Maine Governor Janet Mills Creates Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee

Governor Janet Mills today signed an Executive Order creating a Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee and named its nine members. The Governor’s Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee will evaluate and advise Governor Mills on potential candidates for judicial appointments and reappointments.

Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee Members:
John A. Hobson, Chair
Perkins Thompson

Joshua A. Tardy
Rudman & Winchell

(Yea…and who is one of Maine’s highest paid lobbyists? Joshua Tardy! And who chaired Governor LePage’s Judicial Selection Committee? Joshua Tardy! And people complain as to why we have a “judicial misconduct” issues in Maine?
Maine Lobbyist Joshua Tardy’s “Double Talk”
Joshua Tardy’s “Double Vision” Wrong For Judicial Selection Committee
The Dots Continue To Connect – What is so disturbing about this? Brakey’s attorney is Joshua Tardy!

Dawn Pelletier
Pelletier & Faircloth

Gerard P. Conley Jr.
Cloutier, Conley & Duffett

Melissa A. Hewey
Drummond Woodsum

(A cohort of former City Manager of the City of Biddeford, Bruce Benway, in the frauds/theft of property.)

Jodi L. Nofsinger
Berman & Simmons

Daniel Rapaport
Preti Flaherty

(Former AG Janet Mills joins Preti Flaherty.)

Walter McKee
McKee Law

Derek P. Langhauser
Office of the Governor

It doesn’t appear that justice will prevail any time soon in Maine!

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The Medicaid Feud – Why Didn’t Maine Legislators Jump On The Boat Before It Left The Harbor?

While “many elderly and severely disabled life-long Mainers continue to languish on the notorious Medicaid waitlists for lack of funding“,  Maine legislators are upset that LD 1107 proposes “ten million dollars for job training, housing, transportation, and English language instruction for immigrants.”

LD 1107 –  An Act To Promote Workforce Development and Community Integration – Sponsored by Representative Michael Brennan

Summary of LD 1107

Repeated requests to Maine Legislators/other officials were made for a full investigation into Medicare and Medicaid payments that were paid out in excess for prescription drugs that were not needed, medical equipment that was not needed and stays (against the will of a person) at a local hospital and nursing home in Biddeford, Maine and the failure of said nursing home to maintain records in violation of the law. The Maine Bureau of Corporations did not have any filing in the name of the nursing home. It was discovered through the Medicaid printout that North Country Health Care Assoc. received Medicaid payments for the nursing home in 1998, a corporation that was not licensed at the time of receipt of Medicaid funding. 

Medicaid printout, click here.

Legislators contacted about this fraud were not interested, too busy, or other excuses!

We’ve been hearing about “lack of funding” for how long now?

If both sides are concerned about the taxpayers of Maine, why have both sides refused to take action on Medicaid fraud?

Why have taxpayers, on both sides of this issue, refused to demand a full investigation as to where their money has been “doled out”?

Fraud has been accepted by both sides and by the taxpayers!

Shouldn’t taxpayers demand the return of their money? Shouldn’t the Governor and legislators demand investigation into the “thievery”?

Why didn’t legislators jump on the boat before it left the harbor? Why weren’t they concerned about the taxpayers before now?


The Medicaid Feud Between Governor Paul LePage And Maine Legislators….A Farce

Medicaid/Medicare Fraud! So Goes Maine…So Goes Florida

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Angus King Has “ducked” Since He First Ran For Governor In The Early 90’s

Source: Maine First Media

8/9/18, by James Mosher – “Sen. King Won’t Debate Eric Brakey — So, We Did a Little Digging on the Democrat-in-Disguise’s Record” Read more HERE.

Angus King has “ducked” since he first ran for governor in the early 90’s.

He (and Gov. John Baldacci) was hand-delivered this video and both did NOTHING! He cared nothing for these Maine victims. View “ A MOST POWERFUL, REVEALING VIDEO BY TOM DUNN” on this link

A bit more background, as Governor, King was contacted by a licensed Maine Private Investigator for his intervention into frauds, abuse and corruption. A letter was written to Gov. King regarding his refusal to uphold the law and his oath of office. The letter contained a statement…what has a man to gain and profit the world and lose his soul.

A phone call was made to the Private Investigator by Det. Bill Gomain (from King’s office – and both investigators knew each other) stating that the Private Investigator was to have no further contact with Governor King. Gomain stated to the PI “in our profession we don’t use the word “soul.” The PI responded, “Bill, who do you work for…the devil?” Gomain, apparently very upset, responded that the PI was to have no further contact with Governor King.

Any Governor, or public official (such as Senator Angus King) who threatens constituents to have no contact with them, places constituents on a “no call list”, covers up for criminal activity (as Senator Susan Collins follows in King’s footsteps) should be banned from any public office.

( This is the latest nightmare ignored by Sen. King and the Iserbyts are listed on Senator King’s “no call list.” U.S. & Maine Constitutions Dead In Maine)

It’s impossible for every Mainer to know what is going on in our state. It’s impossible for every elected official to know what’s going on in our state. However, many legislators have been contacted, given documented evidence of official corruption within various state agencies/entities, etc. and have chosen the path of “willful blindness.”

Will Mainers choose the path of “willful blindness”?

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Does “Chain Migration” Equate To “Chinese Whispers” Game?

Does “chain migration” equate to “Chinese Whispers” game where officials whisper in the ear of a colleague to discredit people exposing the truth?

“Chinese Whispers” game where a bunch of people sit in a circle and the first person whispers a secret into the ear of the person on one side, they whisper it to the next, and it goes around the circle, only to end up being an entirely different secret?

“Chain migration” occurs when immigrants enter the U.S. through sponsorship from family members already settled in the country. Relatives are able to apply for visas through this system.

They both use others to achieve their own goals!

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Maine Election 2018: Maine Senate President Mike Thibodeau Drops Out Of Governor’s Race

PPH reports “Thibodeau said “there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to run a business, run the State Senate, have a quality family life, and run for governor.” (he didn’t know this before going in?)

This PPH article (April 1, 2017) Maine’s Republican Senate President Mike Thibodeau tired of party’s personal attacks against Democrats is worthy of reply.

Courtesy of Dorothy Lafortune

A “swamp” does exist in Augusta…and has for a long time, back to the days of Governor Joseph Brennen and A.G. Jim Tierney.  The “swamp” expanded with every single Governor and Attorney General…to this day!

Some of the public are just recently noticing the “spotlight.”

Problems within state government were brought to many legislators, inc. Senate President Thibodeau…….the “standard” response…there’s nothing I can do! In “people language” it’s called “cover up.”

What do personal attacks “over alleged ethics violations” have to do with “bipartisan goodwill” in balancing a state budget?

When the corruption is acted upon, only then will the legislature “deliver the best state government” to the people.

If you need “catching up” there are many categories on the right side of this blog to view.

State legislators who are “termed out” receive such “kudos” in the media. Unfortunately…too many have “played the game!” Some of you may not want to hear this… be it!


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Maine Swamp Madness: First Ever Sultan Of The Swamp… And The Winner Is… Senator Comrade Susan Collins!

3/31/18, Maine First Media Staff Report

Sultan of the Swamp

  • Comrade Susan Collins defeats Democrat-in-disguise Angus King to be crowned the 2018 Sultan of the Swamp!

Here’s a complete list of the results from the 2018 Maine Swamp Madness tournament, voted on by you, the Maine First Media readers. Click HERE.

Related: *VOTE* Maine Swamp Madness: Who is the Sultan of the Swamp?

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*VOTE* Maine Swamp Madness: Who is the Sultan of the Swamp?

March 30, 2018 – Just hours remain to vote in the Maine Swamp Madness tournament!

Who will you crown Sultan of the Swamp???

We will publish results Saturday!


Mainers have lived through more than our fair share of swamp politicians over the years.

And there’s certainly no shortage in Augusta today.

In the spirit of March Madness, Maine First Media is offering you a bracket of a different kind.

Your Maine Swamp Madness votes will determine who is the Sultan of the Swamp!

Vote on the matchups throughout the ballot and then share your results with your like-minded co-workers, friends and family members.

In each matchup, you’re voting for who is the BIGGER swamp creature. Being crowned Sultan of the Swamp is no honor.

Maine First Media will tally the results of all the completed brackets and announce the Sultan of the Swamp at the end of the month.

You can click here to start voting!

Maine First Media

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Is Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Thibodeau Looking For A Vote?

Another tragic, horrific child abuse case in Maine resulting in the death of 10 year old Marissa Kennedy.

BDN reports ” Senate President Mike Thibodeau has called on Gov. Paul LePage to investigate the Department of Health and Human Services’ response to reports that the agency was notified 10-year-old Marissa Kennedy was being abused.”

“The people of Maine need to have confidence that when serious cases of child abuse and neglect are reported those reports are fully investigated,” Thibodeau said in a written statement. “We must be assured that reports of child abuse are not falling on deaf ears. I implore the governor to investigate this fully and provide the Legislature and the public a report of his findings.”

Demands for investigation into child abuse have been ongoing for years.

The Lori Handrahan case is a prime example. In a letter to state senators on 5/14/15 she states Judge “Moskowitz has trafficked my daughter Mila for sex abuse. He has destroyed her life and mine. He is running a Kids for Cash scheme just like the judges in Pennsylvania. He belongs behind bars not on the bench. Here is what Moskowitz has done to my daughter, me and my family:







“Judiciary Committee Members have been fully informed there have been very serious problems in Moskowitz’s court for the seven years he has been on the bench. They were legally required to take action and provide oversight—which they all failed to do.”

Related article – note the “friends” list…Attorney Joshua Tardy, who is chairman of Gov. Paul LePage’s Judicial Selection Committee, David Levesque, president of the Maine State Bar Association, Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson; York County District Attorney Kathryn Slattery, Robert Crowley, a retired judge, (now former) Sen. Linda Valentino, D-Saco and others. Read more HERE.

Is Mike Thibodeau, and others, just awakening?

However, please keep in mind that abuse is abuse, whether child abuse, sexual abuse, or elder abuse. ABUSE IS ABUSE!

Why now is Mr. “there’s nothing I can do” Thibodeau so interested? As President of the Senate (like previous Presidents of the Senate), he was contacted about abuses, brutalities, atrocities inflicted upon Mainers and he “sat on his hands.” Other deaths, and irreparable harms, could have been prevented had legislators taken action.

Does Senate President Mike Thibodeau believe that Mainers have confidence that cases of (any) abuses will be investigated? It hasn’t happened for decades!

“Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta, co-chairman of the Legislature’s watchdog Government Oversight Committee, said Friday there are “a number of possible avenues” for a probe. That could include the committee’s investigative arm, the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability, which typically investigates how broader state programs are functioning. He also said the attorney general’s office is a possibility.”

Senator Katz was also contacted regarding the same issues presented to Mr. Thibodeau. If there are “a number of possible avenues” for a probe, why didn’t he pursue them?

Complaints were filed with the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability and should have been referred to the Government Oversight Committee. (To note, after a meeting with OPEGA, their mission statement was changed.)

“Attorney General Janet Mills, a Democrat (also a gubernatorial candidate), said Friday morning that she understands why Thibodeau is calling for the probe but said her office must tread carefully while it is investigating the case.”

Has she “been treading carefully” for years on the Handrahan case?

Why did she aid and abet the cover up of an the attempted murder of Sam Iserbyt? 

Why was a Notice and Demand to A.G. Janet Mills, brushed under the rug. Click here.  This is a matter of public trust and public interest. Yet, Janet Mills took no interest in this issue!

 Another important issue to note in a PPH report.  “DHHS officials said state law prevented them from discussing details of Marissa’s case.

“I can’t comment on anything by statute,” DHHS Commissioner Ricker Hamilton said Thursday afternoon when asked by News Center Maine if more could have been done to keep the girl safe. “The Attorney General’s Office won’t allow us to do that.”

“Hamilton also defended the department and its workers. “I am very impressed by the staff that we have,” he said.”

Another “looks good on its face” article will not convince an educated public that elected officials/candidates give a damn!


Bill Nemitz: Gov. LePage, of all people, has no excuse for ignoring child abuse

Public Exposure Moves Maine’s Attorney General Janet Mills

Andrea sought the help of state legislators, DHHS agents Orin Deal, Michael Parks, Joan Standbyguard, Wendy Harris and Ricker Hamilton, to no avail.

Holding elders against their will and drugging them is ABUSE!

Biddeford (ME) Police Department Exposed!

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Consolidation/Regionalism Will Become The Global System

Video: The Secret History of Western Education: The Scientific Destruction of Minds – Charlotte Iserbyt  (View this video beginning at 9:00)

This is what is happening with Governor Paul LePage’s Executive Order: An Order Regarding Support for Regional Efforts to Achieve Efficiencies in Delivering Educational Services.

Maine Governor Paul LePage Accepts The Restructured Soviet Polytechnical Workforce Training (U.S. school to work education system)

Maine Governor Paul LePage’s Proposal for the Restructuring of Maine’s County Jails

Are we willing to accept this in Maine?

Please share your comments/thoughts in the comment section.

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Maine Governor Paul LePage’s Recent Step To Pull Control Of Jails From Counties

Proposal for the Restructuring of Maine’s County Jails

BDN reports “Gov. Paul LePage’s administration has rolled out a proposal to hand oversight of Maine’s 15 county jails to a new state commission and potentially close five of them while regionalizing the system.

The plan would create a new Maine Jail Commission with seven members appointed by the governor overseeing three regional jail authorities — in northern, central and southern regions — controlling five jails each.

That would constitute a significant shift of oversight to state government. Read more HERE.

What has happened with local control?

This is what Charlotte Iserbyt has been tirelessly talking about.

Will you stand up…or sit back and lose your control?

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