What is ‘Calexit’?

Update 1-30-17

The Common Sense Show 1/29/16 (Hour 3), click HERE.


Californians are calling for a ‘Calexit’ from the US — here’s how a secession could work.

A fringe political group in California wants to opt out of a Donald Trump presidency by leaving the union.

The Yes California Independence Campaign aims to hold a referendum in 2018 that, if passed, would bring California one step closer to becoming an independent country.

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Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show reports “Huge Development! Comey, Lynch, Holder and Obama Are Joining CALEXIT.” Eric Holder has already joined the CALEXIT team which has plans to withdraw from the Union by any means possible. Now, we know that rest of Obama’s administration is headed west as well. Good thing, because California may not have an extradition agreement when all is said an d done.

Here is the story. Listen HERE.

Come to your own conclusions.

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