BREAKING: Wikileaks Just Blew the Lid Off Robert Mueller And Unbelievable Felony He Committed.

View video HERE.

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View the FISA Court’s Memorandum Opinion and Order supporting the SECRET FISA MEMO, click here.


“Update: Despite media claims to the contrary, our congressional sources confirmed that the below memo documenting NSA spying on US citizens serves as a primary source of information for the Nunes summary memo:

William Binney, former tech head of the NSA contacted us this morning to send us the link to the reportedly classified memo that lawmakers said was a blueprint of how the Obama administration and the Deep State spied on President Trump.

This memo, hiding in plain site, serves as the basis for the four-page memo of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) which reveals perjury by the Obama administration when connected to other research.” Read more HERE.

Secret FISA Memo’s Release Documents Criminal Clinton ‘Secret Society’ Inside The FBI
Former Technical Head of the NSA, William Binney, joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down the secret FISA Memo he was able to provide to Infowars to be released for the first time. View HERE.

Former Head Of NSA: People Need To Go To Jail For The Crimes Documented In The Secret FISA Memo
William Binney joins Alex Jones live via Skype to give his take on why the FISA memo has been released, and he believes it is an indication that Trump is cleaning up our intelligence agencies. View HERE.

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What Role Does Inspector General Michael Horowitz Have In The Unfolding FISAGate Drama?

Source: American Intelligence Media

FISAGATE and Role of Michael Horowitz, listen HERE.


DOJ’s Office Of Inspector General Michael Horowitz Exposed

DOJ-FBI…Behind The Curtain

Hypocrisy in DC?

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Cleansing Needed In FBI And Department Of Justice

Judge Jeanine – Opening Statement

View HERE.

Drain the swamp!

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LIVE STREAM: FBI Director Christopher Wray Testifies At House Oversight Hearing 12/7/17

View HERE.

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‘Robert Mueller is a crook’… Judge Jeanine Pirro THRASHES Mueller



Will A.G. Jeff Sessions Be Next In The Hot Seat?

Hypocrisy in DC?

N.J. Governor Christie Thinks There’s More To Bridgegate

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President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey

Daily Caller reports “President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey Tuesday after a recommendation from Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau,” Trump said in a letter to Comey that was dated Tuesday. “It is essential that we find new leadership for the F.B.I. that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission.”

“You are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately.”’ Read more HERE.

Statement from the Press Secretary and President Trump’s letter to Comey, click here.

ABC News reports “FBI Director James Comey has been fired”, read more HERE.

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Trey Gowdy – Did You Brief President Obama || Brutal to Comey About His Illegal Action

View video HERE.

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The Big Event! FBI Subversion, Conspiracy, and Corruption!

Published on Mar 14, 2017

“Here it is! This has got to be it!!! You can bet this was leaked not only by FBI insiders and NYPD, but CIA patriots, as well.

FBI Waging War On Trump
The Secret Police Agency involved in subversion, espionage, conspiracy, and treason!”

View video HERE.


An investigation into the Office of the FBI has been warranted for decades, since the tenure of Director Louis Freeh. Complaints of criminal activity, with demand for investigations, sent to the following FBI Directors and Agents were “brushed under the rug”:

July 13, 2000 – FBI Agent William P. Chase, Boston, MA

March 13, 2005 – Robert Mueller III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

August 11, 2005 – Daniel D. O’Brien, Unit Chief, Federal Bureau of Investigation

January 12, 2006 – F.B.I., Augusta, ME

August 30, 2007 – Weysan Dun, FBI Director – Newark Division

February 5, 2008 – Robert Mueller III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Michael Mukasey, USAG

Whomever is conducting this FBI investigation is welcome to this additional evidence and players.



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Former US Atty Joe DiGenova Declares Jim Comey Is A ‘Dirty Cop’

From Laura Ingraham radio show, Oct 13, 2016, former US Atty for District of Columbia Joe DiGenova explains the outrageous behavior of FBI Director James Comey with the simple declaration: “Comey is a dirty cop”, and in this interview makes his case to support that.

View interview HERE.

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