Is William Barr A “Card” In The House?

Barr And Civil War, view HERE.

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ThePatriotNurse:  The Fight is Coming: Civil War, Corrupt Churches & Antipathy

Bill Still Report: Bill Barr Won’t Investigate Hillary??

Possible Obstruction of Justice against President Trump by Robert Mueller?

President Trump has been presented with a criminal complaint to Robert Mueller (and Sessions) regarding the suspicious, untimely death of a veteran. Mueller and company have “brushed this under the rug.” Why is President Trump also silent if veterans are a priority? Why is president Trump not countering Muller with an Obstruction of Justice?

Too many questions with each passing day.


Re Federal Government:

Hypocrisy in DC?

What’s Good For The Goose Isn’t Good For The Gander?

Is There More Behind New Hampshire Corruption?

Re Elections:

Maine Secretary of State Dunlap Talks Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth

Are Organizations Who Work To Monitor, Improve And Defend Maine’s Landmark Clean Election Law On Board?

If voters in your “own neck of the woods” are not concerned about fraudulent elections (including local/state elected officials), perhaps “the house of cards” is falling.

LIVE NOW – The Hypocrisy And Lie Of “For The Children”


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AG Barr Has All The Evidence He Needs To Determine What He Is

Listen HERE.

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More Than A Border Wall Problem

Why Does President Trump Fail To Act Relative To The DOJ And FBI?

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United We Stand…Divided We Fall

Worth a view and pondering….

“The Age of Deceit and Fanatacism”, view HERE.

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Toxic Politics


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Lt. Col. Roy Potter’s Morning Concerns

These are concerns…

View HERE.

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Not For Money

Published on Feb 8, 2018

Threats to President Trump are getting more serious and more frequent. Several sources have verified these threats, and the actions taken to counter them. The USSS (United States Secret Service) is on high alert, as are the Marines and other security forces. If they succeed, the bad actors will not stop at Trump, but pursue, persecute, and harm good, decent Americans. It is time to speak out, and speak loudly!

View video HERE.

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