Rod Class – Corpus Delicti, Understanding Paperwork and Entry Of Appearance

Listen to Rod’s Tuesday 2.11.14 Private Call (1 hr 11 min), click here. “You may have to listen multiple times for understanding.”

“The cite for Constitutional Courts: Title 28, Ch. 5, Sec. 88 – Definition of the only two Article III Courts vs. (all the rest) ”Territorial” Administrative Courts!”

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Rod Class – 3 New Private Calls

Sunday, Dec 15, 2013
The LIES,The FRAUD, And The SCAM! Part 1
A Summary and a Thank You!  1 hr

Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013
The LIES,The FRAUD, And The SCAM! Part 2  42 min

Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013
A New Time Line Of The Government And Others Oppressing The People …Rod With Jeanette  1 hr 24 min

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Christopher Columbus True Intent, Not The Sunday School Version We Were Taught

“This Avalon Project document shows, without argument to the contrary, that Christopher Columbus was sent EVERYWHERE as the viceroy, meaning in the stead, by the catholic majesties to conquer and subdue the continents on which he landed.

When one reads the origin of the alleged rules, and players therein, it is clearly evident even to the deaf dumb and blind so called authorities to date as heirs and successors relative to “Privileges and Prerogatives Granted by the Catholic Majesties to Christopher Columbus in 1492.” Click here.

“Pay attention to the highlighted areas and read diligently to absorb the true intent of the catholic church, for whom ALL the attorneys work .

It is interesting, further, to note that when one presents themselves before the “pope” as the self declared delusional “vicar of Christ” tradition is that they must wear black.

Henceforth the satanic [alleged] wannabe judges dressed in black as vicars of the catholic church operating under the catholic cannons adopted in to the court centuries ago.

Now the “pope” declares disdain for “capitalism”?  Really? When all corporations operate through Delaware with the Corporation Trust Company as the registered agent and all corporations operate under the Vatican.

Now the “pope” wants to declare the world into socialism? Is this because the Vatican finally believes the worlds’ wealth is safely tucked away in its basement vault commonly known as “Banco Vaticano”?

JP Morgan, Federal Reserve, CRIS, CUSIP, Judiciary act in concert with many others, [the last quite difficult to pronounce after their five martini lunch after they collectively profit as set up through the Catholic majesties] as further explained in the attached file: “Jeanette Triplett and Rod Class CRIS Sept 23 2013″. Click here.

The only way to stop this judicial catholic roman empire global fraud is by massive exposure, which has also gone global.

Further, one could read ” Analysis of a Country Embezzled” by Jeanette Triplett, click here.

As an Investigative Research Specialist (IRS intentionally, which is more legitimate than any agency with the same initials), Historical documents being my specialty, the facts have come full circle, proving the world, in fact, IS round, and I didn’t even have to sail the ocean blue to prove my point!”

All God given inherent rights reserved in perpetuity

;jeanette -audrey;triplett]

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Rod Class – Private Call – 11.26.13 – By What Authority Does A Lawyer Act ? (Part 2)

Rod gives you cites you need to know…

Click here.

To listen to Rod Class – Private Call – 11.14.13 – By What Authority Does A Lawyer Act? Click here.


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Rod Class – Private Call – 11.14.13 – By What Authority Does A Lawyer Act ?

“What legislative act or law created and authorized lawyers to act as the only ones to exclusively represent John Q. Public in the government paradigm ? In other words, why does the government always seem to favor lawyers over US when we (or another) act(s) as our own counsel?

The solution may be in “objecting” – If you don’t object you won’t have a chance for the judge to possibly allow you to serve as your own counsel (or for someone else to) or for you to appeal! As always…You need to Object! Object! Object!

There is NO LAW that says that lawyers are the only ones that have the exclusive right or authority and are only ones that are allowed to be recognized by a judge in the courtroom!” 53 min

In case you missed it…
Here’s the link to the filing that Rod was going to try to file on Thurs, Nov 14 that couldn’t be filed and that was discussed on the Fri, Nov 15, 2013 Live Call…click here.

Friday,  Nov 15, 2013 Live Call, click here. (2 hrs 47 min)


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Rod Class – Court Update And Private Calls

“Rod went to his Tues, October 8th, Hearing in D.C. concerning his Gun Case. Nothing much happened. He now has another Status Conference Hearing in D.C. scheduled for Thurs, Nov. 14, 2013 at 9:30 AM in Courtroom 27A before Judge Robert L. Wilkins.

For an explanation of what happened leading up to Rod’s Fri, Sept 6 appearance Rod did a Private Call Sunday, Sept 8, 2013 to set the record straight on his Re-Arrest and Re-Charging on Thurs, Sept 5 the day before the Sept 6th appearance.

Yes, Rod was Re-Arrested and Re-Charged, AGAIN, in DC…this time under Title 40 (PUBLIC BUILDINGS, PROPERTY, AND WORKS) Subtitle II, Part B, Chapter 51, § 5104 even though the original charges and the first case was dismissed ! And, even though he DIDN’T have any of the “firearms” or “weapons” listed in § 5104 ON HIS PERSON at the time of his arrest on Thurs, Sept 5 !”

The U.S. Code

Sept 8, 2013 Private Recording << of Rod’s Explanation Of His Re-Arrest and Re-Charging In His Gun Case in D.C.  30 min.
Friday, 10.4.2013 – The Power of Congress …As opposed to the Presidency and the Judiciary  55 min
Sunday, 10.6.2103 – Food For Thought
The woman may be Karen Hudes. She actually used to work for The World Bank not the World Court ! Google her name.   40 min


Here’s the info on the court where Rod’s court hearings are being held:

District of Columbia (Federal) District Court
(Main Office)

E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse 
Street Address:
333 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington DC 20001

Internet Web Site
Direct PACER / ECF Link to track the case…there is a cost to subscribe !
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Rod Class DC Case – Update

Please share.


To listen to Rod’s update (30:08), click here.


District of Columbia (Federal) District Court
(Main Office)

Street Address:
E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse 
333 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Room 1225 
Washington DC 20001

Internet Web Site
PACER / ECF Link to track the case…there is a cost to subscribe ! 

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Rod Class – Summary And Review Of Recent Topic Discussions

Rod recorded a new Private Call on Tuesday, July 30. A breakdown,  summary, and review of some recent topic discussions…

The Reason Behind The Learning
Lawyers, Firearms, IRS, Vehicles v. Automobiles, etc.  1 hr 3 min

Other recent Private Calls…
Rod did a short Private Call on Sat, July 20th
Why Attorneys Can’t Bring Legal Issues Into Court  13 min

7.12.13 Constitutionally Protected Rights VS The Bill Of Rights 48 min
NOTE: For those unfamiliar with the words “infamous” and “infamy” –  they’re correctly pronounced “in-fa-mous” and “in-fa-mee”…

7.12.13 Infamous Crimes, Infamy and Being Civilly Dead In Court  26 min

Private Call, Sat, July 6, 2013Another recent call…7.6.13
H.R 822 Was Almost Passed Into Law, BUT Not Quite !  1 hr 17 min This Bill passed in the House, but never passed in the Senate !
H.R. 822 (2011): To Amend Title 18 regarding U.S. citizens carrying licensed firearms into another state.

The 2nd and 14th Amendments impact and Constitutional Rights.
Re: Title 18, chapter 44, Sec. 926 has (a), (b), (c)…they tried to add (d)
>> Also, info on Title 26 (Internal Revenue Code),
>> And, What Agency controls Capitol Hill…

ANOTHER COMPLICATED CALL ! NOT for brand new call listeners ! – And,
Remember ! You’ve got to be able to Walk and Talk this info BEFORE
you attempt to use it ! Listen to it more than once and take notes !  1 hr 17 min
The link to the DC Gun Case docs that Rod filed into the case is:

You’ll also see some docs that you might want to read and/or download.
The link to what’s there – Not much, yet:
Other links that were previously in the Big Lists still work !
The site just below, hopefully, will be a permanent site for Rod docs, etc., it is being built and is nowhere near completion…

The old, but still current, minus dot com link:
This is one of the other Master Links to SOME published Rod and related docs… NOT all, though…(only since Jan 2011 or so)…
And We apologize…Some docs easily download, some don’t ! 

The link for past Rod AIB Live Calls and other Private Recordings:
(scroll down and click)

ALSO, if you would like to be on the Big List and stay in the AIB/Rod Class loop – send an email to .  

This will “automatically” subscribe you !

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Rod Class Interview With Bill Windsor Of Lawless America…The Movie

Video, click here.

Rod Class is an activist with his own unique take on what’s happening in the legal system.

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Rod Class Declaratory Judgment Filing 11.26.12

This is Rod’s latest filing into the district court of the United States in DC asking for a Declaratory Judgment on issues that need to be addressed.


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