“Tipping” The Scales

The mainstream media is at it again. Out to destroy, defame, demonize good people once more with the help of Mike Tipping, columnist and blogger for the Portland Press Herald and Bangor Daily News.

PPH reports “Mike Tipping’s book, which “will be published this month by Tilbury House, a small Maine publisher, is causing a stir in Maine political circles with its claims that Gov. Paul LePage held a series of meetings last year with individuals associated with a conspiracy group.”

It has the appearance of political maneuvering. It’s easy to get your side of the story out when you’re in bed with the media.

BDN reports “Senate President Justin Alfond called LePage’s ongoing meetings with members of the Constitutional Coalition, “disturbing and irresponsible. The FBI were notified by legislative staff members, a joint release issued by Alfond and Speaker Eves stated.” The article also notes “Tipping, works as communications director for the liberal Maine People’s Alliance.”

“Alexander Willette, a spokesman for LePage’s campaign, dismissed Tipping and his book, saying the campaign would not respond to the book’s claims. This book is just a ploy for attention from the author, who seems desperate to pull the wool over the people’s eyes and sell more of his books.”

Neither Mr. Tipping’s book, nor the media reports, deserve a response, although many questions arise. Is this group being used to target Governor LePage?

Just to note, Mike Tipping is Communications Director for The Maine Peoples’ Alliance. Allies/Partners include League of Women Voters of Maine and Maine Citizens for Clean Elections.

The scales are tipped when only one side of a story is reported.

Why would legislative staff members contact the FBI when Alfond, Eves and other legislators refused to meet with these constituents? How did the staff determine and justify calling these good people “extremists”, “terrorists” and all other names they could conjure up if they didn’t meet with them? Did the PPH or BDN interview the people they are reporting about and who met with Governor LePage?

Let’s balance the scale.

This is just another layer on the onion of official corruption as it goes on to new heights.

Why haven’t any Maine officials/law enforcement called upon the FBI to investigate the following issues, for starters:


As you view these documents, please be aware that under the Baldacci(D) administration, charges were trumped up against good, honest, decent people who volunteered on this campaign.

The following was sent to Andrew Boisse, Executive Director, Maine Citizens for Clean Elections and Barbara McDade, President, The League of Women Voters of Maine. No response has been received. Click here.



Repeated requests for a full investigation into Medicare/Medicaid payments, IGNORED. 

Re Medicaid: As The Swill Turns, click here.


Let’s shine some light on past history with DHS and Medicaid. The PPH (12/13/11) reported that the “Maine Medicaid deficit is mostly the result of a series of technical budgeting miscalculations. Click here.

Behind Maine’s Long-term Care Curtain. How much more bilking must taxpayers take? Click here.


Biddeford City Counselor Bob Mills and HUD Behind The Curtain, click here.
Official corruption behind closed doors, click here.

Notice and Demand to A.G. Janet Mills,which was brushed under the rug. Click here.  This is a matter of public trust and public interest, yet ignored.

The layer on the onion of official corruption has been ongoing for decades. Where were our elected representatives?

When Angus King was Governor of Maine, this video was hand-delivered to him, as well as Governor John Baldacci. This was/is a threat to the people of Maine. Why did they not speak out or take action? Take note of who remained in office. View more documents HERE.

The refusal/failure of elected officials to act upon these crimes and the refusal of the media to report on these frauds perpetrated against the people is an attack on all Mainers.


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Baldacci v. LePage Re Medicaid: As The Swill Turns

Former Governor John Baldacci “condemned the Maine Democrats’ Medicaid expansion mudslinging campaign during a Thursday morning segment of WGAN’s Ken and Mike Show.” Read more HERE.

Interview with talk show host Mike Violette and John Baldacci, listen HERE.

John Baldacci states “It’s up to the governor to step up and show some maturity.”  Where was his maturity and leadership when he was governor?

Both parties have talked “a good piece” to the people giving an impression they are really work hard for Mainers. When will either party now “walk the walk” and “fix” the real problem! Who else is unlawfully financially gaining from Medicaid? Who else will die at the hands of unresponsive legislators?

This is Maine’s Healthcare, HERE, HERE.


It’s time for an investigation into the state of Maine, click here.


Behind Maine’s Long-term Care Curtain – connect the dots, click here.

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Maine Hires Controversial Medicaid Reformist For $925,000

Is this another “it’s looks good on its face”….but on the other hand……

PPH reports “Maine has hired the controversial former welfare chief of Pennsylvania to conduct a $925,000 review of its Medicaid program and the potential effects of expanding it through the federal health care law.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday that it has contracted with The Alexander Group of Rhode Island to bolster ongoing “program integrity” efforts.”

The contract is worth $925,200, according to a copy of the document, and will employ the services of Gary D. Alexander, the former welfare chief in Pennsylvania who was criticized for policy initiatives that dramatically cut the state’s Medicaid rolls, eliminating health care coverage for 89,000 children.

DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew said in a media statement that Alexander’s firm brings much-needed expertise to evaluating social services that cost Maine $3.4 billion a year.

The emphasis on fraud has increased the number of prosecution referrals to the state Attorney General’s Office, from 10 cases in 2010 to 45 in 2012. The number of successful prosecutions has increased more gradually, from eight in 2010 to 15 in 2012. The amount of restitution that courts have ordered increased from $92,339 in 2010 to $104,341 in 2012.

The administration is also pursuing anti-fraud initiatives that it hasn’t publicly disclosed. Documents obtained by the Portland Press Herald show that the state has launched a special investigation that targets Maine’s approximately 500 licensed elver fishermen.

According to the contract, about $455,000 will be paid from the state’s general fund, and about $276,000 is “special revenue.” About $193,000 is federal matching funds.

In her media statement, Mayhew said the DHHS is “excited about the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable group of experts.” It will be extremely helpful to have someone with significant Medicaid experience lending a hand to our program reform efforts,” she said.”

Rep. Jeff McCabe, D-Skowhegan, the assistant House majority leader, is concerned with “another gimmick to deny and delay health care for tens of thousands of Mainers, including nearly 3,000 veterans.”

“Alexander’s work has been hailed by conservatives who have called for a reduction in Medicaid rolls and a crackdown on fraud.

Sam Adolphsen, a former policy analyst for the Maine Heritage Policy Center, will oversee “programmatic aspects” of the contract. Adolphsen works for the DHHS as the strategic development director.”

“Republicans applauded the contract. House Minority Leader Kenneth Fredette, R-Newport, said in a prepared statement that he is glad to see the LePage administration “take yet another important step in bringing accountability.” Read more, click here.

There were repeated requests for a full investigation into Medicare and Medicaid payments that were paid out in excess for prescription drugs, that were not needed, medical equipment that was not needed all at the expense of the taxpayers. The refusal of Maine’s Attorney General, and elected officials, to seek an investigation is a disgraceful PUBLIC SCANDAL. How many more got away with it?

In her media statement, Mayhew said the DHHS is “excited about the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable group of experts.” It will be extremely helpful to have someone with significant Medicaid experience lending a hand to our program reform efforts,” she said.”

How much “expertise” must one have to recognize “fraud, waste and abuse”? Apparently, this lacks within Maine government.  How competent is Maine’s Attorney(s) General? 

Notice and Demand to A.G. Janet Mills, click here. No response was received.

If nothing was done in the past, is the future any brighter? Will there be “accountability” at the expense of nearly $1 million dollars?

Most people know not to believe mainstream media. The full accounts of their reports are grossly flawed and misleading. You are getting the “rest of the story”.  

Is this another slight of hand at our expense?


Contradiction To Conversation With Governor John Baldacci, click here.

Maine Partners with Former Health and Human Services Leader for Medicaid and Program Integrity Improvements, click here.

Maine Rep. Lawrence E. Lockman, (R) Concludes LePage Derangement Syndrome Triggered By Democrats

“As a freshman legislator who supports the reform agenda of Gov. Paul LePage, I am continually amazed at the lengths to which his enemies will go to smear him.

Based on my own observations at the State House, I’ve concluded that LePage Derangement Syndrome was triggered three years ago by the Democrats’ double-whammy loss of the Blaine House and their majorities in both houses of the Legislature for the first time in more than four decades. Their rage at LePage stems from his bulldog determination to reform Maine’s dysfunctional welfare system, pay down the massive pension and welfare debt he inherited, and root out the rampant cronyism and corruption that one-party rule left in its wake in Augusta.

How soon we forget just how bad the stench was.”  Read more, click here.

No doubt Gov. LePage inherited quite the “package” from not only the Baldacci administration, but the King administration as well. However, the corruption, fraud, waste and abuse continues with the current administration, including a corrupt judicial system. Former legislators/constitutional officers appointed to positions in the LePage administration is just more of the same sheep in wolves clothing. Gov. LePage must come to realize that he must listen to people in the know, with documented evidence, and clean house. Nothing has changed for those who live “outside the dome.”

The corruption, fraud, waste and abuse widely extends beyond MTA (Maine Turnpike Authority) and MSHA ( Maine State Housing Authority). The issues extend beyond  funding welfare programs and paying down debt.

The people suffer from the Augusta Derangement Syndrome!

Read more at the Clarion Edict, click here.



The proof is in the pudding.

Prevent Truth Decay

HUD Related:

On August 16, 2011 a Freedom of Access Act request was sent to Councilor Bob Mills and and Linda Hardacker, City of Biddeford HUD Office Coordinator.

(Over the years many state officials were hand delivered/mailed many documents  proving official corruption on Maine, most specifically involving  officials within the City of Biddeford.)

Shortly after the mailing of the FOIA to Councilor Bob Mills, I received a comment on my FB page (8-23-11) and an e-mail from Bob Mills who, at that time, was living in MY HOME!  I was forced to file a FOIA request because Councilor Mills refused my request that he obtain these documents for me. He stated “this comes under the Privacy Act.” (He was protecting his boss Tim Q. Ly, Maine-ly Realty – involved in the theft of my home.) And Linda Hardacker denied my access to review HUD financial disclosure documents.

Documents were received, nowhere near the amount of “boxes/files” allegedly held in Hardarcker’s office. One interesting piece of documentation – in between documents – was a personal note between two employees relating to the concern in giving Mr. Ly money in his hands. (Was this intentional?) Don’t know…but it’s fantastic evidence!

This e-mail (2005) will prove what a liar Bob Mills is. In his FB message he claims he knows nothing….yet tricked me into giving him my mailing address in order to serve a claim against me. (Mills was in court with Mr. Ly, but the case was never heard. Clerk couldn’t find the file.) He claims “I never knew of this ongoing battle.”

With a background such as Bob Mills, he cannot be trusted…let alone a trusted public servant. Click here.

There is more going on with HUD (and other issues) outside of Augusta!  And there is more going on “under the dome” than you know…  Wake Up!

Angus King’s List Of Key “serve at the pleasure” Of The Governor Positions

During the tenure of former governor Angus King, he created a list of 147 key “serve at the pleasure” of the governor positions. The legislator who got his hands on this list was chastised on the House floor for taking this public. Why the big secret?  According to this document, there is a more comprehensive list than what is provided here and is kept within the Office of the Secretary of State. We the people have a right to know whose salaries we are paying!

This list of Job Classes are Major Policy Influencing and Policy Making units. (Policy never becomes law no matter how well used or well accepted. See Hall v. State of Arkansas, 326 Ark. 318; 933 S.W.2d 363 (1996). Policy never gains legal authority by usage. See Hall v. State of Arkansas, 326 Ark. 318; 933 S.W.2d 363 (1996).

The unlawful, fraudulent confiscation of small businesses — and homes — were of no concern to the King, and Baldacci administrations. Stealing from small business owners doesn’t help the economy.

Don’t you think these “key positions” created the bloated budget and bureaucracy? Imagine the salaries created within these departments/commissions!

LePage administration is looking at ways to cut the budget…well here’s a place to look. Wouldn’t this “serve at the pleasure” of the people?

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And The B.S. Artist Of The Year Award Goes To….

BDN reports “With this week’s resurgent interest in royalty, here’s a sampling — not a comprehensive list — of Maine families and other combinations that qualify as their own brand of Maine dynasty.”

Baldacci: Brothers John, Gerry and Joe got their start on the Bangor City Council, following in the footsteps of their father, Robert, who was active in Democratic Party politics. John then served six terms in the state Senate, four in the U.S. House and two as governor. Now, current Councilor Joe Baldacci is eyeing a run for his brother’s old congressional seat. Meanwhile, brother Peter Baldacci has long served as a Penobscot County commissioner, and sister Rosemary made a bid for the Maine House in the early 1990s. Outside of elected office, brother Bob has chaired the Finance Authority of Maine, and sister Lisa has worked on Capitol Hill and as a Maine political operative. Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell isn’t part of the Baldacci dynasty, but he’s a relative. Mitchell’s mother and Gov. Baldacci’s grandmother were sisters who immigrated from Lebanon.

Mills: Peter Mills is the third Sumner Peter Mills to serve in the Maine Legislature. His grandfather, from Stonington, served one term in the Maine House and two in the Senate between 1903 and 1908. Father Sumner P. Mills Jr. of Farmington, a Republican, served three terms in the House and two in the Senate between 1939 and 1970. And S. Peter Mills III of Cornville, a Republican, served seven Senate terms and one House term between 1995 and 2010. Democratic sister Janet served three terms in the Maine House and is serving her second term as attorney general. In 1994, she challenged John Baldacci in the Democratic primary for the 2nd Congressional District seat. Sister Dora Anne is former head of the Maine Center for Disease Control. Peter Mills’ wife, Nancy, is a Superior Court justice.

Pingree-Sussman: Before her election to the U.S. House in 2008, Democrat Chellie Pingree served four terms in the Maine Senate, including two as majority leader, between 1993 and 2000. She unsuccessfully challenged Republican Sen. Susan Collins for her seat in 2002. Meanwhile, her daughter Hannah served four terms in the Maine House, including one as majority leader and one as speaker. Both Pingrees’ names swirl in speculative circles when the focus turns to future statewide races. The Pingree family added fortune in 2011 when Chellie married Donald Sussman, a major Democratic donor in Maine and across the country.

Collins: U.S. Sen. Susan Collins’ two parents, Donald and Patricia, served as mayors of Caribou. Donald served one term in the Maine House and four in the Senate between 1971 and 1992. Susan Collins worked on Capitol Hill for former Sen. William Cohen, served as Gov. John McKernan’s commissioner of professional and financial regulation and ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1994 before she was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996. Patricia Collins became the second woman to chair the University of Maine System board of trustees in the early 1990s.

King-King-King: It’s admittedly a stretch to call this a dynasty since there are no blood relations, but there’s no denying those with the last name King have played a major role in Maine politics. Maine’s first governor was William King, who held the office from 1820 to 1821. Unrelated Angus King became Maine’s 72nd governor and is now its newest senator. Meanwhile, Bangor author Stephen King and wife Tabitha are major Democratic donors.

Beliveau: One of the State House’s most influential lobbyists, Severin Beliveau served a term each in the Maine House and Senate in the late 1960s. He is a former Maine Democratic Party chairman, and he ran in the 1986 Democratic gubernatorial primary, losing to then-Attorney General James Tierney. Son Emmett is an aide in the Obama White House, and son Devin served a term in the Maine House (2010-2012). Severin’s father, Albert, was a Maine Supreme Court justice and grandfather Matthew McCarthy was the first municipal court judge in Rumford. Uncle William McCarthy was a Superior Court judge, and brother Albert was an Oxford County probate judge.

Snowe-McKernan: This special brand of Republican dynasty began with Peter Snowe, who was killed in a car accident during his second Maine House term. Olympia Snowe won the special election to replace her first husband, spawning a 40-year career in elective office. Snowe and John McKernan dated while they represented Maine in the U.S. House. They married in 1989, during McKernan’s first term as governor. Snowe was elected to the Senate in 1994, becoming the first woman in history to serve in both chambers of her state Legislature and both houses of Congress. Peter Snowe met Gov. Paul LePage as a teenager and persuaded Husson College to let LePage take the entrance exam in his native French.

Woodcock: Penobscot County Judge of Probate Allan Woodcock Jr. retired last year as the state’s longest serving probate judge. Nephew John A. Woodcock serves as chief judge of the U.S. District Court for Maine. John’s son, Patrick, is LePage’s energy director and a former Snowe aide. John’s brother Tim is a Bangor lawyer and a former Bangor mayor and councilor. Sister Elizabeth Woodcock is an assistant attorney general in New Hampshire.

Longley: Maine’s first independent governor, James Longley, served one term in the Blaine House (1975-1979). His son, Republican James Longley Jr., served a term in the U.S. House (1995-1997), representing Maine’s 1st District, and unsuccessfully challenged Angus King for governor in 1998.

Martin: While not part of a political family, John Martin became a major power broker in his 19 terms in the Maine House — including nine as speaker — and four in the Senate. Some called him the Earl of Eagle Lake.

But Martin himself proved Maine is no monarchy. He lost power last year when he came up short in his bid for re-election to the House.”


Maine’s Ruling Family – the Mitchell-Baldacci family.

Baldacci – Business As Usual.  Source: LANCE TAPLEY

Baldacci swears in judges with area roots.  ”The swearing-in ceremony for five Maine judges seemed more like a family reunionthan an official event.”

Of importance to “all in the family” is the creation of 147 positions in government by (former governor) Angus King.

ORESTIS-HARPER’S DEVELOPMENT (SACO ISLAND) …..… involves Senator (now Rep.) Barry “hobnobs” Hobbins.

There are a number of nominees that could be added to this list….do you know anyone?

Joshua Tardy’s “Double Vision” Wrong For Judicial Selection Committee

On Friday, April 29, 2011 Governor Paul LePage announced the members of his Judicial Selection Committee. “I am pleased to have a group of experienced attorneys to advise me on judicial appointments. One of a governor’s lasting legacies is his judicial appointments and I take my responsibility to nominate judges very seriously. I look forward to working closely with this distinguished group of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents from all parts of the State to ensure that Maine people continue to be served by a high quality judiciary,” said Governor LePage.

Joshua Tardy will serve as the committee’s chair.

On Tuesday, July 2, 2013 Governor Paul R. LePage performed the swearing in of two judges. “In choosing judges, my focus is on the qualifications, demeanor, and integrity of the candidates, not politics.”

Judges are reviewed by the Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary and confirmed by the full Senate.

You should research which republicans – under the Baldacci administration – are advisors/commissioners/committee members, etc. under the LePage administration. You might learn something. A good place to start is with Joshua Tardy!

Maine Governor Paul LePage has aligned himself with the wrong people, not only with the Judicial Selection  Committee.

Is he getting “advice” from the Baldacci left-overs? Although, Joshua Tardy is a Republican.

(Now former) Rep. Joshua Tardy(R), during the tenure of Governor John Baldacci (D), was contacted regarding a fraudulent election in Biddeford, Maine. He was  informed of  ballot tampering and tampering of first class mailings with the post office. His help was also sought with fraudulent confiscation of  properties.  He stated, quote “this has been hashed over.” When asked why the complaining party wasn’t included in the “hashing over” of this issue, he  declined to speak and hung up.  Now Governor LePage nominates him to the Judicial Selection Committee?


There is some talk of Joshua Tardy running for CD2 congressional seat.  Who wants a lobbyist as a rep? Would he be representing us or his special interests…once again!

Maine lobbyists.

Governor LePage must take into consideration his “lasting legacies is his judicial appointments”  and take his responsibility to nominate judges more seriously. He must work more closely “with the people” who have been so irreparably harmed  by this less than “distinguished group of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents from all parts of the State” who have not “ensured that Maine people continue to be served by a high quality judiciary.”

The people know the problems. One of the problems is colleagues covering each others butts! The longer they have covered up…they deeper the hole they have dug. Misprision of Felony is still on the books!

Help the people restore our republic, Governor LePage. The people will back you.

[new post] How Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services Defrauds the Federal Government

You Tube Video

MAINE CPS DEFRAUDS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ACCORDING TO REPUBLICAN STATE REPRESENTATIVE HEATHER SIROCKI, Maine has been caught defrauding the federal government for hundreds of millions of dollars over the last twenty years, by double billing the feds for child services through Human Services and through the Education department fraudulently!! By billing the feds for medicaid services for Inelegible inmates, and for exagerating or even making false diagnosis of children, so they could bill Regular foster care at the much higher medical rate of theraputic foster care, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from trusting tax payers, and as a result, inflating child abuse statistics for gain!! The IG is investigating.

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[new post] Congressional Testimony: Dottie Lafortune to Bill Windsor of Lawless America in Maine

View YouTube 


The Maine Wire reports the first of a series of exclusive interviews with Governor Paul R. LePage.
“We are trying to make sure that we have a solid safety net for our children, our elderly and our disabled, LePage said. We are trying to attack those who are abusing the system.”

“He is trying to weed out excess and abuse at DHHS while maintaining vital services for those who truly need it. But Democrats like Rotundo insist that claims of welfare abuse are merely anecdotal, even as many cases of fraud are now being investigated. Senator Craven, another Lewiston Democrat who supported massive increases in state spending under Governor Baldacci, frequently joins Rotundo in insisting that there is no widespread abuse of the welfare system in Maine. Whenever someone relates a story about welfare fraud or abuse, they claim the stories are merely anecdotal and, therefore, don’t prove anything.”

“If those are all anecdotal, then where’s the money going?” LePage said. “Why are we spending so much money?”

“How did Maine get into a position where it spends so much more the national average? The biggest mistake that Maine ever made was electing an independent governor in 1993, LePage said, referring to Angus King. When King took office, the state had a surplus in the budget. When he vacated the Blaine House, King left a one-billion-dollar shortfall for incoming governor John Baldacci, LePage said. That shortfall was carried through Baldacci’s term, and LePage is determined to get rid of it.”

Governor LePage is leaving out an important issue in his want to weed out excess and abuse at DHHS – ACCOUNTABILITY.  He must demand an investigation into the  “miscalcuations” of monies given to corporations that were not licensed at the time of receipt of Medicaid funding. This is one example, how many more got away with it?
LePage refers to the state having a surplus in the budget when Angus King took office. When he vacated the Blaine House, King left a one-billion-dollar shortfall. When King took office, he immediately issued a hiring freeze, however, Attorney Michelle Robert was hired for a position in the A.G.’s Office – perhaps a pay-back for playing games with Judge Robert E. Crowley, Saco Biddeford Savings Institution, their law firm Smith Elliott & Garmey (Attys Roger Elliott & Harry Center)?
King obviously used the surplus to create 147 positions.  Since Maine didn’t have these administrative costs prior to Angus King, why do we need them now? Is this not also excess and abuse of taxpayers who pay for Maine’s government?
LePage wants to know where all the money has gone?
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