CBS News13 Investigation Reveals Maine State Workers Earn $22 Million In Overtime Every Year

CBS reports “While lawmakers in Augusta are debating a new budget, CBS 13 is digging into the books to find out just how much state workers are earning in overtime. We discover tens of millions of your tax dollars paid out in overtime every year.

We found the state spends more than $22 million in overtime a year. Some state workers are making $30,000-$50,000 just in overtime.

“We have a huge amount of overtime. There are people who would work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you let them,” Col. Robert Williams, Chief of Maine State Police, said.

As chief, Col. Williams doesn’t get overtime, but payroll records analyzed by 13 investigates show his troopers are at the top of the overtime list. In fact, according to data we requested, one trooper made $58,297.20 in overtime; that’s more than his base salary, totaling up to more than his boss, Chief Williams’ salary.

At least one lawmaker is now questioning that. We brought all the data to state Representative Peggy Rotundo on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee.” Rotundo is asking the legislature to take a look at  staffing levels, workload, and overtime at state agencies and not just state police.

Other employees working a lot, according to payroll records:

A dispatch supervisor: $57,556 (overtime)
A fire investigator: $50,926 (overtime)
A DHHS nurse: $49,754 (overtime)
A DOT technician: $24,493 (overtime)

Click here to see overtime spending by department.

Read more HERE.

And Representative Rotundo hopes that study on staffing will be done by next January, if approved by the legislature???


Maine State Government Annual Report(s), click here.

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