The Common Law Grand Jury by Rodger Dowdell

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100 Years of Law and Justice, Maine State Bar Association, click here.

Page 33 – “Justice Francis W. Sullivan, at the summer meeting at the Samoset, Wednesday morning, August 29, 1956 was asked to speak on Pleading and Practice. There was indeed a lively interest in changing the common law pleadings and procedure. The younger members of the Bar had had virtually no training in common law procedure. Most law schools did not offer a course in it.”

Justice Sullivan states “The Institute of Judicial Administration had found seven common law states – Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.”

Common Law is the Law of the People…, click here.

“Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?” by Author/Researcher Lise Dupont. Talkshoe Live with Guest Lise DuPont:

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08/06/2014 08:10 PM EDT – EPISODE 28

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The Constitution Coalition for Maine,  click here.

Trial by Jury: Common Law, click here.

Is The 1893 Act In Relation To Suits At Law And In Equity Lawful?, click here.

1891 Act Incorporating Maine State Bar Association, click here.

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WOCA Radio Interview with Hagan Smith on the Common Law Grand Jury

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Hagan Smith Interview, click here.

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P. 33 – The Maine Bar admits “the younger members of the Bar had virtually no training in common law procedure.”
Maine is listed as a common law state.

P. 37 – The Maine Bar admits “a radical change taken place with respect to a fundamental body of learning, the old learning in common law pleading cast away and an entirely new system replacing it.”

P. 36- Maine Rules of Civil Procedure replaced common law pleadings.

This state cannot “cast away” the law due to the ignorance, uneducated attorneys.

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