Has Maine Senator Stan Gerzofsky Committed a Crime?

Senator Gerzofsky, recently gave an on-camera interview to WCSH Television, in relation to the recent public hearing on LD 652, known as the Constitutional Carry bill. In this recorded interview Senator Gerzofsky stated:

“I have a list, it’s a substantial list, of the permits that were turned down just this last year. Where people are being turned down for legitimate reasons.”

25 MRSA 2006 provides that:
“All applications, documents made part of the application, refusals, and any information of record collected by the issuing authority during the process of ascertaining whether an applicant is of good moral character and meets the additional requirements of sections 2003 and 2005 are confidential and are not public records”.

Violation of this confidentiality provision is a Class E crime.

Gun Owners of Maine has filed a Freedom of Access Act Request to the Joint Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety. They are asking the committee and the President of the Senate…”Has the Senator admitted to committing a crime?”

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