NEW!!! Q-CAST: Hidden entrance to the Empire Beneath the Ice in Antarctica DISCOVERED!

“Steve discusses the hidden entrance to the empire beneath the Ice in Antarctica discovered, the antarctica nazis and their ufos, and mentions the upcoming GenSix Productions conference taking place in Branson, Missouri.”

View video HERE.

Also view “10 SAFEST SPOTS DURING WORLD WAR 3”, click here.

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Dr Phil Show March 21 2017 Live | Private Planes, Black Tie Parties, Elite Sporting Events: The Shocking Story of One Woman’s Life in Sex Trafficking

“Kendall claims she was sold by her parents at birth to a powerful international sex trafficker. She says when she wasn’t locked in a cage with other kidnapped children, she was flown all over the world on private planes, being sold to wealthy and powerful men.

Kendall says as she grew older, she would often escort these rich and prominent clients to black tie affairs and high profile sporting events. From doctors and politicians to even law enforcement, Kendall says she was taught how to act and dress in order to never raise suspicion. For the first time since she says she left her life of sex trafficking three years ago, Kendall tells her story and explains why she is still petrified that the boss of this operation, whom she calls “the man who owns her,” will find her and bring her back.”

View video HERE.


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Facebook Secrets: Want to See Who Is Monitoring Your Page?

“BOOM! Now all the ones that thought they could stalk quietly, are getting Exposed! Make sure to follow the step by step to see who is monitoring your Facebook Page. Note that some can’t be blocked. I would contact FB In response to that. The trolls are now exposed on Youtube as well. Stay tuned for a refined list of the ones that have been hiding like snakes in the grass! It’s On!”

View HERE.

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“US Peace Council Representatives CONFRONT a hostile American press after visiting Syria, and learning that the American people are being lied to, grossly lied to.”

View HERE.

Put on your seatbelt!

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Who Is George Soros?

View HERE.


WE FOUND IT! The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried To Bury! View HERE.

George Soros Warns Of Impending Economic Collapse And Riots On The Streets Of America, click here.


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Dearborn, Michigan 2016…What Happened To All The Americans?

Source: Dennis Michael Lynch

View video HERE. (5:53)

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The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

Published on Nov 1, 2016

Hillary and Bill Clinton are attempting a takeover of the United States and will stop at nothing. A coup d’état of this magnitude has never been affected in such a subtly calculated way.

View video HERE.

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“The film takes place in a dystopian future in which the US government mandates total egalitarianism in all things, by having everyone attach wearable mind “handicapping” devices to their heads and showing only mind numbing shows on TV. The story centers on a high school student named Harrison Bergeron whose extreme intelligence makes him something of a pariah. He is ultimately recruited by a secret organization whose purpose is to operate the functions of society that cannot be handled by the unintelligent.

While he thrives in this environment for a time and even falls in love with the girl who introduced him into the organization, he ultimately pays a personal price and comes to see the true social structure as unethical and immoral, and thus rebels – even if it means making a sacrifice.”

View HERE.

“Enjoy and understand what happened to American education.” (Charlotte Iserbyt)

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Take a spirit break…Just had to share!

How beautiful this is!!!  Have the sound on.

Click HERE.

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Full Movie: “Clinton Cash”

Clinton Cash, a film by M. A. Taylor

View HERE.

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