Dallas Sheriff’s Deputies Assault Free Speech Activists, Punch Alex Jones

“Cops incite violence during peaceful demonstration.

Dallas Sheriff’s deputies violently assaulted free speech activists during the JFK 50th anniversary event, punching peaceful protesters including radio host Alex Jones in shocking scenes caught on live streaming video.”

Read more and view videos HERE.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson
November 22, 2013

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Maine Court Judges Exposed!

Falmouth Today, Editor Michael Doyle, unveils more judicial corruption within Maine courts.

Attorney Jens-Peter Bergen and Judges named in this article are the same players in the theft of my business property,  my home and property in Arundel, Maine.

I went public with a public access t.v. talk show, The Maine Forum, from April 18, 2001 to July 2002 when (now former mayor) Donna Dion and (now former city councilor) Jim Grattelo banned me from Biddeford Public Access. My reasons for going public was due to the controlled mainstream media’s refusal to print or broadcast the truth that people had a right to know. I was tired of having issues brushed under the rug. The Maine Forum was a vehicle used to educate and inform the public on issues that involved everyone at the local, county, state and federal levels. It was time to take a stand for my (our) rights before we no longer had any rights left. Many wonderful and interesting people from Maine to California were guests on my program.

The July 4, 2001 program “What Price Justice?’ featured Philip Castora, a licensed Private Investigator, who gave a report containing his opinions and conclusions with respect to various public documents relative to his investigation into fraudulent confiscations of property through the concerted actions of city officials, bankers, the courts…….and let’s not forget William Zafirson, HAZA Auctioneer who went crying to the mayor because I mentioned his name on my program.

Read more, click here.

Read more about:

Jens Peter Bergen, Esq.

Attorney Jens-Peter Bergen, one of the client’s charged in the Zumba Prostitution Case, was also involved in the theft of Dorothy Lafortune’s home in concert with officials in the City of Biddeford and Biddeford District Court Judge Christine Foster.

As with both cases, Atty. Bergen knows, or should know, the law. In the Zumba case he chose to commit a criminal or unlawful act that reflects adversely on his honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as an attorney. Since the beginning of this case it was obvious there would be a double standard of justice and selective prosecutions where it concerned public officials/attorneys. Attorney Bergen and his cronies in the City of Biddeford, including Judge Christine Foster, are NOT above the law! This is NOT the first time he violates the law! The proof is in the pudding!

Wouldn’t you agree that Attorney Jens-Peter Bergen, who knows, or should know, the law and pled guilty to violating state law is conduct unbecoming an attorney and in violation of BAR rules and professional conduct? He gets away with just a slap on the wrist and still practices law in Maine.

And what about the remaining suspects?

Freedom of Access Act request, December 27, 2012

Second Freedom of Access Act request, January 20, 2013

On January 28, 2013 a response was received to my FOA request to Justina McGettigan, Deputy D.A. from D.A. Kathryn Slattery. D.A. Slattery provided the list of approximate 60 individuals charged. The request was for the remaining 150+ suspects charged.

FOIA – clarification, February 7, 2013

Why is it so difficult to get a response from the District Attorney’s Office to a FOA request? Why will the D.A. not uphold Maine statute and supply the list of the remaining 150+ suspects charged?

Atty. Bergen represented the owner of a Maine Realty company and aid and abet the theft of Lafortune’s home and aided and abetted in the attempt to extort $35,000 from her. Her persistence in pursuing this fraud against her led to the mysterious disappearance of the case file in Biddeford District Court. 

She was not afforded the opportunity, consideration and fairness in the reporting of her side of the story. She was not ensured a fair trial. She was maliciously prosecuted when (now former) D.A. Mark Lawrence had her evidence in hand and working with her. She lost her home, removed by a 13 member SWAT team, armed and masked, arrested and charged with criminal trespass upon her own property and thrown out into the street like a wild animal. She most certainly resents the fact that she paid the salaries of these official “scabs” to defraud and “rape” her.

See summary of Criminal Trespass charge, click here.

Judge Arthur Brennan, click here and here.

Judge Thomas Humphrey

Paper trail to my complaint against Judge Christine Foster, dismissed by the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability also leads to Judge Humphrey.

Related, click here.

Well, if  “you haven’t heard of a docket, any docket, being removed from the court system locally or statewide”, you’ve got more proof that this is “procedure” within Maine’s courtrooms.

Take Notice:

Members on the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability include Judges Paul Fritzsche, Robert E. Crowley. Is this not a conflict of interest? Judge Thomas Humphrey previously sat on the committee. He is the current Chief Justice of the Superior Courts.

The Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability is a Personal appointment which does not require a public hearing or approval of the State Legislature. If Governor LePage’s priority is to “put Maine people ahead of politics”, he must remove the members with this committee.

The corruption is rampant, blatant and more visible with greater exposure. It’s time to take this “bull by the horns.”


I will be adding documents associated with the links below. Check back often.

Gov. Angus King letter

Attorney Mark Lawrence (former President of the Maine Senate) was appointed District Attorney by Governor John Baldacci to fill the vacancy created when Michael Cantara became Commissioner of Public Safety. He ran for congress, 2008 election, and lost.  He was later nominated by Congressman Michael Michaud for position of Maine U.S.A.G. I wrote Congressman Michaud and asked that he justify his nomination of Mark Lawrence for said position. No response.  Lawrence was no longer named as a possible nominee. He has opened his own law firm.

Lawrence campaign contributors

Gov. John Baldacci campaign contributors, click here and here.

Printed in the Clarion Edict.

The articles in the last edition of the Clarion Edict are excellent! They are very informative and inner-twine with each other. It is refreshing to know that the people have a place in which to have their voices heard.

I want to expand on the article by Joseph Nugent “Maine U.S. Attorney Office Non-Feasance.” Why do public officials keep passing the proverbial buck and look the other way? Joseph Nugent asked “who is going to do something about corruption? Why is it happening? Who is profiting from it? Why is no one doing anything about it? How long is this type of wrong doing going to be tolerated? And who will ultimately enforce the law, maintain the public trust and protect our faith and confidence in our system of government?”

The duties of the Attorney General are established by the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated, Title 5, sections 191 – 205. These statutes direct the Attorney General to discharge various responsibilities, including investigating and prosecuting homicides and other crimes. In addition to these statutory powers, the Attorney General is vested with certain other powers deriving from the Office’s common law powers. The leading case on the powers and duties of the Attorney General is Superintendent of Insurance v. Attorney General, 558 A.2d 1197 (Me.1989). The essential principle stated by the Court in this landmark decision is that the Attorney General possesses constitutional and common law authority, independent of the agencies represented by the Office that may be exercised by the Attorney General in the public interest.

The State Court Administrator, established by M.R.S.A. Title 4, Chapter 1 ξ 17, subject to the supervision and direction of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, is responsible for administration and management of the court system, including investigating complaints with respect to the operation of the courts. Maine’s Court Administrator is James T. Glessner.

Why are the unlawful interferences by officials rubber-stamped by Maine’ judicial system? Why do state government agencies in place to protect consumers, fail to do so? The power of the agencies, etc. is supported by the corruption of the courts. Why do they get away with this? Because they can. The lack of oversight and accountability that exists in Maine government agencies/departments/committees/commissions, including the Judiciary, pose a real problem for small business owners and residents.

It is disgusting and appalling, through past administrations, that there has always been the excuse, including the Attorney General’s Office – top law enforcement agency in the State, that “there’s nothing we can do.” This being the case, it is my opinion that the state has 2 choices: 1) replace the person in charge of an agency or 2) if an agency is not servings its purpose/mission, eliminate the agency. This would be fiscally responsible. Paying salaries of employees who fail in their job performance is a misuse of taxpayer money. It is imperative that Governor LePage initiate investigations into the job performance of the Attorney General’s Office and Administrative Office of the Courts as this is a matter of public interest and trust.

As long as we have family connections, “revolving doors” in Augusta and legislators who leave their common sense at the door when entering the chambers, public and judicial corruption in this state will continue.

As Mr. Nugent reported, lack of action by Attorneys General Steven Rowe and Janet Mills occurred during the (former governor) John Baldacci administration. If “you wonder why public and judicial corruption is going unfettered here in our State”, connect the dots. The masquerade party ongoing in Augusta is known by more people than our officials realize. The political players dance from one elected position to another, wheel and deal with connections they’ve made, ignore the pleas for help from their constituents who pay their salaries, then eventually climb the ladder to a higher position. Then family members join the party. The individuals we thought would be great representatives of the people, and we voted for, have lost their way. They sold their souls and the future of their children, grandchildren and the American people for the sake of comfort and wealth. They have elected to take the path of corruption which, eventually, will effect them.

U.S. Attorney for Maine Thomas Delahanty II, a longtime Superior Court justice, is related to Judge Robert Crowley.

Maine’s Ruling Family – the Mitchell-Baldacci family.

Baldacci – Business As Usual.  Source: LANCE TAPLEY

Baldacci swears in judges with area roots.  “The swearing-in ceremony for five Maine judges seemed more like a family reunionthan an official event.”

Senator Barry Hobbins, click here, Kennebec Journal, Cutts Island Group.

Re Radio Address – Sen. Hobbins on Government Transparency, March 19, 2011:
“Democrats have long believed that people should know who, how, where, and what is being governed.” Hobbins “wants to work with Governor LePage moving this state forward, but he wants to do it with transparency and openness.” He stated, “Governor, I hope you will join me.”

Hobbins brought up one case in point, the Governor’s announcement of the formation of a Business Advisory Council, “however, in the Executive Order, the Governor added language exempting the Council from Maine’s Right to Know Law.” “As a founding member and former chair of Maine’s Right to Know Committee, Hobbins felt “a responsibility, a stewardship, for transparency in Maine government” and “in response to the Executive Order, he wrote a letter to the Governor asking him to re-evaluate his decision exempting the Advisory Council from the Freedom of Access Act. To date, he had not received a response from him or anyone in his administration. Hobbins stated he “will remain dogged in his efforts to allow the people of Maine access to the state’s business. Transparency is essential to an open society. A cloud of suspicion forms over elected officials and governments where the truth is shrouded in anything but openness. Sunshine Week and the Freedom of Access Act were borne out of this—this need to know, the need to hold elected officials accountable.”

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Senator Hobbins should understand the peoples’ plights including, but not limited to, the decades of seeking justice, the decades of frustration due to the unresponsiveness of elected officials, the lack of transparency in Maine government, the lack of official accountability and the taxation without representation. Hobbins asked Governor LePage to join him in moving this state forward, but he wants “to do it with transparency and openness.” I’m asking Senator Hobbins to join me, and the people, in reining in an out-of-control government and to “do it with transparency and openness.” I, we, remain dogged in our efforts for fairness and truth. Senator Hobbins has long been a member of “there’s nothing I can do club.”

Top 25 Biddeford-Saco political players and coaches according to All Along the Watchtower. The list is not surprising to those of us in the know whose names are included:

Donna Dion and Jim Grattelo (former Mayors/councilor of Biddeford). Biddeford, I’ll See You In Court –Click here, First Amendment Case – click here, Click here.

Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre. – I learned that there is an unwritten rule in Chief Beaupre’s Department. That rule “none of his police officers are to speak with me.” Why’s that? They might learn a little about the law, their constitutional duties or maybe a secret about their own chief.

William Kany – Saco-Biddeford Savings Institution.

Senator Barry Hobbins.

The Honorable Mike Cantara – Michael Cantara is a bar certified attorney. A former Biddeford mayor, Cantara was later elected to become York County’s District Attorney before being tapped by Governor John Baldacci to serve as Commissioner for the Maine Department of Public Safety and later as a Maine District Court Judge, where he serves today. Attorney Mark Lawrence (former President of the Maine Senate) was appointed District Attorney by Governor John Baldacci to fill the vacancy created when Cantara became Commissioner of Public Safety. Official corruption was brought to D.A. Cantara back in the 1990’s. However, my complaint against Atty. Michelle Robert (who was appointed to the A.G.’s office by Governor Angus King, despite his pledge of a “hiring freeze”) was dismissed by Cantara because Michelle Robert was “his friend and colleague.”

Judge Michael Cantara’s Stall Tactics On Reagan’s Foreclosure Case

Also Pro police brutality and elder abuse.

Of importance to “all in the family” is the creation of 147 positions in government by (former governor) Angus King.
With further regard to Nugent’s concerns about the Maine U.S. Attorney General’s Office, malfeasance and non-feasance extends into Washington, D.C., including members of Congress.

In February 2007 a complaint was filed with the O.I.G. against two U.S. Attorneys on their failure to perform their duties as Federal Agents and their failure to uphold the law. The complaint was forwarded to the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys, per correspondence of Roger M. Williams, Special Agent and dated April 12, 2007. This was during the tenure of (now former Attorneys General) Alberto Gonzales and Michael Mukasey. Involved in this cover up is H. Marshall Jarrett, the longtime chief lawyer in the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility, who was appointed by President Obama to head the Executive Office for United States Attorneys.

U.S. Congressman Robert Torrecelli. Torrecelli did not take action. When Torrecelli left Congress ), Eric Shuffler later became speech wirter for N.J. Governor Jon Corzine.

On December 5, 2008 I attended a Judiciary Committee Field Hearing in St. Albans, VT, chaired by Senator Patrick Leahy, re: “Community-Based Solutions to Drug-Related Crime in Rural America.” 

I submitted documentation and a demand for a full investigation into drug related crimes and violations of law, rights and due process. I am quite disappointed that I was not afforded the opportunity to speak with Senator Leahy after traveling hours to Vermont. His only response to me was that he would read my documents on the plane. The evidence/documents presented to him demands a full investigation into the cover up of drug-related crimes, including a death, and extends from New Hampshire to Washington agencies, ie., DOJ, FBI, US Attorneys Executive Office, H. Marshall Jarrett, Counsel – Office of Professional Responsibility, NH U.S.A.G. Thomas Colantuono (left his position) and N.H. Asst. U.S.A.G. Mark Zuckerman, and others. I never received a response from Senator Leahy regarding this matter.

Is it not surprising that public officials keep passing the proverbial buck and look the other way? Where are the checks and balances? There are none. Governor Paul LePage must exercise his authority, per the Constitution of Maine, Art V, sec.12, and take care that the laws be faithfully executed. His enforcement of the law can restore the public’s trust, faith and confidence in our system of government.

As The Plot Thickens, Connect The Dots.


I am privileged to have been asked to be a writer/contributor to the Clarion Edict newspaper. This newspaper is a breath of fresh air. This will be a great vehicle to inform and educate the public on the job performance of our elected officials, state employees and agencies within the State of Maine. You will be educated and informed on issues that our mainstream media refuse to report whether by sheer innocence or deliberate design. The marriage between this blog and The Clarion Edict will be educational, informative and most revealing.

I was self-employed for nearly 30 years until the unlawful confiscation of my business property and home through the concerted efforts of bankers, municipal officials and the courts, ran for elected office with infiltration of the Democratic party, produced and hosted my own public access tv talk show “The Maine Forum”, was unlawfully removed from my home by a 13 member armed and masked SWAT team because I stood my ground against corrupt City of Biddeford officials and understood my rights and civil liberties. I have had much support from people within the community, however, people fear their government and are afraid to speak out publicly for fear of losing their busineses, homes or BAR licenses!

View the video of the SWAT Teams ransacking of my home. They came in for me. Was the ransacking of my home necessary? I did recognize the eyes of one of the armed and masked SWAT team – Biddeford Police officer Rick Doyon, a young officer who didn’t know what the 4th Amendment is!

Public servants, officials/employees in various governmental agencies, including the VA, who stonewall, kow tow, hide behind masks, curtains, or each other….will be named!

kow·tow [ kòw tów ]
be servile: to behave in an extremely submissive way in order to please somebody in a position of authority
servile act: an extremely submissive act aimed at pleasing somebody in a position of authority

Elected officials who refuse to come to the Citizens Review Board (CRB) table will be named!

Related: First Amendment click here and click here, Biddeford, and view SWAT team video below.



UPDATE – 7.26.16

There has been much interest in this post as of late.

To update and clarify this case concerns official corruption and the “connecting of dots” within the City of Biddeford (in concert with the courts), the silencing of the host of the Maine Forum and violation of freedom of speech.

Your interest in encouraging!



Biddeford, I’ll see you in court!

By Chris Churchill
Staff Writer
Cape Elizabeth attorney David Lourie is taking on City Hall – Biddeford’s City Hall. He has four lawsuits against the city in the works, three in association with the Maine Civil Liberties Union (MCLU).

“I’ve got as much of a caseload with Biddeford as I normally have in total,” said the bearded lawyer, 54, sitting in his messy home office. “I have a hard time saying no when people have their rights violated.”

First, he’s representing Dorothy Lafortune in a federal suit against the city’s attempt to keep her public-access program – “The Maine Forum” – off the air.

In an unrelated case with a similar subject matter, he’s representing Richard Rhames in a federal suit claiming the ongoing shutdown of public access is illegal.

And he’s representing Grayson Street resident John Packard against city charges that he illegally repaired cars at his residence. The MCLU is not involved in that case, but is involved in a spin-off case in which Lourie is charging that the city’s rules governing charter changes are illegal under state law.

“I could probably spend the rest of my life keeping [Biddeford] from acting illegally if I were willing to do it,” claimed Lourie, closing his eyes as he speaks. “I’m starting to feel like I’m the alternative city attorney for Biddeford.”

The MCLU, with 1,800 members, was founded in 1968 and is devoted to advancing and protecting the civil liberties and civil rights of Maine residents, according to its website.

Lourie’s work on behalf of the MCLU has earned him this year’s Scolnik Award, named for Justice Louis Scolnik, a retired Maine Supreme Court Justice and a founding member of the MCLU.
“We give the Scolnik Award for a member of Maine’s legal community who has made an outstanding contribution to civil liberties in Maine,” said Dorcas Gilpatrick, the MCLU’s director.
And, this year, much of Lourie’s contribution is being made in Biddeford.

As the organization has limited resources, the MCLU doesn’t take on many cases, Gilpatrick said. It looks for cases where “a significant constitutional right is in question.”

Lourie and the MCLU have yet to win one of their cases against Biddeford, and an early ruling in the Rhames case went the city’s way. But is it reason for concern that a group devoted to civil liberties has chosen to sue Biddeford three times?
“No,” said Mayor Donna Dion. Anybody can file a suit, she said, but “that doesn’t mean they’re correct.”
“Every opportunity they have, they’re going to come after us,” the mayor said of the MCLU. “Every claim they make, we’ll do due diligence and respond.”

Harry Center, Biddeford’s city attorney, did not return phone calls for this article.

Lourie, a Queens, N.Y., native, is no stranger to municipal government. After graduating from the Boston College Law School, he was the attorney for the city of Portland for 10 years.
Since going into private practice in 1990, he has watched many city and town councils in action, and has taken many to court for their actions. For example, he took South Portland to court – and won – when that its City Council refused to open all city polls for a gay-rights referendum.

Still, he is surprised by what he’s seen in Biddeford – and is scathing in his appraisals of Biddeford government: “I would classify Biddeford as being the worst in terms of respect of individual rights and basic due process,” he said.

Lourie, who obviously doesn’t back down from controversy, likes his job. He likes being an attorney, although he resisted becoming one. He comes from a family of lawyers and wanted to do something different.

“It’s the only thing I had an aptitude for,” he said. “I really enjoying practicing law. It gives me a chance to do things for people and for causes I believe in – and, sometimes, to make some money.”
Lourie usually doesn’t make money on MCLU cases – he volunteers his time. In doing so, he and the MCLU open the courts to people who wouldn’t otherwise be there.

Lafortune is an example. She would not have had the money to take Biddeford to court on her own, she said.

“I’m glad the MCLU has taken a stand on this,” she said, “because people all over are watching.”

Lawyers often have not fared well on Lafortune’s talk show, where they are portrayed as representing all that is wrong with the world. But she has good feelings about Lourie.

“I’m not going to change my feelings about attorneys,” Lafortune said. “He’s an exception.”



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Lise from Maine posted the following comment on the NEW JERSEY…..CONNECTING THE DOTS link:

“There is corruption in all 50 states, now called territories of the United States – see MRS for the definition of “state.”

The “fake” courts at the federal and state levels have been corrupt for a very long time.

None of the so-called state judges in Maine have a Commission whereby the Commission clearing creates the “office.” An Oath of Office is ONLY a secondary process.

No commission = no office = no oath “of” office.

Some of us have known this for some time while others are just catching on.

Thank you!”

I am aware of Lise’s extensive research on the Maine judicial system and welcome her to share her information with all of us. However, a need for remedy and reform exists.

New Hampshire has taken steps to reform their courts. Judges are no longer immune through Petitions for Redress of Grievance before the General Court (a.k.a. House of Representatives). Maine, and other states, must follow New Hampshire’s lead. Let’s keep an eye on this!


This is a continuation of The Maine Forum First Amendment Case article where the MCLU filed a complaint against the city of Biddeford for violation of my right to freedom of speech by pulling “What Price Justice” from the air.
See amendment complaint here.

This case ties into the theft of my home (under the guise of a “foreclosure”) by the City of Biddeford officials’ “behind closed doors” tactics in concert with Tim Q. Ly, York County DA Mark Lawerence and Judge Arthur Brennan, my forced removal from my home by an armed and masked 13 member swat team and unlawful arrest of criminal trespass upon my own property. (For more info, see the categories “City of Biddeford”, “G. Arthur Brennan” and “Christine Foster”).

Then former mayor Donna Dion and then councilor James Gratello (prior Mayor) were successful in removing me from Biddeford public access in which I produced and hosted a talk show, The Maine Forum. This initiated the first amendment case. I continued my program until spring of 2002 when city officials “blacked out” public access to all producers.

This First Amendment Case was filed in October, 2001. During the course of these proceedings, on summary judgment motions the magistrate judge’s recommended decision partially favored me and partially favored the defendants. Both sides objected to the recommended decision. US District Court Judge Brock Hornby “issued an Order to Show Cause why he should not dismiss my lawsuit as moot, or stay further proceedings until Biddeford determined how it would administer the channel in the future. After receiving responses from the parties, he did not dismiss the case. Instead, he stayed all action and required the parties to report every 60 days on what Biddeford was doing. In August , Biddeford reported that it was actively considering the issue and would probably reach a City Council decision in September. In October, the City explained that the untimely death of the Public Access Director had delayed matters and that recommendations should be submitted to the City Council later that same month. During this period, Biddeford had reopened the public access channel to broadcast meetings of the council, school committee and planning and zoning boards, but still allowed no access to private producers. Biddeford failed to give any explanation of further inaction and that a stay was no longer justified.” Biddeford asked the court to dismiss the case as moot.

On December 18, 2002 Judge Hornby dismissed the case as “moot” stating “now that there is no such access, any relief I might grant concerning that defunct process would be meaningless.”  Judge Hornby did “have a nagging concern whether Biddeford was dealing with this lawsuit in good faith.”  After this decision, Biddeford did open public access to all producers after a nearly two year “blackout.” However, Donna Dion and James Gratello were not finished with me. I had caught them at their game, in concert with bankers, attorneys and judges. Next would come the “taking” of my home “behind closed doors.” More on that to come.

On January 16, 2003 I filed an appeal to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, pro se.
See appeal.

The order of the district court dismissing the case was vacated and the matter remanded for further proceedings.
First Circuit Court of Appeals order.

JUDGMENT Entered: May 26,2004 – Mandate, click here.

The Maine U.S. District Court did not hold further proceedings.

To note, Harry B. Center, Attorney for the City of Biddeford, left his position. I learned, not to long ago, Atty. Center found his way back to Biddeford and is partnered with the law firm of Woodman Edmands Danylik Austin Smith & Jacques, P.A.

“The loss of First Amendment freedoms for even minimal period of time unquestionably constitutes irreparable injury”: Elrod v. Burns, 427 US 347, 373, 96 S.Ct. 2673 (1976).


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

My name is Dottie Lafortune. I produced and hosted a public access t.v. talk show, The Maine Forum, from April 18, 2001 to July 2002 when (now former mayor) Donna Dion and (now former city councilor) Jim Grattelo banned me from Biddeford Public Access. My reasons for going public was due to the controlled mainstream media’s refusal to print or broadcast the truth that people had a right to know. I was tired of having issues brushed under the rug. The Maine Forum was a vehicle used to educate and inform the public on issues that involved everyone at the local, county, state and federal levels. It was time to take a stand for my (our) rights before we no longer had any rights left. Many wonderful and interesting people from Maine to California were guests on my program.

The July 4, 2001 program “What Price Justice?’ featured Philip Castora, a licensed Private Investigator, who gave a report containing his opinions and conclusions with respect to various public documents relative to his investigation into fraudulent confiscations of property through the concerted actions of city officials, bankers, the courts…….and let’s not forget William Zafirson, HAZA Auctioneer who went crying to the mayor because I mentioned his name on my program. William Zafirson complaint.

A copy of “What Price Justice?” was mailed out to many of you out there and you know the contents of the broadcast. It’s time for public exposure of this First Amendment violation.

In the coming weeks I will detail the MCLU’s involvement in the filing of a complaint against the city, the journey through the court system and the results. I will detail the subsequent actions taken against me in order to prevent me from the use of Biddeford’s Public Access.


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