The State of Maine’s Loss Of A True Patriot… Wayne Leach


Wayne Leach 12/12/1937 – 5/19/2015

It is with great sadness to report the passing of a true patriot, Wayne Leach.  Wayne passed away May 19, 2015.

Wayne will be remembered as an important Mainer who worked hard to restore the Constitutional state of Maine, putting himself out there, to educate others and to advocate, for the good of all of us.

A celebration of my Wayne’s life will be held on Sunday May 31st from 1pm until 4pm at the American Legion Post 179, 79 Legion Memorial Drive South China, Maine.

Members of the Maine Constitutional Coalition gathered on Thursday, August 14, 2014, for a press conference at the State House in Augusta. Pictured from left are Phil Merletti, Wayne Leach and Jack McCarthy.

Members of the Maine Constitutional Coalition gathered on Thursday, August 14, 2014, for a press conference at the State House in Augusta. Pictured from left are Phil Merletti, Wayne Leach and Jack McCarthy.

John McDonald speaks with Wayne Leach, of the Constitutional Coalition, about his meeting with Governor LePage 7/6/14. Listen HERE.

The Future of Maine…We The People Of Maine, click here.

“Life will never be the same.” Phil Merletti

“In 1775 they were called the “Sons of Liberty”. Wayne was one of the remaining Sons of Liberty. Here’s to Wayne Leach and those like him. Damn few left.” Roger W. Ek

 RIP Wayne Leach. Never to be forgotten!

Public Notice To All Legislators & Civil Officers: Change the Constitution?

Please respond, eventually you will have to vote on this issue. Please start understanding this issue now.

From the desk of:
We the people of Maine, Inc.
Co-Directors, Wayne Leach, Jack McCarthy, Phil Merletti


PHIL M. - CON. CON. PIC download


Speaker: Deborah Stevenson is from Southbury Connecticut. She is an attorney and has been a strong defender of the Constitution and the secured and protected rights of parents and children and the protection of the original Constitution.

Location: Hall of flags, Capital Building, Augusta Maine

Date: February 17, 2015

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

RSVP: To facilitate custodial set-up and to insure proper seating, it may be necessary to reserve your seating.

Contact tel #: 738-4861 – 694-0721 – 650-7033 or reply to email.

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The “Brief” Dispute Between Maine Governor Paul LePage and Attorney General Janet Mills

Talkshoe Radio (February 4, 2015) – Discussion on Governor Paul LePages’s Request For Opinion of the Justices With Phil Merletti and Lise DuPont, Author of “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?” Click here.

Attorney General Janet Mills Asks The Maine Supreme Judicial Court Not To Take Action On Governor Paul LePage’s Questions, click here.


Recording of oral argument on February 26, 2015


Talkshoe Radio – Interview With Phil Merletti, We The People of Maine, Inc.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
9:00 PM EDT

Call in Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 27398#

Click here to join in online.
Archived ProgramEPISODE 48listen here.

The Future of Maine…We The People Of Maine, click here.

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Aroostook Watchmen Interview With Phil Merletti, We The People of Maine, Inc., January 10, 2015

Listen, click here.

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The Future of Maine…We The People Of Maine

We The People of Maine, The Future of Maine Part 1, click here.

We The People of Maine, The Future of Maine Part 2, click here.


Co-Directors: Wayne Leach, Jack McCarthy & Phil Merletti


“To All:

At one time or another, we have all known that something is wrong with our federal and state governments. We all hope that the election process is the answer to the dilemma. Year after year, we make our trek to the polls to elect those whom we hope will make changes necessary to ensure and protect our rights as mandated in the U.S. & Maine Constitutions. We all know that the election process always results in a drastic let down, and again look forward to the next election hoping that someday things will change. Do I have to reiterate the definition of insanity?

Our founding fathers knew that the election process only produced a procedure for establishing good government and that only the republican form placed public servants into positions to guarantee and protect our GOD given, natural, & unalienable rights. As good citizens of Maine, if we the people had taken the time to read and study our Constitutions, we would know where and when our Congressional & State Legislators, our chief Executives, our Courts, and our law enforcement officers have let us down. When public servants defy our rights, the U. S. & Maine Constitutions are written so as to provide us with the means to intervene lawfully and constitutionally as “WE THE PEOPLE” to reform and/or punish the offenders.

What we are proposing to do, is to support, defend and advertise these Constitutions through a lawfully established corporation that will organize, educate, monitor, evaluate, report, and use constitutional processes to ensure that these government legislative, executive, judicial, and law enforcement officers, honor and abide by their Oaths to support the Constitutions, and to create, follow, and enforce only those Supreme Laws of the Constitutions!

Soon, the Governor and the 127th Maine Legislature will go into session. The other elected and appointed public servants will also take their oaths and then assume their posts and do as instructed by their leaders. If we know some are doing wrong, and do nothing about their neglect of, and violations against, their Oaths and our Constitutions, we will be complicit, and as irresponsible as the violators are.

No matter who we are, when we return home from our daily chores and occupations, no matter what they are, we are all on the same plane; we are all Maine People! Please read our request, and consider joining our monumental movement. To facilitate this recruitment process, please respond to the information located at the base of the request. This will be your only chance to become involved and stop the unconstitutional processes occurring in Maine, restoring our State to what was intended.

Whether you can participate, or if you are incapable, please forward this material to everyone on your mailing list. Thank you!


Recruitment Program

We the People of Maine, Inc. (WTP) is now a formal Maine non-profit corporation. We, the incorporators, did not do this for our benefit, but for the defense, benefit and welfare of all the Maine People through a continual vigilance of government at all levels by our network of trained monitors. Like most corporations, we have a structure similar to the standard for-profit corporations, consisting of the required officers – treasurer, secretary, as well as a research team, writers, monitors, a webmaster, lawyer, media consultants, event coordinators and recruiters. The Corporation will be supported by dues paying membership and donations from the People of Maine according to their ability to do so. It will have state, county & municipal coordinators and a working supportive team membership. Monies received from the membership will not be spent on salaries or wages, but on expenses, such as travel, lodging, food, office supplies, advertisement, etc. Other than those who are mentioned above, the working membership will be made-up of at least 2 representatives from each of the 16 counties and at least 2 members from each city, town and plantation. We will require a team of trained and experienced monitors to examine legislative bills, municipal ordinances and warrants, attend hearings in the various Committees, and lobbyist activities. We will need knowledgeable people to analyze legislative bills for their constitutionality, and others who are able to write bills, and are willing to work as liaisons to the legislature.

We will need approximately 600 people to effectively establish our working model. Government, at all levels, is out of control and the root of this problem is because the Maine Constitution was skillfully destroyed or weakened by deceptive and repugnant resolves that led to amendments that misinformed and deceived the people of Maine. This same process was used to amend and create public law. This is where you, the people of Maine, enter the picture. Many of us have tried to do this individually, and by combining our efforts with another group or organization. Either way, we have been thwarted and beaten back by the concerted efforts of the Governor, the Legislature, the bureaucrats and their government agencies, and sadly enough, even by the political parties and their leadership.

We have pondered various methods of using the Constitutions of the United States & Maine to open doors and break through barriers never before done in the past, but we were forced to return to the starting line every time. We have now found what we believe to be the battering ram, a structure that will bring the Maine People back to the forefront as our founding fathers intended. But, it is going to take an effort from the people of Maine. We believe we need to place all independent, patriotic people, their groups and associations under one umbrella corporation, identified by its true name and identification, “We the People of Maine”. By reading this far, you now know that we’ve incorporated and it is our intent to bring every constitutionally minded individual, group, organization and association together as a synergistic force to return Maine to its Constitution, and our government back to work for the defense, benefit and welfare of the people of Maine.

Please do not let this effort slip through your fingers. Yes, this may take your time, energy and money, but I look at this as the beginning of an effort that should be easy if we all come together and move forward as a unified force. The power of the People is guaranteed by our founding documents, the Declaration and the Constitutions. Please contact us at the web site or Email addresses below.”

We The People of Maine, 70 East Palmer Road, Winslow, Maine 04901 or

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Press Conference Announcing the Incorporation of We The People of Maine, Inc.

The Press Conference will be held by members of the Constitution Coalition of Maine, at 9:30 AM on Thursday, August 14th, in the Hall of Flags in the State Capitol.

Please show your support by attending, and bringing friends along for this event.

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