JADE HELM 15: Covert SkyNet

Published on Jul 17, 2015

The Jade-2 System is a “Network Centric Software Based Artificial Intelligence Program at the Helm (ie Jade Helm).”

Recently obtained Department of Defense documents reveal the true nature of Jade Helm 2015. They’re testing a new command and control protocol called the Jade-2 System. Analysts describe the Jade-2 System as a highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence network that is “self-aware” and plugged into numerous agencies and monitoring human activity, foreign and domestic… From CCTV to social media networks. It’s purpose is not only military, it is for the entire human domain.

This full spectrum analysis of the Jade-2 Artificial Intelligence System will have you thinking skynet has just arrived. Jade 2 is in command & control of the Jade Helm exercise… we say again, Jade-2 is at the helm and it is fully aware and operational.”

View HERE.


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Jade Helm And Local Police Work Hand In Hand To Gain Citizens’ Trust

By Lisa Haven (BIN)

“By now you are aware of the infamous military “drill” known as, Jade Helm, that will be taking place July 15th – September 15th in many U.S. States including: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Nevada, California, Florida, and Mississippi. While this may seem like business as usually the drill screams preparation for martial law. Not only that but I recently uncovered a presidential police task force geared towards making preparations for amping up police activity in our cities, communities, schools, and businesses. With these two pieces of the puzzle it’s almost a solid case that at some point in our future we will witness the rise of Martial Law and FEMA round-up…which has already happened to some extent is a few cities here in the U.S. If we add to that the fact that now the National Guard is preparing as well, then we’ve got some major stuff to consider.

What is the Presidential Police Task Force?

On December 18, 2014, President Barack Obama secretly signed an executive order creating a Presidential Task Force geared at 21st Century Policing. This Force seeks not only to identify ways for police departments to better themselves but also promotes increased interaction of our local police officers in our schools, businesses, communities and many other aspects of our lives. The main objective of the force is to get the public acquainted with their presence and to establish a trust connection in communities.

While this all sounds like “sunshine and lollipops” we must consider this a step towards the integration of preparation for martial law. Considering this task force comes on the heels of Jade Helm—who’s object it is to gain public trust as well— we must consider the possibility. What are the chances that both Jade Helm, (a military training exercise) and the Presidential Task Force for the 21st Century (a police objective report) are geared at gaining the publics trust? Could there be a link between them and martial law preparation? Or am I thinking too much into it?”

Here is that breaking report…. View Video HERE.

Read more HERE.

Executive order creating a Presidential Task Force geared at 21st Century Policing, click here.

Presidential Task Force for the 21st Century Policing Report, click here.

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