Falmouth Today Adds New Section To Newspaper – Lawyers And Judges

“You can tell who the criminals are in a courtroom, they’re the ones in suits and robes.”  Anon.

Falmouth Today reports “We’re going to start this new section off with what we will call the ironic item of the week.  We have a fax from Ralph Dyer Esq. a recently retired/disciplined lawyer form Falmouth.  This describes a five-point plan from Peter (DeTroy) of Norman, Hanson, and DeTroy.  Letter “c” tells the recipient to tell the clients “the investment is working.”  This was sent three months after both Dyer and DeTroy claimed to have verbally said the opposite.”

“A screening panel has been formed to assess candidates to fill an upcoming vacancy when Judge George Singal assumes senior status on July 31. The irony is, guess who chairs a committee to select the next Federal District Court Judge for Maine?  That would be Peter DeTroy.  With DeTroy counseling his client to tell investors that the Ponzi scheme is working, what could possibly go wrong with him picking a judge, who will in turn owe DeTroy his very job and pension?  The only thing to figure out now is who will DeTroy’s client be, that DeTroy will use that judge relationship, to put in jail, it might be you?”

“WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU CRASH AT SUGARLOAF? When Steven fell at Sugarloaf years ago his injuries were serious and life changing.  After he got out of the hospital and into his wheelchair he found the divorce papers waiting to be served on him.  Then the real horror show started.”

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If you haven’t yet….. start connecting the dots!

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