Rod Class DC Case “Sealed”…Very Revealing!


Rod is Out of the DC jail and back in North Carolina ! Here is Rod’s 1st Private Call regarding his arrest and release…and other info on his strategy, etc. And, think on this: If Rod’s filings that were denied and NOT published within the Docket…Why did they deny those filings ? Perhaps because Rod’s denied filings were damaging to their (the Prosecution and the judge) behavior (not following procedures, etc.) in Rod’s case ? It would seem that Rod’s case is a major CF for the government!

Private Call Tues, 11.25.14
Know Their Language, Know Their Rules, Know Their Job   23 min

NOTE: Rod says that Harvey will provide ALL the documents…
Unfortunately, this is NOT the case. There are so many filings by Rod in this case that it would take a staff of many people to do this. If you’ve been following this DC Gun Case from the beginning then you may have most of the filings that were available as there were links to the Dropbox repository in the previous Big Lists over the past 18 months. This is a volunteer organization and we can only do what we can with all of our limited time. Do Not email Harvey to request individual filings!
If you want/need them, then register at the Pacer link. Thank you!

Direct PACER/ECF Link to register and track the case
There is a cost to subscribe if you over access and download docs!
The search terms to put in the boxes is Class and Rodney.

Rod’s documents/filings that have been Published and Distributed are within the master Dropbox Folder. The Master Link to the Dropbox Files of Rod Class is:

Choose the DC Gun Case Folder then go from there.

Also, here is the Full DC Docket from Sep 3, 2013 to Nov 25, 2014 for you to see just how the has government acted:

SAVE ALL BIG LISTS  As there is limited space to put docs, etc., and some past info has to be edited out because of the limited space!

If you’re NOT on the BIG LIST subscribe by sending an email to:


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