Ole Dammegard Interview, Out Of Europe, With Guest Charlotte Iserbyt

Ole Dammegård interviews one of modern time’s most important whistleblowers, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, Former Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Education. While being employed under the Reagan Administration, she stumbled over some incredible and horrifying information revealing a very dark agenda concerning our children’s education. Very detailed documents shows how the plan, that has been in the works for many, many years, is aimed at destroying all types of free will, destroy traditional family structure, insert alcohol and drugs at a very early age, as well as promiscuous sex. The traditional education should be replaced with brain washing material aimed at creating easily controllable members of a global workforce. Her exposure of this explosive information has led to major hassle, including murder attempts on her son’s life.

Charlotte Iserbyt, Education System Whistleblower, Part 1 | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

Charlotte Iserbyt, Education System Whistleblower, Part II, click HERE.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt’s websites:




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List of Charlotte Iserbyt’s Audio and Video Interviews

Click HERE.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education


Guerilla Media Network Iserbyt Archives link

Exposing The Global Road To Ruin Through Education-Trailer Links

3 Minute Trailer
26 Minute Trailer
Full 8 Disc YouTube Video Links

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To order the updated abridged 2011 version of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  click this AMAZON ORDER LINK

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Dan Happel / Host – Connecting the Dots Radio With Guest Charlotte Iserbyt Tuesday, August 14th At 11:00 am

Please join us on www.themicroeffect.com  for this important broadcast.

I will be interviewing Special Advisor to the President for The U.S. Department of Education, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, on the subject of American Education and the ongoing communization of American education through International, federal and state mandated learning standards that destroy the concepts of individualism and promote collectivist work training programs meant to end the concept of classical liberal education. She will be talking about some seemingly conservative organizations that have been promoting communist education to work training programs that are at the heart of re-education efforts by communist organizers worldwide. We will look at the long history of collectivist/Marxist/socialist reforms to our classical liberal education systems with tax-exempt foundation money paying the way. Charlotte will expose a Trojan Horse within the conservative movement that claims to be the savior of our constitutional republic as they openly promote collectivist ideas that will destroy liberty.

America spends exponentially more per student on education and has some of the lowest standards in the developed world.  We continue to support programs and standards that are destroying our ability to be the beacon of freedom and openly promote ideas that are antithetical to small r republican government. As a Special Advisor to The Department of Education under Reagan, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt has a unique ring side seat perspective of the forces shaping modern American education, and is not afraid to tell Americans the truth about the Trojan Horses within American civil society that intend to end American exceptionalism.  We need to end the Federal Department of Education and return the system to local and state control where standards can be measured objectively, and we need to expose the forces within our society that have been working for many generations to destroy America.

Education is the most important cornerstone in the wall supporting American exceptionalism and national sovereignty. We must stop the slide to global Marxist/socialist government and must be willing to stop the bad actors in charge of the education of our youth.  Unless we act now, it will be too late to stop the indoctrination of our youth who are beginning to believe in and support the forces behind  Globalist/Marxist Deep State policies. Tune in tomorrow for an eye opening journey down the rabbit hole known as educating in America for a sustainable New World Order.

Dan Happel / Host – Connecting the Dots with Dan Happel radio program

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See Iserbyt’s 1995 Letter to the late Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum [PDF] It warned of the dangerous road U.S. education policy was heading down and appealed to Mrs. Schlafly to change the course of Eagle Forum away from its support of School Choice by informing her members of the path our government was taking. Almost 20 years ago this warning went out to Ms. Schlafly and it was ignored.


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Charlotte Iserbyt Interview On Rense Radio Monday, July 16 at 10 p.m. est

Listen HERE.

“Too Late to the Table”

“I will be discussing how Maine went left (thanks to Maine Heritage) during Rense interview Monday night.

Bill Becker and Ronald Trowbridge were the two men who invited me for lunch at Maxwell’s Restaurant in Bath in 2002 to try to get me on board the tax-funded school choice/charters agenda.  I, of course, said “no”.

Please click on links which tell us “MUCH”. ” (Charlotte Iserbyt)

Think tank draws praise and pans – Lewiston Sun Journal

Ronald Trowbridge – founded the Maine Heritage Policy Center

Advisors and Fellows

Board of Directors

The Heritage Foundation

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Politics Is America’s Biggest Spectator Sport …And The Deadly ‘COPS’ Program

Courtesy of Charlotte Iserbyt

First, please take note of what I wrote in 2003 about the government of the future…


Americans are accustomed to sitting in front of the screen and watching sitcoms or their favorite ‘sports’ team vanquish its opponent. It now seems they have added another sport to their list for viewing: POLITICS. Americans will sit watching the nightly news and CNN’s neocon drumbeat as they munch and drink their favorite toxic ‘foods’…as the actual agenda for the takeover of their country passes right before their eyes on the screen. This real agenda carries with it a Totalitarian system of government being implemented in their own front yards.
How much longer will Americans consider POLITICS a spectator sport? How much longer will they play the part of spectator to the following agenda being played out right in front of them?

1. Religion of Secular Humanism (atheism) in schools. Man is an animal to be trained to do what the state requires. Dialectical materialism a la Marx/Lenin (Foster/Hiss/Chisholm). No right/no wrong.

2. Merger of government and industry (communism, socialism, fascism); 1934. Carnegie Corp. recommendation to “use schools to change United States from free, individualist economy to socialist, collectivist economy in New Order.” 1945. US joins UN, Hiss, Chisholm. General Chisholm recommends using schools to get rid of the (children’s) conscience. 1953. Norman Dodd, Congressional investigation of tax-exempt foundations. Told by Pres. Ford Foundation, Gaither, foundations carrying out White House directive to use money to merge USA with Soviet Union. 1965 ESEA, federal control, change from academics to behavior modification (performance-based training) necessary for Carnegie/UN school -to- work (STW) agenda. Initiation of international curriculum. 1985. President Reagan-Gorbachev (US-Soviet) and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements which merged two nations school systems. 1980s and 1990s. Implementation of outcome based education (old failed mastery learning). Carnegie Soviet polytech Plan, School/business partnerships. Teenagers are spending 2-3 days a week at work sites instead of in classroom, as in Cuba, China, etc. (Lynn Cheney, VP’s wife, testified before Congress against this system. Has her voice been muffled?))

3. COPS (Community Oriented Policing System). Police involved in community/schools, etc., in training citizens to spy on neighbors; use of TQM (Total Quality Management) to control our towns and cities (via block captains). Citizens in Bath and Brunswick, Maine area are being given medals (Pavlovian/Skinnerian rewards) through COPS for doing what police want done in the community! Data collection will include those who get rewards and those who don’t get rewards. This program was initially implemented through the failed Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program which put police into schools with a program developed by the Justice Dept.

4. President Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative (by Executive Order!) which will result in government control of churches and social services through money. This initiative now includes money for housing coming out of Housing and Urban Development. Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative, school choice, COPS program, and community service will result in government control of Americans at the local level (churches, schools, towns, policing, etc.). The Soviet Union funded the Russian Orthodox Church in the same way which became the strong arm of the KGB.

5. Trojan Horse: School Choice/Vouchers, etc., which is also part of the international agenda – government control of all education through money. Federal legislation underlying and controlling any subsequent education legislation was adopted on July 18, 1971. “The Interagency Day Care Standards: Any agency, public or private, which receives federal funds directly or indirectly through a grant or contract…or by way of a voucher plan must meet all program requirements that are set down for public schools. Acceptance of Federal funds is an agreement to abide by the requirements.” Federally funded Charter Schools include Virtual Academies, i.e. magnate schools (William Bennett). All these new and alternative forms of schooling are necessary to implement training in various jobs/professions (Soviet quota system). The traditional hierarchical school system, presently being deliberately crashed through choice proposals, are not suitable for work force training. They had to be abolished in order to implement the global planned economy with quotas for specific jobs.

6. Pavlovian/Skinnerian method. The Bush/Kennedy “No Child Left Behind Reading Initiative”, mandates use of scientific research based instruction: Direct Instruction (D.I.) based on animal training, rewards, etc. According to Prof. Robert Glaser, leading behaviorist involved in Bush’s reading initiative, D.I. “is not rote learning”. “With rote learning one is allowed to make a mistake.” With D.I. students are not allowed to make a mistake. That is why behaviorist educationists refer to this method as “what works”. Giving your dog a biscuit when he sits also works. He will always sit if he knows he is going to get a biscuit. Is your child an animal? D.I. is necessary for STW (school-to-work) training, not education. Education is NOT a science.

7. Character/Civic Education (no right/no wrong) government training in government-approved values. This is also a part of the international curriculum. Mandated community service (forced slavery), with part of the emphasis on character, the same character education as mandated by Hitler, Stalin, etc.

8. Voluntary/mandatory Community Service. Citizens must serve the collective, the group, the state. (See above COPS reward system for “good” citizens)

9. International education system, which called for the US Department of Education, recommended by William Foster in Toward a Soviet America.

Bush/Kennedy’s “No Child Left Behind” legislation (NCLB) mandates National Testing, which is 60% politically correct and politically correct national curriculum. Traditional teachers who don’t get “results” (teach to test… accountability to international standards…limited learning for lifelong labor) will be fired . The UN Lifelong Learning plan carved in stone at “Education for All Conference” in Jontien, Thailand, in 1990.” “Education for All” equals Goals 2000, STW, and Bush/Kennedy NCLB legislation. National Alliance of Business refers to this agenda as K-80. Really Pre-K-80 due to Early Childhood Education. Hillary Clinton’s Health Care legislation, including mental health (school based clinics) going in the K-12 back door. Government is implementing the old Community Education agenda, in the works since the 1940’s, which calls for UN’s lifelong education plan under the umbrella of school districts run by un-elected councils (soviets).

10. Regional Government (national and global un-elected government: use of councils). Nixon carved this nation into ten regions. Communist Daily World, 1975, Morris Zeitlin article says that the USA is not moving fast enough towards aregional government; that it works so well in the Soviet Union. Gorbachev in London on 3/23/00 said: “European Union is New European Soviet” Stalin, at 1936 Communist International said: “Dictatorship can be established only by a victory of socialism in different countries or groups of countries,” after which there would be federal unions of the various groupings of these socialist countries, and the third stage would be an amalgamation of these regional federal unions into a world union of socialist nations. A new world organization, United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), is to be launched in January 2004, with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Their mission is to be a united voice and world advocate of democratic local self-government. UCLG will be the ‘interlocutor’ between local government and the United Nations. President Bush is implementing the same New American Soviet in this hemisphere with the regionalization of Canada, USA and Latin America and NAFTA/GATT. This new system calls for the redistribution of wealth through a common currency. Lenin’s international socialism is the name of the game being played out today.

11. Five Year Plans (Systems Management), PPBS, TQM, ISO 9000, based on Soviet Systems Planning, Leontieff and Laszlo .

12. Federal Income Tax (redistribution of wealth) and International Bank.

13. Land Use (Control of Land through regionalism/sustainable development, etc.)

14. Gun Controls (Control of Guns)

15. Free Trade (NAFTA, GATT, European Union, etc.)

16. International Bank (World Bank, etc.)

Reader: What label would you put on the above agenda?

For interviews, E-Mail: dumbdown@blazenetme. net

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt Author The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America…A Chronological Paper Trail. Website: www. deliberatedumbingdown.com

The ‘COPS’ Program

Community Oriented Policing System (COPS) use of operant conditioning (rewards) is what B.F. Skinner is talking about below Scroll down to (2) below for B.F. Skinner quote.
3. COPS (Community Oriented Policing System). Police involved in community/schools, etc., in training citizens to spy on neighbors; use of TQM (Total Quality Management) to control our towns and cities (via block captains). Citizens in Bath and Brunswick, Maine area are being given medals (Pavlovian/Skinnerian rewards) through COPS for doing what police want done in the community! Data collection will include those who get rewards and those who don’t get rewards. This program was initially implemented through the failed Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program which put police into schools with a program developed by the Justice Dept.

(2). 3D, page 81
TECHNOLOGY OF TEACHING BY B.F SKINNER WAS PUBLISHED (PRENTICE HALL: NEW YORK, 1968) and became part of the educational lore of the day. An excerpt follows:

Absolute power in education is not a serious issue today because it seems out of reach. However, a technology of teaching will need to be much more powerful if the race with catastrophe is to be won, and it may then, like any powerful technology, need to be contained. An appropriate counter control will not be generated as a revolt against aversive measures but by a policy designed to maximize the contribution which education can make to the strength of the culture. The issue is important because the government of the future will probably operate mainly through educational techniques. (p. 260)

Ed. note: Skinner was 100% correct. The government in 1999 “operates mainly through educational techniques.” Those individuals and agencies conforming with government policies, criteria, etc., are rewarded, whereas those who do not conform are either ignored or denied special privileges and funding. In the late twentieth century, following the philosophy of B.F. Skinner that the “environment is all,” all evil is attributed to the environment and no one is held responsible for his actions.

So, there it is…right before YOUR eyes. What are you going to do about it?

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

http://www. deliberatedumbingdown.com 
http://www.americandeception. com 
http://www.abcsofdumbdown. blogspot.com 

Exposing The Global Road To Ruin Through Education-Trailer Links 

3 Minute Trailer 

26 Minute Trailer 

Full 8 Disc YouTube Video Links 

Amazon 8 Disc Set Order Link 

To order the updated abridged 2011 version of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  click this AMAZON ORDER LINK

© 2003 Charlotte T. Iserbyt – All Rights Reserved Related Articles: Community Oriented Policing / Communist Oriented Policing By Detective Phil Worts, San Diego Police Dept.
Charlotte Iserbyt is the consummate whistleblower! Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America’s classrooms. Iserbyt is a former school board director in Camden, Maine and was co-founder and research analyst of Guardians of Education for Maine (GEM) from 1978 to 2000. She has also served in the American Red Cross on Guam and Japan during the Korean War, and in the United States Foreign Service in Belgium and in the Republic of South Africa. Iserbyt is a speaker and writer, best known for her 1985 booklet Back to Basics Reform or OBE: Skinnerian International Curriculum and her 1989 pamphlet Soviets in the Classroom: America’s Latest Education Fad which covered the details of the U.S.-Soviet and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements which remain in effect to this day. She is a freelance writer and has had articles published in Human Events, The Washington Times, The Bangor Daily News, and included in the record of Congressional hearings.


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Charlotte Iserbyt Interview On Rense Radio Monday, May 28, 2018, Memorial Day, 10 p.m. EST

Monday, May 28, 2018
10:00 pm EST

7:00 p.m. Pacific

Listen HERE.

American Judicial System On Life Support

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Charlotte Iserbyt – “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” Website

Charlotte’s website has a new look. It is fantastic, reorganized by articles, interviews, etc.

Included in her website is the Skull and Bones (Yale) Catalogs pdf which makes it a breeze to find out the history behind the “who, where, how, when of “what happened and is happening” to the USA.

Also included is American Deception.com website (located in the “About” column)

This new website was redeveloped by patriot activist/retired public school teacher Jane Aitken of New Hampshire. Job well done, Jane!

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TCK LIVE SHOW, Saturday, April 21st With Guest Charlotte Iserbyt


Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt is an American freelance writer who served as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first term of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, and staff employee of the U.S. Department of State (South Africa, Belgium, South Korea). She is known for writing the book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. The book reveals that changes gradually brought into the American public education system work to eliminate the influences of a child’s parents (religion, morals, national patriotism), and mold the child into a member of the proletariat in preparation for a socialist-collectivist world of the future. She has appeared all over the Internet (Rense, Santilli Show, Alex Jones, etc) in which She tries to awaken the masses to the Socialist Educational subversion which is going on in here in the USA.
Website: http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com

Listen HERE. 

Charlotte’s interview starts at 1 hr. 47 min. mark.  However, be sure to listen as well to Perloff’s interview which is very important.


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Canada Free Press Quotes Charlotte Iserbyt

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

April 6, 2018

“Education has a tremendous impact on shaping generations around the globe and the main curriculum seems to be globalism, the new communism. Young people, the global citizens, are taught about Nazism and fascism but their education is stunted when it comes to communism. Somehow they learn a romanticized version of what communism was like; seldom are its 100 million victims mentioned. Students focus on the words equality, free, and social justice to the exclusion of all other inconvenient details. Truth becomes the primary victim in the mis-education of the masses.”

“As Orwell said, “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.”’

Charlotte’s quote “Charlotte Iserbyt wrote in 2013 about the “restructured” American education network as “part of the international (lifelong) computerized work force training system.” Citing an Australian research paper published on line in March 2000, Iserbyt said that these quotes “document the fact that the computerization of the classroom is the model for the international system to which all the world’s children and adults will be subjected… and brainwashed.” (Preparing for Virtual /World Classrooms: Globalization of Education and Training—-a Learning Web Approach along the Information Superhighway”by Dell Campbell, 1997, Department of Further Education and Training, Australia)

Isserbyt wrote that the original intent of schools was to disseminate a “strong traditional academic education, focusing on reading (good literature, not the depressing, politically correct, values-changing literature promoted by the American Library Association), writing, with a strong emphasis on spelling and grammar, mathematics, traditional U.S. and world history, geography, science, foreign languages, including Latin, art, music, and an understanding of the need for sound morals and values, the invaluable support structure for all major (successful) civilizations.” She abhors the idea of schools using the “Skinnerian, individualized, proceed at your own pace, continuous progress, computer curriculum, which is dangerous no matter what it teaches.”’

Read entire article HERE.

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Charlotte Iserbyt Interview On Rense Radio Tuesday, March 27, 2018 – Carnegie 1934 Plan a Done Deal…GOODBYE FREEDOM!!!

Archived – listen here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
10:00 pm EST

To listen,  click here

Charlotte Iserbyt is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and critic of the destruction of American education. Her book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” is based on years of research and personal knowledge gleaned as Senior Policy Advisor to President Ronald Reagan and is a must read for anyone wanting to understand what has happened to our public education system.

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