U.S. Congressman Angus King’s View Of IRS Scandal…How About The Scandal In Maine?

“Well, there are really two scandals involved here. … No. 1 is this outrageous idea of targeting one political group versus another and focusing on groups with the name “tea party” and more conservative groups. That’s wrong, and everybody has condemned that. … The second scandal, however is that this designation of tax-exempt status for so-called social welfare groups that turn into political groups, whether they’re supporting the president or Democrats or supporting Republicans, that’s wrong no matter what. This tax-exempt status, 501(c)4, was created years and years and years ago for social welfare organizations, and somehow it’s gotten into being a political vehicle where people can contribute unlimited amounts of money without any identification of who they are, and it’s really a threat, I believe, to our democratic system.”

View Video, click here.

When Angus King was Governor of Maine, this video was hand-delivered to him. This was/ is a threat to the people of Maine.  Why did he not speak out or take action? Take note of who remained in office.

Elected officials seem to think that as time passes their cover ups will vanish. Not so!

Tom Dunn – Affidavit

Bridge 1

Bridge 2

Bridge 3

DOT Chief Resigns

Tom’s Summary – Brennan Criminal Legacy

Bus Trip To DC

Brennan timeline

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  1. Hey Dude, the https://unmasker4maine.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/brennan-dunn.pdf doesn’t work, you might want to check into that one. Nelson Donnell, West Gardiner, Maine.

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Please let me know if the link works now.

      • Yup, the link’s working correctly now. By the way, if you hear from TD or DD, tell them I said Hi. I see that DD is really showing his age now. When my mother was alive and living in a nursing home, she often wondered what happened to those guys and their various investigations.

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