24, 1916

With only a few days left before America votes for a new president on November 8 2016, there is imminent threat of widespread voting machine fraud.

Does George Soros, aka Gyorgy Schwartz, a Nazi war criminal wanted dead or alive by Vladimir Putin as a threat to national security and banned from Hungary, in fact, owned or otherwise affiliated with the same voting machine company used during Venezuela’s questionable Presidential election?

Hillary Clinton and George Soros ties go deep and are well known in the financial arena. Who then exactly did Hillary Clinton refer to when she made the comment “ If I lose we all go down?” From what was just recently uncovered that includes pretty much every global financial institution and their affiliates, which quite possibly Soros is the Godfather of many or at least a ruling owner. Read more HERE.

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AIB RADIO – JT ON MORE TIME LINES OF HISTORY – Blowing The Whistle Loud And Clear

“Rod Class and JT on AIB radio 3 26 2015. Blowing the whistle loud and clear. We could wake up the Boogey -Woogey bugle of company B before he plays revelry.”


Listen, click here.

RICO-Complaint, click here.

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Josephine County, Oregon, Commissioners Partners With Federal Land Grab

Courtesy of Jeannette Triplett

February 18, 2015 Josephine County, Oregon Board of County Commissioners (BCC) had on their menu the recipe for a Federal Land Grab presented as a sweet deal.

Individually and separately each item on this agenda appears to be exclusive, however, as one looks closer it is easy to see each piece fits together completing the puzzle, which once completed, is not a pretty picture.

Administrative Actions of concern included a proposed Contract for Personal Services between Josephine County and Mark VonHolle. (See Item1.b.)

Sandi Cassanelli addressed this and other issues well, stating “giving money to VonHolle would be a waste of Economic Development money” (EDC).

Cherryl Walker stated that after much due diligence she discovered VonHolle’s past questionable reputation appeared to be a “scam,” that no previous business transactions had come to fruition with VonHolle. This decision resulted in tabling BCC proposed contract with VonHolle.

Read more HERE.

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By J.T., Investigative Research Specialist
February 14, 2015

“Earlier this week WND author, Jerome Corsi, wrote an article titled “Loretta lynch tied to world’s biggest banking scandal” exposing HSBC money laundering practices resulting in $1.2 billion in fines.

According to WND report Loretta Lynch is the nominee to replace Eric Holder but is facing obsticles following allegations of her cover-up involvement with Obama’s International mexican drug cartel money laundering.

It appears that Eric Holder is attempting to prevent releasing documents which could implicate Lynch covering up the Obama administrations involvement laundering billions through London based HSBC Holdings LLC.

This is not the first time HSBC has been in hot water, and apparently not the last. A former HSBC vice president went so far as to call the bank a “criminal enterprise.”

WNDs article is extremely detailed in exposing this criminal enterprise while showing each actors role and their participation in the money laundering and identity theft operation.

HSBC is not exclusive to this criminal enterprise, it involves most if not all banks, globally.

How did these banks acquire their wealth to begin with? Even though the Federal Reserve (FED) notoriously prints money out of thin air, how did these banks create tangible assets?

What is more valuable than money, can be hidden in Swiss safe deposit vaults, transferred discretly, and used internationally as capital?

The answer is diamonds. Blood Diamonds, or as they are called in the industry, “Conflict Diamonds”.

Numerous articles have been written by this author and others in great detail exposing the money laundering activities beginning and ending with the banks. Now you know this includes diamonds.

It is not just money being laundered. it is your identity, your mortgages, auto loans, birth certificates, Marriage Licenses, Death Certificates, your court cases, Utility Bills (which are really a dividend you should be receiving) and everything else about you, stealing your signature as collateral.

See “Analysis of a Country Embezzled” by JT which explains more on securitization of your life for which you are never paid.”

Read more HERE.


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The Grandiose’ Scheme

by ;jeanette-audrey;[triplett]

This paper should introduce the first-time reader to a level of evidence so shocking reality will be changed for ever.

For those who have been following my work many pieces of this puzzle are already in place. After years of research, sleepless nights, death threats, financial attacks, loss of my home, bank accounts and all sources of income I must be absolutely right on target, henceforth the grand finale.

We are all familiar, well most of us are, with the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, Counsel on Foreign Relations, Illuminati, Agenda 21, Georgia Guide stones, and United Nations. For those not yet familiar with these collaborating interlacing hidden agenda megalomaniacs watch closely as the puzzle is completed.

Through my research thousands of documents were gathered, read, cross referenced and shared confirming my theory that all roads lead to the Vatican. And stealthfully the world’s resources methodically traveled there with one purpose, that being One World Order, One World Bank, One World Religion.

The Grandiose’ Scheme, click here.

National Lawyers Guild, click here.




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;jeanette-audrey; [triplett]

“As an investigative research specialist I have been, for over a decade now, following the money trail so to speak of the who, what, when, where, how, and why crucial elements of America’s financial slow death.

This research has not been an easy task but through persistence and perseverance it has been fruitful. With the assistance of many others across America and Canada on this same quest our combined work exposing this devious plan to overthrow the world through financial domination has now been nearly fully exposed, the key players now stand naked before us with nowhere to run and certainly nowhere to hide.

This paper will not provide the reader with all the documented evidence gathered though the years, however, it will provide the pattern exposing the means, method, motive, opportunity and intent of this diabolical event that has left no corner of the world unaffected.”

Click here for the rest of the story.

This is a re-post of 5/26/2011.


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Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Courtesy of Jeanette Triplett

“Do you think anyone of us here might be the victims of NSA, who is really WACKENHUT, who, along with George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Otto Skorzeny and other Nazi spies stole Nikola Tesla’s technology to do so,then murdered him, in violation of The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, with the intent to subvert the United states government through espionage, terrorism, kidnap, extortion, theft of technology, murder,and violating numerous other anti trust laws, but not limited to, each and all incorporated in entirety by reference.

Each/all herein named, but not limited to, and their agents etal acting in concert as co-conspirators, thus committing crimes against humanity and crimes against peace which further constitutes war crimes for which they are operating under a non American CEO acting as official chief executive of America, who, having adopted a name of Barrack Hussein Obama, all are knowingly, with forethought and malice and intent are operating with Nazi sympathetic bankers acting in concert laundering money with, for, by, through and under the blessing of the new Jesuit pope as for profit corporations for the Vatican?

Not here in Amerika you say? Really!!!!”

All God given rights reserved in perpetuity

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, click here.

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