Maine Ballot Question 1 – Maine State Representative Martin Grohman Discussion With Supporter Andrew Ketterer And Opponent Roy Lenardson

Question 1
Do you want to allow a certain company to operate table games and/or slot machines in York County, subject to state and local approval, with part of the profits going to the specific programs described in the initiative?

Watch this episode of Legislative Lowdown 2017 Maine Ballot Question 1, click here.

Related:   BDN reported “How a former Ethics Commission member ended up on the York County casino campaign’s payroll?”

“This summer, the campaign to approve a casino in York County hired former Maine Attorney General Andrew Ketterer to represent its interests in an investigation by the Maine Ethics Commission.

Ketterer’s role in the campaign is now shifting: Not only is he defending one of the campaign’s chief financial backers in the ethics probe, but he’s also been enlisted to tout the casino’s purported economic benefits.

Ketterer served as Maine’s attorney general for five years in the late ’90s. After that he went back to running his own law practice in Norridgewock. He’s now working for Progress for Maine or, more specifically, Shawn Scott.

Ketterer’s advocacy for the casino could give the campaign a much-needed boost of legitimacy. After he left the attorney general’s office in 2000, he served on the Maine Ethics Commission, the very same agency that’s investigating the casino campaign and its complex network of domestic and offshore funding sources.

Part of the ethics commission’s job is to ensure the public knows who is funding campaigns — and Ketterer once led the transparency effort. He assessed fines for late fillings or nondisclosure, including against previous casino campaigns.

Now he’s working for a casino campaign accused of hiding its funding sources for over a year.”

Read more HERE.

PPH reports “Ethics investigation records shed light on murky finances of York County casino campaign.” Read more HERE.

Anything that former A.G. Andrew Ketterer is involved with… the other way!

Why did Ketterer leave the Maine Ethics Commission? Could it have something to do with a video tape of a commission hearing and Ketterer is a must see? A former State Representative may have the answer to this question…..

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Judge Donald Marden’s Cabbage Is Shredded


“You might think the following is an aberration in Maine Courts, sadly it happens on a fairly regular basis.

On Wednesday we were in Farmington Superior Court watching
Judge Donald Marden perform, er preside over a case that’s been in the courts since 1994.

First we were denied the right as a reporter to video or audio record the hearing, you can see why as you read further. At 09:30 J. Marden told the Defendant in Farry v. Lavigne CV-94-61, “I don’t chew my cabbage twice.” Then Marden proceeded to repeat his previous statement. Who wouldn’t want to see that on At 09:35 Marden told the Defendant, “If you’ll be quiet for a moment I’ll tell you what it is.” This seems to be the polite way of saying, just shut up. Not too condescending if Judge Marden was talking to a second grader. The best quote at 11:12 was the Defendant requesting for the SECOND TIME to invoke her rights under Rule 76H to have her own recording of the Hearing made. Marden said, “You have a right to a recording and that’s it.” As Marden indicated by pointing to the official transcription made by the court reporter sitting in front of the witness stand.

In Rule 76H there’s no place that allows any judge to override the rule at their own whim. It states, the Rule, SHALL NOT BE DEFEATED. I guess when this Rule was dreamed up, the authors hadn’t heard about Judge Donald Marden’s veto power over it.”

Click here to view the PDF

As the swill turns, connect the dots.  If you have not viewed Tom Dunn’s Most Powerful, Revealing Video, please do so. You will learn of the official corruption that Mainers are facing today. The pattern has not changed….only positions of players have changed.

Tom’ s video is a draft of what was to be a full documentary. He was called into the Attorney General’s Office to conduct an investigation for them.  He apparently came up with more evidence than the A.G.’s Office wanted. Arthur Brennan (who was elevated to judgeship) brushed Tom’s evidence under the rug and Tom was off the case!

Tom’s affidavit.

Case 7 on the video…criminal cover up by DA Donald Marden….Judge Donald Marden?

Case 6 Re Louis Vafiates…husband to Vendean Vafiates, Chief Deputy Attorney General. View letter from David Lauren, Esq. Special Asst. to  A.G. Andrew Ketterer. Click here.

David Lauren, Esq./Paula Baker , click here.

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Judge Robert Crowley stepping down at the top of his game, click here.

Governor Paul LePage is not an attorney and doesn’t have to fear the “taking” of his BAR club membership.

Is it still “people before politics”?

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