[new post] Maine Governor LePage And House Leader Emily Cain Vow To Reform Government Ethics

Sun Journal reports  “Republican Gov. Paul LePage and House Democratic leader Emily Cain are responding to a national report that gave Maine government an “F” for its potential for corruption. Maine ranked 46th in the “State Integrity Investigation” by three nonpartisan good government groups that was released in mid-March.”

“Cain on Tuesday submitted a “concept draft” bill, “An Act to Strengthen Maine’s Ethics Laws and Improve Public Access to Information,” that she hopes will provide a vehicle for bipartisan reform proposals.” “And we can say to ourselves: why did we get scored that way and can we take a look at ourselves in the mirror and say what do we want to be known for?”

“LePage’s acting chief legal counsel, Michael Cianchette, said “rewriting ethics laws and finding best practices is a big objective.” “While the goal is to address a range of problems identified in the report, Cianchette said he believes the legislation will ultimately “focus in on a few red flag areas.”

Says Cain “what I’d like to see happen is not only an end result that increases trust in state government, but a process that reflects and leads to an increased trust as well.”

“It’s not a Republican or Democrat issues said Cianchette. It’s a transparency issue.”

Maine Corruption Risk Report Card

I’m happy to hear that Gov. LePage and Rep. Emily Cain have at least indicated there is a problem. However, they would learn from the people where the problems lie if they were willing to talk with us, rather than the likes of Sen. Barry Hobbins, Sen. Jon Courtney, Rep. Alan Casavant & Co.

Rep. Cain wonders “why did we get scored that way?” She certainly won’t get the answers from Maine’s legislators. So many of them have been hand-delivered documented evidence of the corruption that has been ongoing for decades. We’ve all gotten the same answer “there’s nothing I can do!” They’ve done plenty……covered up! The “red flags” have flown in front of their faces, including Maine’s constitutional officers.

We don’t need more laws….they don’t uphold what’s on the books as it is. (And too many unconstitutional – those, they make exception) Unfortunately, it has been a Republican/Democrat issue. Each party covers each others butts. The reason being….they listen to each other. They are as transparent as saran wrap….we can see right through them. They don’t have to worry about the people exposing them. They are doing that all by themselves with their silence on the abuses, brutalities and atrocities inflicted upon their constituents!

If Governor LePage and Rep. Cain are serious about this effort, they can start with the removal of all members of the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability which will remove the conflicts of interest…..THE root of the problems. Then follow up with the people.  Governor LePage and Rep. Cain can get “a range of problems” straight from the horses’ mouths, rather than from the southern end of a northbound horse.

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