Coincidence….Or Deliberate Design?

To those of you who are followers on this blog, is this coincidental or deliberate design?

This blog was started to expose official corruption in Maine. People from other states had documented evidence of the same ongoing in their own states which is the reason I added….And Beyond. You have a voice here!

The pattern of corruption, cover up, and the connecting of dots – which extends beyond Maine – has been exposed. Do you not believe that officials from Maine communicate with officials in other states? Do you not believe that they keep an eye on each other, talk amongst themselves about individuals who are exposing their official corruption?

Official corruption complaints filed with former Maine Gov. John Baldacci and A.G. Janet Mills yielded the same results with (now former) N.H. Governor John Lynch and (former) N.H. A.G. Kelly Ayotte.

Governor Baldacci’s business as usual, his connections, here and here, coupled with his campaign contributors, click  here  extend into New Hampshire.

Cover up official corruption within the Farmington N.H. Police Department. 

The layer of Misprision of Felony and Obstruction of Justice to Kelly Ayotte’s onion and the cover up of elder abuse in Farmington NH. is the same pattern that extends beyond the state of Maine.

Connect the dots…….  from Maine to New Hampshire, click here.

N.H.’s newly elected Governor is Marguerite Hassan.  On June 8, 2013 a letter was faxed to Gov. Hassan, click here.

Without going into further detail at this time, take notice of  the following.

Former Maine Gov. John Baldacci and prominent lobbyist Severin Beliveau are hosting a fundraiser event in Maine for New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, who faces re-election next year. Read more,  click here.

It flies in the face of justice that elected/state officials protect the perpetrators of criminal activity.

Can you now connect the dots?

Is this coincidental? Or deliberate design?

Is this…you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours?

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  1. Well, you know the old saying, as Maine goes, so goes the nation. Now you know why I always say that government is comprised of groups of men and women who are liars, killers and thieves who provide a service at the barrel of a gun.

  2. Hi!

    I was on a “conference call” with Gov. LePage on August 7th sharing with him my evidence regarding the corrupt “fake” judiciary and more.

    There were people present in his office who had arranged the meeting and the conference call.

    Don’t know if anything will come of this but I am hopeful.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • They’ll probably try to get you for infringing on one of their work products. You know how these cultist are, if they think you’re a threat to their system of beliefs, then you’re targeted as an enemy of the State. Or at the very least they’ll use the Motor Vehicle laws and the law enforcement growth industry to have you harassed with.

      I remember one time when I was suing a seedy Augusta lawyer back in the 80’s, I went to the Bar Association on State Street in Augusta to get a copy of their code of ethics, but when they realized that I wasn’t affiliated with a law firm and that I was suing one of their licensed cult members and also looking into the affairs of the Overseers of the Bar that was located on the Whitten Road in Augusta, they declined to give me a copy of their code of ethics.

  3. Thanks Lise,
    I sure do hope something comes of this effort. I know you put a lot of work into this. Kudos to you.

  4. Hi Nelson,

    LePage asked me for my evidence. I will send him what I have. I educated him regarding the fraudulent judiciary and more, and he was influenced by my knowledge to the point that he asked for it.

    Once the evidence is in his hands, it is out of my hands; I do not have any control as to whether anything gets done with this.

    I will go on with my life. If nothing happens, then so be it. There is a time to let go and accept it.

    I think that LePage is a sincere man and his hands may be tied. I did what I could so I have to let the chips fall where they may.

    I am aware that there is an element of risk that I may be harrassed in one fashion or another or could be killed.

    Who knows!

    I have NO desire to topple the present, fraudulent government; I just wanted to be heard.

    That is all.

    I was heard. Now it is time to move on.

    Someone else can jump on the bandwagon.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • Well Lise, as we all find out (sometimes the hard way) you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, no matter what good intentions you may have. 🙂

  5. Great job, Lise. This is a first to my knowledge. At least Gov. LePage opened his door to the people. He’s not an attorney which helps. What we need now is for people to jump in and support this effort.

    As far as the post goes…is this coincidence or deliberate?

  6. Lise, good job, but why you do not want the fraudulent government and make believe judicial system dissolved eludes me, I know I do! every member of the judicial system I know should be dissolved.
    Richard Wayne: Kane

  7. Hi Richard,

    Remember that these “powers that be” are evil and lawless.

    They will do anything to anyone who they believe threatens their power, and they will fight to keep it even if it destroys others.

    They are satan in my opinion.

    Know who you are dealing with, and I do as they could easily look for any excuse to accuse someone of trying to overthrow the government, their fraudulent government.

    I am still writing my book so I can educate as many people as I can, and the book can be used as a reference book for further research, and will continue to write/educate on this blog.

    I can only do so much. I did plenty this past week.

    Our whole republican system of government has been turned upside down.

    If our Founding Fathers (Maine) came back to life for just one day and looked around, they would not recognize the republic that they created, and they would want to return to the grave.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  8. Lise: I know the people I’m dealing with, I have been dealing with them since the mid sixties in one degree or another, and they my win, but i’ll not allow them to frighten me, but realize caution is necessary.
    Richard Wayne: Kane

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