Joshua Gray, PI – Police In Maine Accused Of Abusing A Child

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Joshua Gray, PI – You Tube

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A little background on the City of Biddeford and its elected officials and city employees…..some mentioned in this video, ie. Councilor Bob Mills, Mayor Alan Casavant.

Mainstream media comments by elected officials portray themselves  to be caring, honest, trustworthy public officials. Many people have awakened to the “fake news media.” People in Biddeford, County of York, and the state of Maine must also awaken to the lies, deception and corruption of government officials.

Is Biddeford City Councilor, Bob Mills, Controlling Local Government Rule Over HUD Grants?

City of Biddeford Neighbors React To Heroin Arrest Near School

Mills talks a good piece, but you can’t change the stripes on a tiger.

Why Is It When Things Get “Hot” In Biddeford….City Managers Get “Cold” Feet?

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Joshua Gray, PI – Lets Talk about Fusion Centers

A very interesting and informative discussion. View HERE.

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Joshua Gray, PI – Maine Police Commissioner – Accused of – Attempted Murder – Evidence is Compelling


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Joshua Gray, PI: 230lb – Deputy Clifford Scott, leaves 5ft – 90lb woman badly injured

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Listen to Talkshoe radio interview HERE.


A look at Corruption in Maine – Joshua Gray, PI

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A look at Corruption in Maine – Joshua Gray, PI

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Tom was still interviewing victims of Maine’s corruption to add to his full documentary.

Tom moved out of Maine, but continued with his investigations working with PI Philip Castora and Dorothy Lafortune.

Tom became ill and passed away before completing his full documentary. He was working on many more cases.

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Retaliation and Police Brutality in Maine is alive and well.

A full and fair investigation into official corruption in Maine is warranted!

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