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“As an investigative research specialist I have been, for over a decade now, following the money trail so to speak of the who, what, when, where, how, and why crucial elements of America’s financial slow death.

This research has not been an easy task but through persistence and perseverance it has been fruitful. With the assistance of many others across America and Canada on this same quest our combined work exposing this devious plan to overthrow the world through financial domination has now been nearly fully exposed, the key players now stand naked before us with nowhere to run and certainly nowhere to hide.

This paper will not provide the reader with all the documented evidence gathered though the years, however, it will provide the pattern exposing the means, method, motive, opportunity and intent of this diabolical event that has left no corner of the world unaffected.”

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;jeanette-audrey; [triplett]

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  1. Hello
    Thanks jeanette I am new and i am listening to the robclassteam recording. What i see as conclusive proof, is that this system was created by means of coersion deception, fraud, threats of force. force, and violence. In common law this is a crime, and void any valid contract,much less an invalid one. This is their means to their end. This system cannot use any other method. So all we have to do is to look for all of these methods and comphrensively expose them.

    I thought you might find this interesting. Kevin Annette and the International tribunal against church and state including the the pope the queen and Canadian prime minister harper.

    Peace Kenrick

  2. OK. So you have said it and proved it. To enact truth in all these lies and frauds will extract a payment by the people of this planet so large and so unruly that to pandemonium will be the result. There really is no way to change this and it is not really broken. Just because we, including you and me do not have the billions of dollars in out accounts, doesn’t mean we get to tear down those that do. Just what would the world be if these people had not enacted this so called conspiricy. Maybe we would still be using out fingers and toes to eat with. Maybe we would not have any progress on this planet at all. Maybe it requires the guts to take a stand to push forward through all the conspiricy theorists apathy and hatred to make this work. What would it be like should we stop the complaint and started the facilitating the process to success. I’m glad there are youthful generations coming who will successfully fulfill the original plans and procedures of the this planet. Relax and Chill. This too shall pass as we grow older and pass into the next plane. thanks…..Sally Avacado

  3. This looks very interesting. A very complicated research task. Would love to see the whole matrix revealed with reference to the IMF, World Schmuck Bank etc. My experiences battling the STATE terrorists have confirmed that they simply consider us enemy combatants, useless eaters pursuant to various fraudulently declared STATES of EMERGENCY thrown into various Executive Orders.

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