CIA/Dems Move Forward With Plan to Steal Election From Trump

Published on Dec 12, 2016

The Democrats in Collusion with rogue elements of the CIA have announced their plans to steal the election from Trump by convincing Electoral College Electors that the Election was tainted by the Russians.

View video HERE.

Source: The Alex Jones Channel

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  1. AND—All the crown banksters and all their nobel men could not put humpty CIA dumpty back together again! HA HA

  2. ” So did he (Alex Jones) do his 2-minute re-cap + 3-minute “What Trump Must Do”” = 5-minute video after this? as he planned. I like it at about 22-minutes into this 33-minute video (he re-appears at 26-min.) that of what Alex said afterwards of to have boiled it down of Mr. white T-shirt man, Alex’ 42-year old assistant said that the Dems want to investigate the Russian hacking into exposing the Dem’s harmful e-mails, and then Alex said that Obama did order such a Report, not by the Dec. 28th to Congress of the Elector votes, to open on Jan. 6th but for on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20th. Plus who ase these wavering Republicans sent this Dem letter of to not vote for Trump? to TRY to get him down to 270 or less of then a vote in the Congress (R House & R Senate). but Rino’s there like what “they” did to get Jasper in as N.H. House Speaker again here in New Hampshire. “

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