Kelly Ayotte’s “web of deceit” in New Hampshire will follow her to Washington

Newly Elected Women Who Will Make History by Newt & Callista Gingrich describes (former N.H. Attorney General) Kelly Ayotte as one of  “The Year of the Republican Woman,” 2010 “who was at the forefront of the movement to reclaim government for the American people.” Before being elected to the U.S. Senate, Kelly Ayotte served for five years as New Hampshire’s first female Attorney General. Upon her victory on November 2nd, Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte reminded us: “New Hampshire has sent a clear message to Washington: No more business as usual. No more spending money we don’t have on programs that don’t work. And no more back room deals. The people of New Hampshire have spoken, and their message is resounding: We’re taking our country back. With our nation at a crossroads, you have stood up to say loud and clear that in America, the people rule. This seat belongs to the people of New Hampshire, and that’s where it must remain.””
Kelly Ayotte Cayman Islands Connection
Kelly Ayotte Backroom Meeting With Lobbyists Tonight
During Kelly Ayotte’s campaign for U.S. Senate (which she won), the Concord Monitor reported that “she mentioned her decision to seek the death penalty in the Addison case to her political adviser, Rob Varsalone and her opponent Democratic candidate U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes says Ayotte was using the case for political gain. Ayotte denies any decisions in the case were politically motivated.”
Fraud case complicates Ayotte bid.
Questions raised about former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte’s potential involvement in the fraud case related to Financial Resources Management.
Kelly Ayotte is very politically motivated. During her tenure as Attorney General, she covered up official corruption within the Farmington Police Department. She maliciously prosecuted Bill Miller of Farmington on a trumped up charge of threatening Chief Roberge. Bill spoke to the clerk at the town hall and requested the resignation of Farmington Police Chief Scott Roberge. Bill was falsely arrested in October 2007. IRAQ VETERAN VICTIM OF GOVERNMENT ABUSE. Bill was subjected to drugging for 18 months when a trial was finally held. Bill was found NOT GUILTY! Kelly Ayotte, with the assistance of D.A. Janice Rundles (who left this position in December 2007 landed a position in the A.G.’s office), attempted to silence Bill because he had evidence of corruption and cover up by Police Chief Scott Roberge and officers Scott Ferguson  and Kevin Willey.
Unfortunately for us, Kelly Ayotte’s “web of deceit” in New Hampshire will follow her to Washington and her decisions will affect other states. Can we expect “”no more business as usual and no more back room deals”? Or will history repeat itself?
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  1. Look it, you will be amazed at the 5 years worth of information I have on Kelly Ayotte,

    Wiki won’t let me post it:

    ….as well as my ongoing Free Press and Racial lawsuit against her. The Magistrate Judge worked for the lead Defense Attorney Jack Middleton and guess what, so did Kelly Ayotte. Did they Disclose this to me? Nope. Watch the video:

    Ralph Holder’s case involving her and her former U.S. Marshal lapdog Stephen Monier so nasty the Federal Court sealed it:

    Give a holler,
    Christopher King, J.D. — Reel News for Real People

    PS: Even though Casey Sherman is softening his approach, the Bad Blood movie next year will bring a lot of attention to her fake investigation of the Franconia shooting tragedy.

  2. PS: The false accusation of threats and criminal activity, Ayotte did it to me and to Ralph Holder, the case the Federal Court sealed. I didn’t know of Bill Miller’s case, thank you and please hit me up so I can post on that.

    I’m cross-posting your post now, lots of video about corruption in NH at KingCast65 YouTube Save the First Amendment channel:


  3. Before anyone makes a final decision on Kelly Ayotte they should read Installment #11 on

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