Is Maine Secretary Of State Turning A “Blind Eye”….Because Of Money?

Another “double standard”?  This is interesting especially with Maine’s new “automatic voter registration” law.

Boston Globe reports “On a single plot in rural Maine, a slew of Rhode Island car registrations. It sure must be cozy out in the woods of Jefferson, Maine.

That’s where, on a shady lot near Damariscotta Lake State Park, Providence residents have registered at least 200 personal vehicles. Pull back the lens and the problem is even larger. Providence police have identified a total of 4,900 vehicles, trailers, and motorcycles that the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles said carry Rhode Island addresses, including more than 430 in Providence, said Providence police Major Michael E. Correia.

The Maine Department of the Secretary of State confirmed that there are hundreds of vehicles with Rhode Island addresses and active Maine registrations.

Out-of-state registrations are a money-maker for Maine. The state collected $524,141 in nonresident excise taxes in fiscal year 2018, said Kristen Muszynski, spokeswoman for the Maine Department of the Secretary of State, which oversees the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Read more HERE.

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The Dots Continue To Connect

Maine GOP state senator Eric Brakey kicks off underdog 2018 bid to unseat Angus King.

Brakey challenged his opponent’s spot on Maine’s June primary ballot, saying Max Linn submitted dozens of fraudulent signatures — including four from dead people.

Linn of Bar Harbor was allowed on the ballot in March by Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap. Brakey challenged Dunlap’s decision last week in Kennebec County Superior Court. Since then, his campaign says that it has found an additional 25 signatures that should be disqualified, including 16 from people who aren’t Republicans. (All well and good, however, Dunlap didn’t see this? What’s with the SOS “validating” signatures???)

Superior Court Justice William Stokes granted an order sending Linn’s case back to Dunlap, a position supported by the state and Brakey’s attorney, Josh Tardy.

What is so disturbing about this? Brakey’s attorney is Joshua Tardy!

(Now former) Rep. Joshua Tardy(R), during the tenure of Governor John Baldacci (D), was contacted regarding a fraudulent election in Biddeford, Maine. He was informed of ballot tampering and tampering of first class mailings with the post office. His help was also sought with fraudulent confiscation of properties. He stated, quote “this has been hashed over.” When asked why the complaining party wasn’t included in the “hashing over” of this issue, he declined to speak and hung up. And Governor LePage nominates him to the Judicial Selection Committee?

Will history repeat itself with Brakey replacing Senator Angus King? Attorney Joshua Tardy is a huge “big boy network” player.

You are known by the company that you keep!

Jonathan Courtney…..Justify Your Run For Maine Secretary of State

BDN reports “Split Legislature creates uncertain re-election path for Democrats in Maine constitutional offices.”

Matt Dunlap, another former Democratic lawmaker, was secretary of state from 2005 to 2011 and from 2013 through the present. Dunlap is running for re-election but faces a challenge from former Republican Sen. Jonathan Courtney of Springvale.

Courtney served one term in the House and four terms in the Senate — including one as Senate majority leader — before being termed out of office in 2012. He was the Republican nominee for the 1st Congressional District that year, but he lost to Democratic U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree.

Dunlap said he doesn’t see the secretary of state as a partisan position and hopes that lawmakers recognize he hasn’t operated that way.

“I have the track record to continue,” said Dunlap.”

The Department of the Secretary of State touches the lives of virtually every Maine resident. From safeguarding the original Maine State Constitution and preserving millions of precious historic documents, to conducting state elections….and takes its responsibilities in the area of elections and civic education very seriously.”

Let’s examine if Mr. Dunlap has the “track record to continue.”

Through personal experiences, the Secretary of State most certainly appears as a partisan position and documented evidence reveals a less than poor job performance within various divisions of this office. At this time we will focus on elections.

Secretary Dunlap speaks of “the qualities of fairness, experience, knowledge, integrity and efficiency of the election process”, yet dismissed/ignored election law violations and refused to investigate the City of Biddeford’s election fraud in 2004. The 1)premature opening of absentee ballots and 2)the failure of the Post Office to mail first-class campaign flyers are state and federal violations of law, a matter of public trust and interest and warranted a full investigation into the City of Biddeford. The general public had not heard about this as the media refused to report on this, unlike the recent reporting on the ballot recount in the Falmouth-area election. “Dunlap said a major swing in the recount happened when a bundle of 25 ballots from Long Island that were not counted on election night were discovered and other ballots that can’t be accounted for that have suddenly appeared.” BDN reports “Given the tight margin in the recount, these 21 untraceable ballots made the difference in deciding the winner. Efforts by the Bangor Daily News to obtain a copy of the voter manifest are ongoing, as both the Maine secretary of state’s office and the town of Long Island claim the list is in the other’s possession. The recount on Nov. 18 and Monday’s document review were both overseen by Deputy Secretary of State Julie Flynn. Efforts this week to contact Flynn and Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap have been unsuccessful. Democrats feel burned by the fact that the GOP would not allow any additional investigation, and they say the senators must use all resources at their disposal to determine where the 21 Long Island ballots came from and pledge to explore all legal options available to ensure there was no voter fraud in Senate District 25.”

Now that the shoe is on the other foot…the Democrats cry “foul.”

Why didn’t the Democrats “say the senators must use all resources at their disposal” with the fraudulent election in Biddeford?

On the other hand, Republicans are not exempt from another “selective” process within this state. Former Republican Sen. Jonathan Courtney was presented with the documented evidence of crimes, attached in this post, and brushed aside. With his failure to act on criminal activity,  will he maintain the same “qualities of fairness, experience, knowledge, integrity and efficiency of the election process” as Mr. Dunlap?

With the refusal of those in authority to act, per their oaths, duties and obligations – whether constitutional officers or elected officials – are we to trust that future elections will be honest? Are we to trust the same people in office today who were there in the past?

Does Mr. Mr. Dunlap have the “track record to continue”?

Jonathan Courtney must justify his qualifications for position as Secretary of State.

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Laws Pertaining To The Seal Of The State Of Maine

Courtesy of Lise from Maine.

Click here.

Maine Secretary of State Dunlap Talks Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth

Courtesy of Dorothy Lafortune

Each year, the Secretary of State solicits nominations for the Lorraine M. Fleury Award. “The award is intended to recognize and honor an individual who has made a significant contribution to the election process and who exemplifies the qualities of fairness, experience, knowledge and service.”

“The integrity and efficiency of the election process depends almost entirely on the devotion of municipal officials,” said Secretary Dunlap. “It’s tough to single folks out, but individuals who carry out their duties with extraordinary energy and commitment are recognized by their peers, neighbors, and many elected officials, who have acknowledged this work with nominations for the Lorraine M. Fleury Award.”

“Maine’s a national leader in the administration of elections,” said Dunlap.

Source: Maine Government News

In 2004 I ran as a clean election candidate in a special election held in Biddeford. People who helped out with my campaign worked their hearts out and we conducted a clean campaign. The events surrounding this election were not just mere “irregularities” or “mistakes”. A full investigation into the City of Biddeford, and clerk Clairma Matherne, was fully warranted.

My issues are:
1) The premature opening of absentee ballots
2) The failure of the Post Office to mail my first-class campaign flyers. This was paid with clean election funds by the taxpayers of Maine. These were not delivered and neither did the taxpayers receive their mail.

These are state and federal violations of law and a matter of public interest.

Sec. of State Dunlap ignored my complaint to his Deputy Secretary of State, Julie Flynn and Asst. A.G. Leanne Robbins.

Dunlap also viewed the physical evidence of campaign flyers not mailed by the Post Office. Click here.  Taxpayers funds paid for this! You should be outraged!

Evidence of cover up of violations of law within the Secretary of State’s Office (inc. DMV), dating back to Bill Diamond, were presented to Mr. Dunlap. He has the same generic answer used today…”there’s nothing I can do.”

When Charlie Summers took over Secretary Dunlap’s position, I requested to meet with him about Dunlap’s failure to act. Summers did not grant me the opportunity to meet with him. However, the following is what transpired. Click here.

Secretary Dunlap speaks of “the qualities of fairness, experience, knowledge, integrity and efficiency of the election process”, yet dismisses/ignores all of the above  with the City Clerk of Biddeford because it suits the Office of Secretary of State and its cohorts. Those who do not listen/read the media/press releases are uninformed, those who do…are misinformed. The people of Maine are being misled by one side of Mr. Dunlap’s mouth. (However, beware, this is the norm with public official announcements.)

There must be oversight and accountability within the office of the Secretary of State, the Attorney General’s office and the Ethics Commission. Unless, and until, there is accountability and oversight of state agencies, including constitutional officers, this is what can we expect from Augusta!

Maine is hardly “a national leader in the administration of elections.” Pay attention to Mr. Dunlap’s lips.

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Aroostook Watchmen – Emergency Meeting With Governor Paul LePage

Jack and Phil discuss the extraordinary meeting with Governor LePage.  To listen, click here.  (sound comes in at approx. 12 minutes into the broadcast)

Remonstrance For Maine Government, click here.

There is some concern that, should Governor LePage pursue the Remonstance, he might be “set up.” Should that happen it will expose “who” set him up and the people will back up Governor LePage.

Discussion is had on the wild goose chase by the Attorney General’s office and that Governor LePage will look into that. It’s hopeful that he will. However, at the beginning of his tenure, the Governor was apprised of the “less than poor” job performance of his constitutional officers, specifically William Schneider, A.G. and Charlie Summers, Secretary of State. Unfortunately, former Attorney General Janet Mills and former Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap have returned to their former positions…and nothing will change. Nothing was done about A.G. William Schneider, nor Secretary of State Charlie Summers and replacing them with “formers” will not yield a different result.

Additionally, unconstitutional bills go beyond the 2nd amendment.

Constitutional violations continue due to the uninformed, uneducated legislators which is in total conflict with their sworn oaths of office.

Whenever a constitutional violation is perpetrated against one of the people, they have a right to redress in the court.  However, much research has been done regarding our judicial system. (view this post – comments)

Whether one has an issue of foreclosure, thefts involving property, children, animals, etc. , you ultimately end up in court. Judges are paid state employees. If you file a complaint against a judge it goes before the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability. See members on this committee. Is this not a conflict of interest…a serious issue that Governor LePage can resolve…remove judges/attorneys judging judges.  These members are personal appointments by the governor.


This blog was started to educate and inform the public. There is much information and documentation to prove malfeasance of office, official corruption and oppression, violations of unalienable rights, cover up of violations of law by our elected officials …. and so much more.

For more info, type the name/agency in the “search engine.”  More info/documents will be added as time permits.

In the meantime, please support the efforts of the Aroostook Watchmen and forward the posts on this blog far and wide.

Do not be fooled by the wolves in sheep clothing!

Your comments and questions are more than welcome. Please feel free to post.

Points To Ponder As Maine’s 2012 Election Comes To An End

As the November election comes to an end, let’s take a look at the integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and character (or lack thereof) of Maine’s U.S. Senate candidates. Let’s see who ‘says one thing and does another’.

I’ve seen the candidates campaign ads on tv. The same message for decades with a different face. In my opinion, the following are points to ponder before you vote.

Candidate Charlie Summers (Maine’s Secretary of State)
In his tv ads he speaks of losing his wife, having to be mother and father to his children and laying awake at night wondering how he will pay his mortgage to the bank.

Well, Mr. Summers, I (as so many other Mainers) lay awake nights too. I lost a husband (his life taken, covered up), I lost my only child and had to bury her without insurance that I paid Metropolitan Life Insurance for. I lay awake wondering when the Bureau of Insurance will hold MetLife accountable. It’s been three years since they “are still looking into it.” I lay awake nights waiting for Saco Biddeford Savings Inst., and their coherts in Biddeford (inc. Atty. Jens-Peter Bergen on the Kennebunk prostitution “client list”) to be held accountable in the fraudulent taking of my business property and home. I lay awake nights waiting for you, (and former SOS Matt Dunlap), Attorney General William Schneider and Jonathan Wayne (Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices) to investigate election fraud in Biddeford. These are only a few examples of sleepless nights.

Summers wants us to know that we will have him to work for us in Washington. Why isn’t he working for us in Maine? Why is he not upholding his duties as Maine’s Secretary of State?

Candidate Kevin Raye – President of the Maine Senate.
Ignored requests to meet with him to present issues of fraud, waste and abuse. Worked for US Senator Olympia Snowe for 17 years. Birds of a feather….

Andrea Mitchell’s exclusive interview with Sen. Olympia Snowe when she ubruptly decided not to seek re-election and giving possible candidates approximately two weeks to gather signatures. “Having a milestone birthday helps you to focus about whether or not I was prepared to commit for another six years in the United States Senate.” I find it hard to believe that Senator Snowe didn’t know last year that she was coming up upon a “milestone birthday.”

Candidate Angus King
Angus King created 70,000 jobs. Were they generated from his 147 government appointments?

During the tenure of former governor Angus King, I received from a state legislator a list of the key “serve at the pleasure” of the governor positions. I learned from this legislator that he was chastised on the House floor for taking this public. Why the big secret? According to this document, there is a more comprehensive list than what is provided here and is kept within the Office of the Secretary of State. We the people have a right to know whose salaries we are paying! We also have a right to know who the “Confidential Employees” are. Additionally, King (and other state officials) was given the evidence of official corruption in Maine via Tom Dunn’s video which investigation initially began with the Attorney General seeking Tom’s assistance.

Candidate US Congresswoman Chellie Pingree
Pingree runs her campaign on veterans issues. Her debate with Maine Senator John Courtney (another good ole boy network member) on Maine Watch she said she was there for individuals who need help with veteran issues. Well, not so. E-mails to her go unanswered and there is no getting past her aide (gatekeeper) Jim Pineau, despite his lies to the Maine Director of Veterans Services.

Candidate Danny Dalton
Republican Charlie Summers, independent Angus King and Democrat Cynthia Dill squared off in a three-way debate at the Franco-American Center. The three other independent candidates, Steve Woods of Yarmouth, Andrew Ian Dodge of Harpswell, and Danny Dalton of Brunswick, were not invited to the live debate.

Dalton, 56, is a former intelligence specialist with the Army and Air Force who went on to travel the world as a federal agent and civilian contractor chasing down terrorists and drug smugglers.
After Dalton left the security business, he continued to gather intelligence from his old contacts, at his own expense. When he tried to share the information with the federal government — including the specific location of Taliban commanders — he again got nowhere, he said.

Eventually, Dalton said, he tried to share some of his information and complaints with Maine’s senators, Snowe and Susan Collins. He met with their staff members but said his leads and complaints still went nowhere.

He decided to run against Snowe as a way to expose the waste and dysfunction and the failure of the two-party system.

And so much to be said about term limits. Maine Senator Barry Hobbins is termed out as senator, so now he runs for the House!

Will Maine’s history repeat itself in Washington? Will it be different this time around? I think NOT!

NOTE:  My attempts to send this to J. Scott Moody, Maine Heritage Policy Center comes up with “Error The address “J. Scott Moody” in the “To” field was not recognized.

This is not the first time I cc blogs to this agency. The e-mail address is the one noted on The Maine Heritage Policy Center website.  What’s up with this Scott Moody? The same happened with Lance Dutson prior to his move to campaign for Secretary of State Charlie Summers.

[new post] Maine U.S. Senate Candidate Angus King’s Involvement In The Wind Industry

Are wind farms saving or killing us? A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them.

The symptoms they claim to have suffered may vary – including dizziness; increased blood pressure and depression – but the theme remains the same.
(Do not miss the comments)

PPH reports “King calls new wind ad false, asks TV stations to stop running it. The ad, purchased by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, features members of an anti-wind group that claims King made “millions” off the Record Hill wind project in Roxbury. The complaint comes as the King campaign appears to be weighing a new tack following recent polls reporting gains by Democrat Cynthia Dill and Republican Charlie Summers.”

Charlie Summers campaign says “King’s attack ad from 1994 shows he ‘says one thing, and does another.’

As the November election heats up, let’s take a look at the integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and character (or lack thereof) of Maine’s U.S. Senate candidates. Let’s see who ‘says one thing and does another’.

During the tenure of former governor Angus King, I received from a state legislator a list of the key “serve at the pleasure” of the governor positions. I learned from this legislator that he was chastised on the House floor for taking this public. Why the big secret? According to this document, there is a more comprehensive list than what is provided here and is kept within the Office of the Secretary of State. We the people have a right to know whose salaries we are paying! We also have a right to know who the “Confidential Employees” are.


Maine’s Corrupt 2012 Election Marches on….

Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers wins election and Julie Flynn Gets to Count Her Boss’ Votes.

This evidence speaks for itself and (former) Governor King’s threat to one of the people “shocks the conscience.”

Will Maine’s history repeat itself in Washington?

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Maine’s Secretary of State who’s running for U.S. Senate has a message to critics who wanted him to step down as secretary of state during the campaign. “They want me to resign and I’m not going to do it,” Charlie Summers said. The secretary of state’s office administers Maine elections, and the Maine People’s Alliance says Summers, a Republican, should resign because of a conflict in overseeing his own election.

This past May, Secretary of State Charles E. Summers, Jr. appointed a Commission to Study the Conduct of Elections in Maine, in accordance with Resolve, Chapter 133 (enacted by the 125th Maine State Legislature). He tasked the Commission with conducting a study of voter participation, the system governing voter registration and the conduct of elections in our State; the intent being that their findings, as well as any recommended legislation, would be reported to the Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs of the 126th Legislature.

Voters shut out of election hearing.

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To  Secretary of State Charles Summers and his cohorts Maine’s Attorney General William Schneider and Jonathan Wayne, Director of the Ethics Commission, I demand an investigation into Maine’s elections ….and accountability. How can Charles Summers justify his candidacy for U.S. Senate? He can’t even uphold his duties as Secretary of State.

[new post] Congressional Testimony: Dottie Lafortune to Bill Windsor of Lawless America in Maine

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