N.H. Center for Redress of Grievances, LLC – Private Sector Doing What The Public Sector Doesn’t Want To Do

“Since we all saw the discontinuation of the NH Redress of Grievances committee at the State House I felt that it was time for the Private Sector to do what the Public Sector doesn’t want to do. For this reason I have created the Center for Redress of Grievances LLC here in NH with Article 31 and 32 of the NH constitution and the first Amendment being the founding principles of our Mission Statement. The purpose is to help citizens to coordinate with the legislature in drafting new laws and for petitioning for removal of harmful Government Intrusions and abuses which violate liberty and the Constitution. To bring to light the abuses of Government , be it judicial, legislative, or executive. To help with resources and vet each case before it reaches the legislative Redress caucus with recommendation. We will also be investigating the potential for lawsuit at the State and Federal level if need be. ”

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