This posting will update my post “Senate Confirms Re-appointment of Judge Christine Foster.”

Governor John Baldacci and Senator Elizabeth Mitchell pushed the re-appointment of Judge Christine Foster through rather quickly. There was a pending complaint against Judge Foster before the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability.

Paper trail to my complaint against Judge Christine Foster, dismissed by the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability.

My letter to Matthew Pollack, Clerk, August 15 2008

Response from Judge Thomas Humphrey, December 5, 2008

My response to Judge Thomas Humphrey

Judges involved in the theft of my properties include, but are not limited to, Robert E. Crowley, Thomas Humphrey, Christine Foster and Maine Supreme Court Justice Leigh Saufley. Other judges involved in theft of property include Judges Arthur Brennan and Paul Fritzsche.

Complaint on Judge Christine Foster.

Members on the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability include Judges Thomas Humphrey and Paul Fritzsche. Is this not a conflict of interest? (Since this post, added to the list of members are Robert E. Crowley, Esq., Superior Court Justice Roland A. Cole and Charles W. Smith Jr., Esq., law firm involved in the theft of my property.)

The frauds perpetrated against me have been brought to the attention of our newly appointed Attorney General William Schneider and Govenor Paul LePage.

The Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability is a Personal appointment which does not require a public hearing or approval of the State Legislature. If Governor LePage’s priority is to “put Maine people ahead of politics”, he must remove the members with this committee.

We are onto them! When is enough – enough?

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  1. Hi!

    I currently sent a FOIA to our new Secretary of State asking for the “commissions” of “all” judges operating within the geographical State of Maine.

    Still waiting for his reply.

    No commissions = no constitutional judges.

    In my opinion the so-called judges operating today are nothing more than “executive” branch administrative law judges ONLY otherwise known as “hearing examiners.”

    If so, then this is a fraud foisted upon the people.

    Thank you~

    • It is called? The corporation of the Judicial Courts of Maine. Esquires are a Court Officer so part of the Corp. Registered on Dunn & Bradstreet. If you can hold a Judge to their Affirmation Of Oath. Then they have to abide by the Constitutions. If not it is a Breach Of Contract.

  2. Dottie, over the past few years I’ve filed three complaints, and all were dismissed. The Committee keeps complaints confidential, unless they vote to investigate; so the public usually never finds out about these complaints because the Committee rarely investigates a judge. Maine scored an “F” in judicial accountability in a 2008 report by HALT (Help Abolish Legal Tyranny). The oversights committee for judges needs to be comprised of average people, instead of judges, lawyers and professors of law. You can see the list of Committee members at the webpage

  3. The Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability is a “personal” appointment made by the Governor. I have written to Governor LePage about this and the direct conflict of interest with having judges overseeing judges. I mentioned that there are people who are willing to sit on this committee. He did not respond to me. He MUST change the members of this committee!

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