The Peter Detroy, Esq. No One Knew

Falmouth Today News reports “THE DARK SIDE OF PETER DETROY, ESQ.
June 8, 2016

(Editor’s Note: This article was started on May 17th (note the date in the upper right corner of the Google search page) prior to DeTroy’s death. We wished he was alive today to have him deny this and get the Cosby treatment where the women come pouring out of the woodwork.)

By Editor:

“Peter DeTroy was a wonderful leader and role model…” Chief Justice Leigh Saufley

“One of the top five lawyers in the state.” Gov. John Baldacci

“He was a great lawyer and a great person.” Jonathan Brogan, Esq.

A former sexual assault counselor reported that she and other women were propositioned while in DeTroy’s office seeking legal advice. Many of them acquiesced out of fear and the desperation of needing DeTroy’s help. These desperate women submitted to his advances in his office over and over again in direct exchange for legal services from DeTroy. None of them dared to complain to anyone who might have had the authority to stop DeTroy. Why? This gives an entirely new meaning to the term PRO BONER.

Norman, Hanson, & DeTroy, also known as the Three Thieves of Congress Street, (before their move to Canal Plaza) due to their ability to run the legal meter (billable hours) on their insurance company clients until it was time to settle the case before a trial. One former associate said they could only put up with it for a few years before they had to escape that kind of misconduct.

DeTroy was the lead lawyer for the State on the Tobacco Case, the lead lawyer for the State on the Car Test Case, and who knows how many other times DeTroy was hired by the Attorney General. Who do you report misconduct by DeTroy to when his client is the AG for the State of Maine?

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NYC attorney: “We run the country”

Source: CBS News 60 Minutes

View HERE.

(“This is an undercover expose showing how lawyers, particularly James Silkenat, the president of the Bar Association, launder money for global international shell companies through the United States, run the world, never going to jail because they write the laws especially to benefit the attorneys. This is exceptional exposure.”)

See what happens when hidden cameras capture New York lawyers being asked to move highly questionable funds into the U.S. Steve Kroft reports. Click here.

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All BAR Members Are Foreign Agents Of The Vatican

View HERE.

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Revealing The Most Repugnant Fraud Ever Perpetrated On The People Of The United States Of America


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Rod Class – Private Call – 11.26.13 – By What Authority Does A Lawyer Act ? (Part 2)

Rod gives you cites you need to know…

Click here.

To listen to Rod Class – Private Call – 11.14.13 – By What Authority Does A Lawyer Act? Click here.


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Click here.

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The American Lawyer By JOHN R. DOS PASSOS (1907)

Click here.

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Could Your Attorney Be One Of This Ring?

Fox 4 news reports “Local attorney charged in world wide pedophile ring.”

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – “Investigators from several places around the world say former Cape Coral attorney Rex Powell was the leader of a ring which had a chat room called which had 70,000 members until it was shut down. The investigation started five years ago but until they arrested all 184 men the court documents were sealed, until Friday.

According to documents obtained by FOX4 from Federal Court in Indianapolis investigators, “recovered videos and stills depicting a boy who was between 22 months old and 5 years old engaged in sex acts with John Rex Powell.”

Read more and view video HERE.

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Convicted Officer Of The Court, Alan W. Courtney, Begs For Probation

Officer of the Court, Alan W. Courtney begs for probation and gets sentenced to 5 years, 4 months prison.

View Video (9:56), click here.

Source: William Wagener – On Second Thought.

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Drunk Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Causes Mistrial

A Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney causes a mistrial after showing up to court drunk. In the first segment, the attorney brings a woman to court he met 20 minutes prior to appearing, for “emotional support” during argument. The trial judge ordered a blood-alcohol test for the defense attorney, who was slurring his words, then declared a mistrial after declaring him “too tipsy” to argue a kidnapping case.

View full video (34:03), click here.

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