Alex Jones “I’m Ready to Die” – Exclusive Interview After Being Banned

Alex Jones opens up to Patrick Bet-David amidst all the large social media platforms banning him and his conspiracy theories.

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Source: Valuetainment

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CIA/Dems Move Forward With Plan to Steal Election From Trump

Published on Dec 12, 2016

The Democrats in Collusion with rogue elements of the CIA have announced their plans to steal the election from Trump by convincing Electoral College Electors that the Election was tainted by the Russians.

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Source: The Alex Jones Channel

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EXCLUSIVE: FBI Mutiny Reopened Clinton Investigation

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BREAKING: Feds Leak Details of New Clinton Investigation / Weinergate
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Source: The Alex Jones Channel

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Roger Stone: Will They Cancel the Election?

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Source: The Alex Jones Channel

Published on Mar 28, 2016
On today’s worldwide broadcast we talk with political insider and Trump adviser Roger Stone.

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Emergency Alert: Civil War in America

Alex Jones breaks down how terrorist anarchist groups are being activated by Soros run foundations to start a race war.

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Clinton Insider Rushed To Hospital….Warns Of Growing Tyranny

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Source: – MARCH 11, 2016

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TPP will plunge America’s economy to the same level as Mexico’s.

The end result of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) passed by a traitorous Congress will be to reduce America to a third world wasteland on par with Mexico where the median household income is $4,500.

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Alex Jones: Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating

“Alex makes an urgent message concerning the severity of the current global climate. Insider information pointed directly towards global financial meltdown and global war.”

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Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed

Source: The Alex Jones Channel

Alex Jones covers the entire history of the Govt plan to use the Armed Forces to infiltrate and disarm Americans. From A to Z the entire plan is laid out, from the FEMA camps, to gun confiscation drills and the rise of the police state. Don’t be a pathetic sheep make this video go viral and read the links below. Mainstream media, your days of lying to American people are numbered.

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Dallas Sheriff’s Deputies Assault Free Speech Activists, Punch Alex Jones

“Cops incite violence during peaceful demonstration.

Dallas Sheriff’s deputies violently assaulted free speech activists during the JFK 50th anniversary event, punching peaceful protesters including radio host Alex Jones in shocking scenes caught on live streaming video.”

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Source: Paul Joseph Watson
November 22, 2013

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