BREAKING NEWS: Oregon militia leaders acquitted in wildlife refuge standoff

New York Post reports “The leaders of an armed group who seized a national wildlife refuge in rural Oregon were acquitted Thursday in the 41-day standoff that brought new attention to a long-running dispute over control of federal lands in the U.S. West.

A jury found brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy not guilty a firearm in a federal facility and conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 300 miles southeast of Portland where the trial took place. Five co-defendants also were tried one or both of the charges.” Read more HERE.

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BUNDY RANCH: Probes, Complaints, and Waco

Published on May 2, 2014
“Pete Santilli joins Gary Franchi and reports live from Las Vegas on the latest from Bundy Ranch with regards to Reid Bunkerville LLC, the Federal Militia Probe, Cattle abuse, racism charges, and the criminal complaints being field against the BLM.”

View HERE.

Source: NextNewsNetwork

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Reid Bunkerville LLC Exposed: Is This Why Bundy Ranch Was Targeted?

“Public land records obtained by Before It’s News show a corporate entity partially owned by Senator Harry Reid is the owner of over 93 acres of undeveloped land within several miles of the Clliven Bundy ranch. Reid Bunkerville, LLC is listed as the current owner of four parcels of land on the west side of Bunkerville are within several miles of the Bundy ranch. This area appears to be slated for development in the future.

While this will be explained, parcels numbers provided along with ownership proof, it is encouraged for everyone reading to go through the information, the documents provided, visit the links and come to their own conclusions, because this is just the data from public records.

It tells a story of a man, Cliven Bundy, seemingly in the way of some lucrative business deals.” Read more HERE.

Source:  Before It’s News Exclusive, by Susan Duclos

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Oath Keepers Bundy Ranch Debrief

Published on Apr 30, 2014

This is the official statement from the Oath Keepers regarding the Bundy Ranch Situation.

View HERE. (51:37)

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Bundy Ranch: Full Update from Ryan Bundy – 4/25/14 [UNCUT]

Published on Apr 26, 2014

“Ryan Bundy, eldest son of Cliven Bundy, has become a master of everything there is to know about this situation and the legalities since this has been going on… covered everything from why the Enabling Act didn’t really “enable the federal government takeover, to the true complete history of the ranch ownership and debunking the story that it was only theirs since the 1940s, to exactly what his father meant in his unfortunate choice of words and *why* he brought it up- which I’ll just tell you now was an attempt to reach out and bring in more minorities- it was meant as an appeal to how the government has victimized and oppressed them…”

View HERE.

Source: Southern Nevada Watchdogs

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Bundy Ranch: People’s Task Force Formed

Published on Apr 23, 2014
Pete Santilli joins Gary Franchi to discuss the latest from he Bundy Ranch Federal Stand off and announce the formation of “The People’s Task Force”.

View HERE.

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URGENT!! ALERT!! A Call For Help At The Bundy Ranch

Message from Jack Kimball (NH)

The situation at the Bundy Ranch is getting worse. We have an additional team heading to the Bundy Rach that will arrive tomorrow. We also have a small team from our CT friends that will arrive at the Ranch around the same time. Many more are needed. Spread the word. Also, you must watch this video that just came out. It’s called the Bundy Ranch Documentary. It features our very own Jerry DeLemus and Alex Bieniect. Make it go viral!”

Bundy Ranch Documentary (11:17), View HERE.

“Important Summary Regarding Why the Bundy Ranch Event is happening

Some of you on the facebook page clearly do NOT have accurate information regarding Mr. Bundy and why this standoff has occurred so here is the best summary of the facts, to date. First of all, the Bundy’s owned their Ranch since 1870. They have lived their with their family for several generations. Back then and through the 1930’s the Bundy family, along with some 52 other cattle ranchers, used the expansive land surrounding them, for the grazing of their cattle herds. This they did for FREE as they were all tax payers and were entitled to the use of Public land. Then came the Bureau of land Management in the early 1940’s. That’s when the Fed’s took over control of the land. Once that happened, they established “grazing fees” to compensate for the use of the land. Bundy’s family actually paid those grazing fees for quite sometime until Mr. Bundy figured out their scheme. Then in 1993 he stopped paying the gazing fees and offerred to pay them to his own County. They refused to accept the fees. The reason he did this is that the BLM began increasing the grazing fees along with coming up with EPA issues like protecting the dessert tortoise. Thus they began restricting the grazing land and forcing the Cattlemen out. They used the Cattlemens own grazing fees to buy them out for a pittance of what the Ranches were worth. They were very successful at this in that they eliminated 52 or the 53 Cattle Ranchers that were originally there. Mr. Bundy is the last man standing. The reason 1993 is significant is that Agenda 21 was signed onto by George H W Bush in Rio in 1992 and soon later, bill Clinton began an agressive campaign to adhere to this UN plan to eliminate human beings from the majority of the open land in the West. Barak Obama has now put Agenda 21 in warp speed. The we find out that Harry Reid and his son have a sweetheart deal with a Chinese Company to come in and build a solar panel faciltiy on that very land. That’s why the strong armed effort was made to eliminate Mr. Bundy and his family. So, don’t believe the MSM BS. This is, and has been, an insideous effort to steal a man property and force him off his land. If you haven’t figured this out by now then you really have to begin paying attention. The fight for our Nations Liberty has began at the Bundy Ranch. Brave NH Patriots are there to defend Mr. Bundy and his family. They know what may happen to them and they are willing to pay that price. How about all of you?”



Those who do not listen to mainstream media are uninformed, those who do are misinformed. 

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Sheriff Richard Mack Calls Out Glenn Beck Over His Handling Of Bundy Ranch

Published on Apr 18, 2014

View (4:08) HERE.

Related: Published on Apr 18, 2014

After Reid declared Bundy supporters as Domestic Terrorists, Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas is now accusing President Obama of illegal actions in the wake of the standoff at the Bundy Ranch. View HERE.


Source: NextNewsNetwork

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Former Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Michael Badnarik joins Gary Franchi to discuss the Bundy Ranch Federal Standoff

Published on Apr 17, 2014

“Former Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Michael Badnarik joins Gary Franchi to discuss the Bundy Ranch Federal Standoff and analyze the Nevada Constitution’s wording that may surprise you.”

Bundy Ranch: The Nevada Constitution and Neo-Slavery, View (6:04) HERE.

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Maine Legislators/All Elected Officials…please listen and learn from this message – BUNDY RANCH: Meet the Coalition

Source: NextNewsNetwork

Published on Apr 17, 2014
“Meet the Coalition of Western States Legislators formed in reponse to the Bundy Ranch Standoff.”

View HERE.

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