“This is the latest update on the elder abuse case of Lillian Murray. The abuse on the state of Maine extends beyond the elderly and attacks family members who have sought help from the Department of Health & Human Services or have spoken out against the refusal/failure of DHS (and elected officials) to uphold the safety and welfare of the people.

Lillian Murray died on February 9, 2011 due to the abuse of corrupt officials/employees at Brentwood Nursing Home in the town of Yarmouth, ME.

On Tuesday, May 3, 2011 I received a phone call from a cousin informing me that a burial service was to be held the following morning. That next morning I called Kincer Funeral Home for details on the service. I spoke with the Director, Chuck. I learned from him that “there is no service” and I was instructed not to attend. What is bizarre about this is that I was instructed not to attend the burial of my mother if there was no service to attend! This was confusing to me. Several friends called the Director for details and they were told the same thing.

I have serious questions about the burial at the Riverside Cemetary in Woolwich, Maine on May 4, 2011 of the alleged cremated ashes of my dear mother.

I have serious questions regarding the Times Record obituary, February 15, 2011, stating “In Lillian’s memory donations may be made to the Richmond Corner Baptist Church 974 Main St. Richmond, ME 04357. Arrangements are under the care of Kincer Funeral Home 130 Pleasant St. Richmond, ME 04357.”

Lillian was a prior member of the Richmond Corner Baptist Church. She contributed greatly to the church and had faith and trust in Pastor Dow and his wife Mary. My mother left this church because Pastor Dow and his wife, Mary Dow, used their fake christian friendship to exploit my mother’s goodwill, charity and eventually mother’s checkbook. Now no longer a member of this church, “donations may be made” to the same church that exploited her! Now the church is back in the picture. They exploited her when she was alive and are exploiting her in death!

I have no closure regarding the death of my mother, Lillian Murray. I never had a chance to say goodbye. This entire horror story has been under the thumb and control of Maine’s Department of Human Services and rubberstamped by Judge Joseph R. Mazziotti, Judge of Probate, Cumberland County Probate Court, Portland, Maine.

Is a life of no value in Maine to those in authority?

I need the public’s help to end these horrific nightmares.”

Maine Governor Paul LePage 207-287-3531

Mary Mayhew DHS Commissioner 207- 287-3707

Contact for Andrea 207-837-7076

By: Andrea Murillo

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