Bangor Daily News reports “A conversation with outgoing Gov. John Baldacci.”  The COMMENTS are worth a view.

“On January 5th Governor John Baldacci officially steps aside and the Republican administration steps in. ”

“For Baldacci, the LePage inauguration will mark the end of a political career that began in the Bangor City Council chambers and took him to the State House, to the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., and last to the Blaine House.”

As Governor, he states “It is a job that goes 24-7 and you have to make sure you are giving it 100 percent every single day.”  I beg to differ that he gave 100%. “Baldacci does not plan to withdraw from public life entirely just because he has left public office.”  Is there another “revolving door” waiting for him? “While he was mum on specifics, Baldacci said he wants to stay active working on energy as well as health care issues.”

Governor Baldacci had nearly 20 years to work on health care issues to include Medicaid funding and elder abuse which continues today.  However, he chose instead to further his personal agenda with the help of his campaign contributors, ie. North Country Associates, at the expense of taxpayers and the precious lives of our family members.  Here are a few examples of malfeasance of office in which Governor Baldacci did nothing:

Follow up letter to Joan Peterson, January 15, 2002, Congressman Baldacci’s Office.

P. Castora letter to Gov. Baldacci, May 13, 2003.

P. Castora letter to Gov. Baldacci, May 21, 2003.

Letter to Rick Redmond, Governor’s Assistant Scheduler, January 16, 2007.

Baldacci campaign contributors

North Country Associates received Medicaid payments in 1998, license cancelled in 1980’s.

With Governor Baldacci’s “time in office drawing to a close, his approval rating has hit a new low in his two terms as governor.”  Is it any wonder? He turned a deaf ear and did not open “our” door to the people.  He put “politics before people.”  Will Maine move forward with the new administration receiving “old” advice?

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  1. Does it often feel like you are peeing into the wind?

    Click to access 2005-02-17%20-%20LETTERS%20to%20Gov%20Lynch.pdf

  2. It’s like running into a wall…..but I climb over it…….I now bring a spotlight with me, cockroaches don’t like the light.

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