Finally Fair Reporting! Phil Merletti And Wayne Leach Explain Their Concerns

Credit given to The Sun Journal and Staff Writer, Mark Laflamme, for reporting “the other side of the story”, HERE.

Listen to Phil and Wayne explain their concerns:

Why they feel sorry for LePage.

A warning about martial law.

Why it’s dangerous to be called a sovereign 

They don’t have the consent of the people

If it is repugnant to the constitution..

Where the authority comes from

Who calls it repugnant?

How to reverse repugnant laws.

Was LePage threatened?

The Legislative Council is the problem.

The BDN did report “LePage’s office put out a statement defending the Constitutional Coalition from any association with terrorism. Merletti also told the BDN that the Constitutional Coalition had given up speaking with LePage because he had become too dependent on the views of his lawyers.”

Has Phil “hit the nail on the head”?

Commentary courtesy of Leon Bard:

Time for the People to Become Educated

“I’m always amused by the comments posted in response to news stories. Some people are informed, some are uninformed and some are just plain misinformed. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I prefer to be informed. Becoming a victim of “the system” is probably one of the most effective ways to getting an education in reality. I have gotten an eye opening education through my own life experiences. Things are not what they seem. If you are uninformed or misinformed, you are part of the problem. If you are informed, then you need to stand up and speak up. Wayne and Phil are speaking up for the benefit of all, well maybe not for all. Those that are running the system obviously don’t like being exposed. Too bad! Games over! Governor LePage may not be the perfect governor, but at least he follows through with his word. (From personal experience) With very few exceptions, that’s more than I can say for all other politicians. Last time I checked, there were no perfect candidates running for governor. As far as politicians that have committed treason……………probably not enough characters left in this chat box to list them all. Going to court is like visiting your local casino, follow the money. Do not go into court expecting justice. Contrary to most of the headlines this past week, members of the Constitutional Coalition are not domestic terrorists, if you don’t understand or disagree with something that they said, contact them to discuss it. Remember: if your head is in the sand, then a very vulnerable part of your body is highly visible. Keep up the good work Wayne & Phil. Kudos to Mark LaFlamme for writing a fair story!”

Are the comments from uninformed/uneducated people encouraging elected officials to maintain their “controlled” thinking?

Phil and Wayne’s concerns beg many questions.

Does this prove that the people are on the right track and close to exposing what those in authority don’t want exposed?

Does this have the appearance of bullying, hate crimes…and if there are other participants, may involve another crime?

What evidence does Mr. Alan Caron have that would justify calling these so-called sovereign citizens “crazies?” Is Mr. Caron participating in “hate crimes” in this case? What constitutes “crazies”? And he’s a “consultant”?

When the spotlight is on “official corruption”, evidence proves that anything will be done, or allowed to be done, to whomever they want to silence. Officials will play along with anyone in order to achieve their intended goal, despite consequences to the Maine’s taxpayers. Afterall, you’ll never know about it….except through alternative media!

Those who sought accountability of injustices, violations of the law from those in authority behind the “veil”, and when rebuffed spoke out,  have been subjected to demonization in the mainstream media, physically harmed (view the last case on this video) or drugged. In furtherance of the silence of people who are not part of the “good ole boy” network and who run for office will lose through “ballot tampering.” Other tactics used are suppression of freedom of speech and theft of property.



FOIA-Judge David Kennedy, click here.

FOIA – Judge John David Kennedy reply, HERE.

FOIA – Judge John David Kennedy, Glessner reply, HERE. Mr. Glessner is NOT the Attorney General. Furthermore, no response from the Attorney General.

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Heads in the sand is great “miracle grow” for corruption to flourish!

Heed Phil and Wayne’s “spotlight”.

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