Bring back the Sheriffs and his Deputies

Courtesy of Lise McLain

We need to bring back the power of the Sheriffs and his deputies in the different counties. They are “peace” officers and constitutional officers. They are the “highest” officers in their particular counties.

In Maine they were once commissioned (a commission is under “seal” of the state – see Art 9, Sec. 3 of the Constitution of the State of Maine – must be a very, very important document) which has two purposes:

To remember it easily, think of the word “to.”

T: Title

O: Office, a public office to operate from.

The sheriff was required to post a bond that he purchased and provide 2 to 3 sureties according to law. If he violated the people’s rights, his bond and sureties can be sued out. He could also lose his house which creates a large incentive not to violate the people’s rights plus he can be impeached.

What bonding company would bond a sheriff whose bond can be sued out “often?”

Impeachment probably took place before that.

The Founding Fathers did not and never envisioned to coerce a police force upon the people who hold all the power (see Art. 1, Sec. 2 of the Constitution of the State of Maine – property rights in Art. 1, Sec. 1).

The police, in turn, are not commissioned, do not operate from a public office, cannot be impeached, are not bonded, and do not provide any sureties. Their job is not to protect the people; they began as a protection to the Governor. “To serve and protect” mentioned on some police vehicles does NOT mean to protect the people. They protect themselves, and many of them write out false reports.

The supreme court didn’t help matters any whereby the police are protected and were unjustly given (court has NO power to give away anything) expanded powers.  All unlawful. Judges at the appellate level only voice opinions which do not have the force and effect of law.

Try and convict a policeman. Hard to do. They are protected by some statutes; all unlawful, too. They behave like they “hold” all the power but they don’t under the constitution. Many police are abusive and use excessive force. Some have killed dogs for no reason. They know this greatly upsets the owner of the dog.

They are ONLY statutory officials. All statutes must follow the said constitution. They need to go back and do what they were “originally” assigned to do.

Bring back the powers of the Sheriffs and his deputies. Their role is a peace officer in their respective counties and must protect the people, otherwise, they can be impeached and their bonds and sureties can be sued out. They can lose their house which provides a huge incentive to not violate the people’s rights.

Interesting that NO ONE is talking about this.

Furthermore, riots are illegal. No one has the right to destroy other people’s property.

In Article 1, Section 15 of the Constitution of the State of Maine it states:

“The people have a right at all times in an orderly and peaceable manner to assemble to consult upon the common good, to give instructions to their representatives, and to request, of either department of the government by petition or remonstrance, redress of their wrongs and grievances.”

Section 15 is very, very clear.

Riots are not peaceful and are crimes against the people.


Lise DuPont, Researcher and Author of “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?”

This is a great reference, research, informative and educational tool for everyone! A must read for ALL legislators.

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