MCRB (Maine Citizen Review Board)….Maine’s Watch Dog


The Citizens Review Board “is dedicated to having fair and open lines of communication between the people of Maine and their state leaders, and to report to the people of Maine of our state government’s activities honestly without bias, prejudice or malice. We hope that many more people and legislators will join MCRB and help make our state government truly be “of the people, by the people and for the people “of Maine.”

This fantastic website will shine the light on our state government and its leaders. You will be able to track bills, know how your legislator voted on a particular bill of interest to you and so much more!

MCRB Membership – There are two different membership levels in MCRB.

1. People who wish to help MCRB by volunteering to report on:

House activities
Senate activities

2. Legislators who want to be honest, visible and have open dialogue with the people of Maine and work with MCRB to make sure a fair representation of their activities and record is given and know of their constituents’ concerns.
MCRB is THE site to follow and be in the know as to what is happening on our capitol hill.

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