Coincidence….Or Deliberate Design?

To those of you who are followers on this blog, is this coincidental or deliberate design?

This blog was started to expose official corruption in Maine. People from other states had documented evidence of the same ongoing in their own states which is the reason I added….And Beyond. You have a voice here!

The pattern of corruption, cover up, and the connecting of dots – which extends beyond Maine – has been exposed. Do you not believe that officials from Maine communicate with officials in other states? Do you not believe that they keep an eye on each other, talk amongst themselves about individuals who are exposing their official corruption?

Official corruption complaints filed with former Maine Gov. John Baldacci and A.G. Janet Mills yielded the same results with (now former) N.H. Governor John Lynch and (former) N.H. A.G. Kelly Ayotte.

Governor Baldacci’s business as usual, his connections, here and here, coupled with his campaign contributors, click  here  extend into New Hampshire.

Cover up official corruption within the Farmington N.H. Police Department. 

The layer of Misprision of Felony and Obstruction of Justice to Kelly Ayotte’s onion and the cover up of elder abuse in Farmington NH. is the same pattern that extends beyond the state of Maine.

Connect the dots…….  from Maine to New Hampshire, click here.

N.H.’s newly elected Governor is Marguerite Hassan.  On June 8, 2013 a letter was faxed to Gov. Hassan, click here.

Without going into further detail at this time, take notice of  the following.

Former Maine Gov. John Baldacci and prominent lobbyist Severin Beliveau are hosting a fundraiser event in Maine for New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, who faces re-election next year. Read more,  click here.

It flies in the face of justice that elected/state officials protect the perpetrators of criminal activity.

Can you now connect the dots?

Is this coincidental? Or deliberate design?

Is this…you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours?

James O’Keefe Confronts N.H. Asssociate Attorney General Richard Head Over Indicting Journalists

Richard Head, Asssociate Attorney General for the state of New Hampshire tried to indict O’Keefe before a grand jury for releasing a video that exposed ballots offered out in the names of the dead at poll locations.

View video.

The N.H. Attorney General’s Office has been selective in its prosecutions and does hold a double standard of justice. Now that Kelly Ayotte is “out of the office”, let’s see how New Hampshire’s newly appointed A.G., Joseph Foster, handles criminal complaints. With the same “entourage” under him, will things change? Will he take the bull by the horns? Time will tell…shortly!

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[new post] Lunch And Reception With U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH) and Candidate Charlie Summers…Corporate Contributions Accepted…Connect The Dots!

Please join us for a luncheon and reception with

United States Senator Kelly Ayotte
Member of the U.S. Senate Ar+med Services, Budget, Commerce and
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committees

with special guest

Charlie Summers
Candidate for the United States Senate

Wednesday, October 10th

12:00 p.m. Luncheon and Photo Opportunity
1:00 p.m. General Reception

The Regency
20 Milk Street

General Reception $250 per person

Luncheon and Photo Opportunity Sponsor Levels

Platinum: $5,000 (7 guests)
Gold: $2,500 (3 guests)
Silver: $1,000 (1 guest)

Corporate contributions accepted

Source: Maine Republican Party

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 Kelly Ayotte Cayman Islands Connection and Backroom Meeting With Lobbyists




Connect the dots…….

[new post] R.I.C.O. Case Filed Against New Jersey Attorney General And Other Officials

New Jersey R.I.C.O. Case, September 1, 2010

Ex-investigator’s suit alleges corruption, coverup

Papers sealed in suit alleging coverup by state, January 21, 2011

James Sweeney, Obituary (published July 26, 2011)

N.J. Governor Christopher Christie letter, March 29, 2010

The corruption in the Farmington (N.H.) Police Department and cover up by (now former N.H.A.G.) U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte has ties to Bergen County N.J. prosecutor’s office.

[new post] Kelly Ayotte RNC speech primer: Not ready for prime time

by Chris King. View Video.

Why has (now former A.G.) Kelly Ayotte’s politically motivated, poor job performance and malfeasance of office not been addressed by the N.H. Legislature?

Why have legislators turned a deaf ear to Kelly Ayotte’s cover up of criminal activity by the Farmington Police Department? (Chief Scott Roberge left his position and his cohort Kevin Willey is now the new chief.)

Why has the N.H. Redress of Grievances Committee brushed this petition under the rug? (My copy is signed)

Another case brushed under the rug by Kelly Ayotte during her tenure as A.G. in regards to a fraudulent foreclosure against Marie Miller of Farmington. Marie, 73 years of age, is facing the threat of removal from her home. Kelly Ayotte (and the Banking Commission) refused to investigate the concerted actions of Harmon Law Firm and NationStar Mortgage LLC.

In June 2008 NationStar Mortgage LLC commenced a foreclosure action against her. (She has no contract with NationStar Mortgage LLC) Since the onset of this action, Marie consistently requested that NationStar produce original loan documentation in support of their foreclosure claim as required by law and supported by many higher court rulings. NationStar and its counsel failed/refused to do so. The main piece of evidence in this case is Judge Kenneth Brown’s order, dated June 26, 2009, giving NationStar 21 more days to produce the original documentation. NationStar failed to do so and are in contempt of a court order and in default.

On November 23, 2009, Judge Marguerite Wageling, who replaced Judge Brown in this case, granted Summary Judgment to NationStar with full knowledge of Judge Brown’s order and from which her appeal to the N.H. Supreme Court originated. Appeal was denied. No trial was ever held in the lower court and she has been denied her right to confront witnesses who made claim against her. By Harmon Law’s own admission (failure to produce documentation in defiance of a court order), they have proven that they entered the case of NationStar Mortgage, LLC. v Marie Miller with “unclean hands.” They have engaged in unlawful conduct, deceptive and fraudulent practices in concert with judicial officers. Marie’s complaint to Kelly Ayotte commanded a full and fair investigation by her office.

Marie awaits compliance of investigation on a recently filed criminal complaint.  Yet NationStar Mortgage seeks Writ of Possession.

It shocks the conscience, and flies in the face of justice, that Ayotte has protected the perpetrators of criminal activity, all of which occurred in Farmington N.H.

Why does N.H. allow NationStar Mortgage LLC to conduct business in their state?

Why does N.H. allow Harmon Law Office to practice law in their state?

Why do members of the General Court allow judges to rubberstamp the atrocities, brutalities, frauds perpetrated against their own people…..let’s not forget against visitors to N.H.

Chris, Ayotte says “she’ll follow up”. Please add this information to her “follow up.” I won’t stop until I get an investigation!

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Kelly Ayotte RNC speech primer: Not ready for prime time.

If a life is of no value to Kelly Ayotte, do you really believe she cares about the First Amendment or mortgage fraud?

Where weapons and drugs are a bad recipe for tragedy, except in Farmington, New Hampshire it’s fair to assume that hands are not only in the pockets of bankers.

Ayotte states she is “no longer Attorney General….” cop out…. she was the chief law enforcement officer at the time complaints were filed and investigations demanded. The crew in her office are as incompetent as she is (was), specifically Atty. Tracy M. Culberson, Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Unit and Investigator James Brown.

These kind of people get these positions with their willingness to be someone else’s puppet. Their chairs just roll on in through another revolving door! And they expect us to believe that things will change because their faces can be found in another agency/department or higher elected position? The curtain has been drawn…….


GOP sees Ayotte as a future leader

Kelly Ayotte fails on Occupy Wall Street and Mortgage Fraud Questions at Town Hall Nashua.

Kelly Ayotte Town Meeting: “She’s full of shit….”

Kelly Ayotte is very politically motivated. During her tenure as Attorney General, she covered up official corruption within the Farmington Police Department. She maliciously prosecuted Bill Miller of Framington on a trumped up charge of threatening Chief Roberge. Bill spoke to the clerk at the town hall and requested the resignation of Farmington Police Chief Scott Roberge. Bill was falsely arrested in October 2007. IRAQ VETERAN VICTIM OF GOVERNMENT ABUSE. Bill was subjected to drugging for 18 months when a trial was finally held. Bill was found NOT GUILTY! Kelly Ayotte, with the assistance of D.A. Janice Rundles (who left this position in December 2007 landed a position in the A.G.’s office), attempted to silence Bill because he had evidence of corruption and cover up by Police Chief Scott Roberge and officers Scott Ferguson and Kevin Willey.

Chris King has questions, so do I and many other people. Kelly Ayotte could have also prevented the abuse and false incarceration of William Miller. Instead she chose to cover up for Farmington Police Chief Scott Roberge’s (and Officers Scott Ferguson and Willey) cover up of a death in Farmington. Why? Quite the future leader!

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View “”reporter” Annmarie Timmins’ hatchet job on Mr. Youssef, who is a strident force for justice in New Hampshire.”

“There is an implication that Mr. Youssef is doing something wrong, but in point of fact he and many others did ask representatives of the Redress and Grievances Committee to impeach judges, and many of them voted to do just that. I say that Ms. Timmins, who is said to be married to a NH Assistant Attorney General, is a bought-and-sold pawn of the establishment, the very same establishment that harms children and ignores the law.”

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“A bizarre but little-known lawsuit has caused headaches for freshman Sen. Kelly Ayotte and cost her at least $120,000 in legal fees just as her political stock rises and she’s being mentioned as a potential running mate for Mitt Romney. Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican, has dismissed the suit as “frivolous,” and a federal judge largely agreed when he tossed it out in May. But Boston blogger Chris King said he would appeal to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals and threatened to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court.”

“U.S. District Judge John McConnell of Rhode Island wrote in his ruling that King had failed to prove he had been discriminated against and that the events were private and held on private property and therefore not subject to the First Amendment. Last month, McConnell also rejected King’s motion to reconsider the decision. But because the judge ordered each party to bear their own costs, Ayotte said she’s still paying off some outstanding legal fees. She’s doing so through a special Senate legal defense fund she launched in May 2011 that allows donors to contribute $10,000 per year to help offset her bills. Ayotte has paid two law firms at least $120,000 to fight the suit, including $20,000 between April and June of this year, Senate records reveal.”

“A number of GOP senators including John Cornyn, Richard Shelby, Rob Portman and Lindsey Graham have donated to Ayotte’s fund through their political action committees or PACs. Honeywell International’s PAC has given $10,000, while Andy Card, former chief of staff to President George W. Bush, donated $1,000.” “It’s an unfortunate price to pay for going into public service,” Easton said. “Unfortunately, elected officials increasingly become targets of these kinds of tactics.” Read more.

Chris, can we add a layer of Misprision of Felony and Obstruction of Justice to Kelly Ayotte’s onion? It’s an unfortunate price for people to pay when an attorney general plays politics with peoples’ lives. Before she even considers a possible run for V.P. with Mitt Romney, let her straighten out the travesty of justice that occurred with her buddy, (now former) Police Chief Scott Roberge, Farmington, N.H. and (now former) Strafford County D.A. Janice Rundles (who landed a job in the homicide division of the A.G.’s office) Enough lies and cover up!

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“Lance Dutson will leave his job as director of the Maine Heritage Policy Center effective today and become Summers’ campaign manager.”

“Before becoming CEO of the Maine Heritage Policy Center 11 months ago, Dutson was the communications director for state House Speaker Robert Nutting, R-Oakland and worked on the congressional campaign for Republican U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. He also was involved in communications and strategy for the Maine Republican Party during the party’s sweep of the state Legislature and the governor’s office in 2010.”

“It’s very important to make sure that the Republicans hold this Senate seat,” he said. “Charlie is a good friend. I have a huge amount of respect for him and I think he’s the man to do the job.”

“Lance is an outstanding leader with a sharp political mind,” Summers said in a statement. “His skills and experience will be an incredible asset to my campaign for U.S. Senate.”

Add another layer of onion to the pudding! 

This political move is quite interesting and very revealing.


Reuters reports “Mitt Romney spent nearly $100,000 in state funds to replace computers in his office at the end of his term as governor of Massachusetts in 2007 as part of an unprecedented effort to keep his records secret.”

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