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Celebrate the 4th of July every day this week by non-stop calling your Senators (202-225-3121) and telling them to vote “NO” on Republican Senator Lamar Alexander’s S. 1177.

Be a part of a New American Revolution to restore the guarantees contained in our precious Constitution, the guarantees many men and women have died for in foreign wars!


This is the most important week for our nation.
Whatever freedoms are left are hanging by a thread.

Only YOU can save America. SPREAD THIS ALERT FAR AND WIDE!!!

Read more HERE.

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Talkshoe Radio – Maine Exposed: State of Maine Governmental Reorganization (1971)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
9:00 PM EDT

Call in Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 27398#

Click here to join in online.

Archived program, EPISODE 59, click here.

State of Maine Governmental Reorganization: A Summary of New Departments and Agencies Approved by the 105th Legislature, click here.

1971 Governor Ken Curtis – Message to the Legislature, click here.

1931 An Act Relating to the Administration of the State _PL_c216, click here.

1973 AN ACT to Provide Elected District Attorneys District Attorneys 1973_PL_c567, click here.

Commissions: Chief Justice Andrew Wiswell, Justices of the Peace, Trial Justices, County Attorneys, County Commissioners, Clerks of “all” Judicial Courts, click here.

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ABCs of DumbDown: What Does ObamaCare Have to Do With the ESEA Reauthorization?


The fight for the right to be Free!

“Chairman Alexander and his staff have asked for input from the public on his discussion draft by Monday, February 2 via the e-mail address FixingNCLB@help.senate.go” … Read more HERE.

How many Americans hate ObamaCare? Why do Americans HATE ObamaCare?

We have socialized medicine now. Do you want to nationalize education?

In many of my articles I have made the comment, ObamaCare mandates to the individual, the individual mandate. What does that mean and how does that effect education? Why did I connect what happened in ObamaCare to education?

The federal individual mandate in ObamaCare forces you, as an individual, to pay for government health insurance. Un-Constitutional as that sounds, the Supreme Court ruled that this was a tax, not a mandate from the government. Many states filed against this unconstitutional event.

We lost.

How does this PRECEDENT effect what the Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is trying to do? (Now called the Every Child Ready for College or Career Act of 2015 sponsored by Sen. Lamar Alexander and on being rushed through on an incredibly fast track in Washington.)

The ObamaCare mandate set the PRECEDENT that now allows the ESEA REAUTHORIZATION to MANDATE the Common Core to the individual child. And with this in place, it will then MANDATE that federal TITLE I funds to “FOLLOW THE CHILD. And with this in place, it forces interventions on YOUR INDIVIDUAL CHILD. 

This gives the federal government the precedent that they need to NATIONALIZE EDUCATION. There will be no parental recourse, nor state or local government recourse, to change what the government will mandate.

This precedent bypasses both local control and state control. Once ESEA is legislated, this precedent gives Obama and U.S. Secretary of Education Duncan authority to do whatever they want in education. The federal government will have total control.

Read more HERE.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

Guerilla Media Network Iserbyt Archives link

Exposing The Global Road To Ruin Through Education-Trailer Links

3 Minute Trailer

26 Minute Trailer

Full 8 Disc YouTube Video Links

Amazon 8 Disc Set Order Link

To order the updated abridged 2011 version of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  click this AMAZON ORDER LINK

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Andy Ostrowski For Congress Is Tired of Crooked Cops and Courts – Works for Justice Under The Law

Andy Ostrowski, a valued referral resource speaker
August 27, 2014 HireLyrics Case Study Referral Event.

View video HERE

Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District: Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazelton, Sunbury, parts of Lewisburg, Harrisburg.

Related:  Andy Ostrowski, Pennsylvania Congressional Candidate, Slams American Bar Association. Click here.

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Walter Burien’s Market Rants – CAFR1


I have not put out a Market Rants Post for over a year.

Today though I see a reason to do so.



As of this writing the US Dollar index is at 96.825 and Silver at 16.815

First and foremost, the Dollar index over the last several years appeared to be held by the Feds at the 82.50 mark. If it went below, intervention brought it back. If it went above, Fed intervention backed off and it returned to that level.

Well, in the last few weeks the Dollar index has been picking up steam as can be seen by the current price. Precious metals in the US are priced in Dollars so as the dollar goes up, the price of metals is pressured to go down. You could have metals in another country stay the same but in the US go down being priced in Dollars which are going up.

So, the big question is “What is going to happen and what is going on?”

When the Dollar is low, business activity is strong regarding international trade. US goods are cheaper to foreigners with a cheaper Dollar. The opposite is true with a stronger higher priced Dollar. So what are the Feds doing here? Allowing the Dollar to push higher and higher creates a word to many businesses that causes a cringe, that word is Deflation. So why are the Feds pushing at this time for Deflation? Business cycles are looked at in long term parameters. It is a chess game of motive and motivation. If the International community looks at the Dollar as heading to new high territory, and the trend is for it to continue to do so, they will not back off from buying US goods that they need. In fact they will increase their orders and then back off. This has a positive effect on the economy (if foriegn purchases back off, here the opposite is true). Additionally, the higher Dollar has the effect of bringing down prices in the US, Crude Oil, agricultural, precious metals, price of foriegn imports, etc.. or in other words: Deflation.

Government’s intent here? Well, they want to maintain the value of their multitrillion Dollar holdings and see a good rate of return on their investments.

Looked at on a global perspective per investments in the US, real estate values increase (even though they may go down slightly); stock market is attractive motivated to maintain its value priced in Dollars, inflation is stymied with a higher Dollar. Overall another word comes into play, “stability”. Here is what I think the Feds are going for. If deflation accomplishes that purpose, then motive and intent is answered.

The 10-year high level in the Dollar index was at the 91.0 to 92.5 range. I don’t think it will pass that mark in the next four years. Reaching 88.0 to 90.0 in the short run, that appears to be a strong probability. Again, this is a chess game. Next 30-day top? I would put it at 88.50 to 88.80 and the backing off to 86.00 to 85.00

What effect will this have on Silver? Well, when Silver was in the $30 range and I was asked higher or lower, I would say higher BUT, if the commercial boys wanted to push it lower the target mark I would look for to be an aggressive buyer was $16.85 per oz. (most that I told that to at the time probably thought to themselves what is he smoking, it will never get down there). I have learned to pick points after asking myself: Where would they push it to if the commercials and money manager boys wanted to screw everybody? The $16.85 mark was hit a few days ago and breached today with a $16.64 low set early in the morning. In the time it took to write this article, as of 8:45 AM AZ TIME it is at $16.90

Per Silver, I stand with the $16.85 mark being a good price for buyers who have bought looking to hold and “if” $15.55 was hit with the commercials and fund mangers putting the squeeze on, that price I refer to as the “Mortgage the farm price” as a buy.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1 – Prior CTA 1978 to 1992
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85937

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Debt, Vaccines and Food as a Weapon: When International Aid is Used for Population Control

Published on Aug 25, 2014
(Truthstream Conditionalities are attached to loans from the IMF, World Bank and other aid programs… here’s a look at how these loans have been used to pursue items from a dangerous agenda to takeover regions around the world for the benefits of the ruling global corporations.

Please watch Aaron Dykes extraordinary exposure of the above topic. View HERE.

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Press Conference: The Constitutions Get a “Watchful Eye” in Maine

MEDIA ADVISORY: August 11, 2014
CONTACT: Wayne Leach,; (207) 872-8998

WHERE: The State Capitol, Hall of Flags
WHEN: Thursday, August 14, 2014; 9:30 – 11 AM

Wayne Leach, Phillip Merletti, and Jack McCarthy, members of the Constitution Coalition of Maine, announce the formation of We The People of Maine, Inc., a permanent non-political, non-profit organization, formed of, by and for the People of Maine, whose sole purpose will be to scrutinize government behavior at every level, and hold elected officials accountable to the Rule of Law, from the State and Federal Constitutions and statutes down to local Charters and Codes.

The Constitution Coalition has determined that the overwhelming majority of our elected and appointed officers are unaware of the principles, prohibitions, restrictions and mandates of our Constitutions; the Rule of Law is being replaced by the Rule of Whim and Man; our Constitutions are hanging by a thread; and, the People are the only sure reliance for the preservation of their liberty.

Citizens of Maine join the citizens of Connecticut and New York who have established We The People of Connecticut, Inc. and We The People of New York, Inc. People everywhere are realizing that, by the authority of our Constitutions, the People structure and regulate their government, and that the task of defending the Constitutions is the People’s alone.

The We the People of Maine corporation is established to assist the Free People of this State to institute a culture and environment where all elected officials will be expected to exercise and embrace a sufficient reverence and enduring respect for the People and their Charters of Freedom, with the knowledge that a critical mass of People – well educated about their Rights and the means to secure them – are watching what they are doing in their official capacities, and are able to hold them peacefully, but directly accountable, without undue reliance on the electoral process, and regardless of their political party.

Press kits will be available.

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Communism 101 Out Of Mouth Of Senator Conrad Appel?

The People, LLC – Did LA State Senator Conrad Appel Really Just Say That?!?  View HERE.

“The good of the few must always be subject to the good of the whole? Senator Appel, the US is a Constitutional Republic. The rights of the individual cannot be violated regardless of what you believe is best for the whole. Majority does not rule here, the constitution does.”

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ACTION ALERT: Eight-dvd/cd Set “Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education” is FREE at You Tube and 3D websites

THE 8 DVD/1CD disc set is FREE to view. No one has an excuse anymore not to know what has happened over past 200 years, and how that relates to what is happening now.

You cannot fight a war without identifying the enemy. You cannot win a war without ammunition.

This Disc set identifies the enemy and gives you the ammunition to win the war. Disc Set includes a Tool Kit on how to turn things around. Tool Kit also calls for stopping Constitutional Convention.

Information included on videotaped presentations and in Written Submissions could be used as a legal brief which would stand up in court. No “fair” judge could say other than U.S. Government and our elected officials are “Guilty of Treason” (old dictionary definition of “treason”). Corporations in collusion with government “Guilty of Treason”.

All eight videotaped presentations and written submissions are FREE to view, click here or on Charlotte Iserbyt’s website HERE.


View Luke Rudkowski/Charlotte Iserbyt 8-minute You Tube interview HERE.

The carefully researched truth/evidence of how our children have been deliberately dumbed down, had their values destroyed, and how “they” are taking our constitutional, representative government “down” (through, amongst other things, tax-funded school choice/charters with unelected boards…taxation without representation) in order to merge the United States into one collectivized totalitarian world system (communist regional government) is finally available for everyone in the world FREE. (Same thing is happening worldwide. Charter schools for Soviet-style OBE, computerized Skinnerian work force training, brainwashing, and assessment are in Russia and elsewhere.) That is why title of disc set has word GLOBAL in it.

Eighteen hours of videotaped presentations by 15 of the nation’s finest education researchers, including teachers, some in the trenches for over 50 years, is at your finger tips.

All the conference videos are at Charlotte Iserbyt You Tube Channel, HERE, along with dynamite 3- minute trailer featuring Charlotte, Kelleigh Nelson, Anita Hoge, Sam Blumenfeld, Jane Aitken (teacher), and Rosa Koire (expert on UN Agenda 21).


Please focus on taking care of forwarding this alert, while there is still time.

WE STILL HAVE THE INTERNET to counteract the lies and disinformation put out by the internationalist corporate controlled media.

(Recent info re possibility of control of Internet being moved out of USA is very disturbing)

The video disc set and written submissions cd contain documented research information which the controlled media and those on the left and right, Democrats and Republicans, have kept under wraps for over 200 years.

Thank you and God Bless America!

Anyone wishing to purchase the video (hard copy) disc set, there are a limited number of disc sets available for sale at for $39.95 plus shipping.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

To order the updated abridged 2011 version of “the deliberate dumbing down of america”, it is available from 3D Research at

In the “search” engine, type in ” Charlotte Iserbyt” and get all of Charlotte’s postings.

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