Biddeford (ME) Democratic Senator Susan Deschambault, (former Biddeford Police Commissioner) sponsors bill……coming to a town near you?

The Journal Tribune reports ” Many enjoy having a meal and an alcoholic beverage outdoors in the warm summer months. Until recently, only restaurants that had their own outdoor space could offer such fare. But thanks to a bill sponsored by a state senator from Biddeford, this summer, eating establishments that don’t have their own space may could offer food and alcohol at nearby public space.

Biddeford will likely be one of the first communities taking advantage of the new state law that allows serving alcohol on non-contiguous spaces from May 1 to Oct. 31. City Council gave initial approval to an ordinance on April 17 to allow city restaurants to serve alcohol on sidewalks and in parking areas that aren’t directly next to their building. A final vote on the measure is scheduled for May 1.

Under prior law, alcohol could not be carried by wait staff from the restaurant to tables in a non-contiguous space that is separated by public property. Sen. Deschambault’s new law permits this practice, should a municipality opt-in to allowing it.

With the passage of LD 1738, “state law allows you to go over public land to other public land” to serve alcoholic beverages to diners, City Manager James Bennett said.

The state law will take effect 90 days after the end of the state legislative session, which occurred early Thursday morning. Biddeford’s ordinance could be implemented after that.” Read more HERE.

If this is state law…..why a city ordinance?

So goes Biddeford….so goes Maine?

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How Can Bobby Mills Justify His Candidacy For York County Treasurer?

2.23.18 update

Journal Tribune reports “County mulls referendum on treasurer position.”

“York County Commissioners say they’ll likely decide next month whether they’ll vote to abolish the elected part-time position of county treasurer and ask voters countywide to support their decision in a November referendum. If they decide to do so, and voters agree, the position would become an appointed one.
The position was characterized as ceremonial by County Manager Greg Zinser; the county has employed a full-time finance director for the last several years.

Democrat Bob Mills of Biddeford last week said he would seek his party’s nomination for the treasurer’s job in the June primary and then go on to run in the November election. Mills on Wednesday night said he still plans to run, referendum or not.

When commissioners reviewed starting salaries for all elected officials in 2014, they reduced the salary to $500 annually for any newly elected treasurer. Commission Chairman Sallie Chandler asked Zinser for a report on what options are available for the next meeting, set for March 7.  Read more HERE

(In earlier reporting, states Mills of the stipend for the treasurer’s position, “the pay is not an issue.” How can Bobby Mills justify his qualifications, trustworthiness, honesty and public trust for position as County Treasurer with his “schemes” in Biddeford that command investigation?)

Title 30-A §156. Creation of position of appointed county treasurer

Update –  DID YOU KNOW……

There is no County Treasurer’s Office on the York County Website.

“The treasurer does not have an office within any county government building. The duties are handled by our finance department.”

This begs the question: If “the treasurer does not have an office within any county government building and the duties are handled by the finance department” , why have an election for County Treasurer?

Maine 2018 Election

Bobby Mills, former City of Biddeford Councilor, is a candidate for York County Treasurer in the 2018 election.

Journal Tribune reports “Mills has thrown his hat into the political ring on a number of previous occasions. He began this election season thinking he would run for for the York County Register of Deeds position but withdrew, he said, when he realized it was a full time commitment (our emp) and placed his support behind Democratic candidate Rachel Sherman. Then, he considered a run for Maine House District 12, because he believes there is a need for a legislator involved in the education system, but said he likes Martin Grohman, who recently became an Independent, and decided the time commitment (our emp) if he were elected to the State House would be too much. “After months of wrangling with how and what I can offer in terms of community service for our city and county, I have filed for the open York County treasurer position,” Mills said. States Mills of the stipend for the treasurer’s position, “the pay is not an issue.”

At the onset of this election, Bob Mills registered as a candidate for REGISTER OF DEEDS, then withdrew.

He then registered for State House Representative as has now withdrawn his candidacy – 2.5.18

He has currently filed as a candidate for York County Treasurer.

If Bobby Mills’ participation/aiding and abetting in the theft of property, in concert with Maine-Ly Realty, City of Biddeford officials (behind closed doors) and others, is cause for concern relative to everyone’s property, how can he be trusted with your money “at the helm” in the Office of County Treasurer?

Is Bob Mills desperate?

How can Bobby Mills justify his qualifications, trustworthiness, honesty and public trust for position as County Treasurer with a background such as his?

A “full time commitment” is required of the County Treasurer…’s a full time job, like the Register of Deeds.

Is Biddeford City Councilor, Bob Mills, Controlling Local Government Rule Over HUD Grants?

Mills talks a good piece, but you can’t change the stripes on a tiger.

City of Biddeford Neighbors React To Heroin Arrest Near School

If his neighbors were aware of this activity, wouldn’t you think Bob Mills would also be aware? And taken immediate action as a sitting city councilor?

Where was Attorney General Janet Mills with all of this corruption? Doing what she does best…..covering up! To note, Janet Mills is a candidate for Governor in the 2018 election!

And who was mayor of Biddeford watching over this? Donna Dion…another 2018 gubernatorial candidate…where the “reign” (of terror) continues with Mayor Alan Casavant.

These are serious points to ponder come time for election.

Time to hang it up, Bob. You’ve done enough damage!


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UPDATE! A MUST VIEW: Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption….The Formula


Step 1 Extort all of The Mortgage Specialists money to shut down State of Corruption NH.

Step 2 Put a sealing order so Mike can not tell anyone.

Judge Anderson is trying to shut down The State of Corruption by stealing funds from The Mortgage Specialists.

View video “The Formula”  HERE. (click on Videos, scroll down to All Videos)

Also view video “By The Numbers”  and “Judicial Extortion” HERE.  (click on Videos, scroll down to All Videos)

Mike’s exposure of Extortion is fantastic!

Kelly Ayotte turns “state’s evidence”?

Mike, you’ve done a great job! It’s imperative to note that this “pattern” of fraud and extortion (with the theft of businesses, homes, property) goes on in Maine and, hopefully, your investigation will open the doors to a Maine investigation!


Maine Gov. LePage asks Attorney General Sessions to step up drug prosecution. “Maine’s Republican governor has asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to ramp up prosecution of drug crimes and says the U.S. Attorney’s Office isn’t actively pursuing drug dealers.” Read more HERE.

The pattern of official corruption, obstruction of justice in the US Attorneys General Offices has been posted many times. Why should Maine (or any state) beg to the US DOJ for investigations when USAG Offices occupy every state? And where is Maine AG Janet Mills?

Mike Gill has laid out the “pieces to the puzzle”…. and so has this blog!

 State of Corruption NH – Anonymous Comes Out In Support Of Mike Gill!

State of Corruption NH – Wheel Of Corruption

A MUST VIEW: Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption….People Have Your Back And Your Evidence!

Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption Fighting “The Head Of The Snake”

View video “The Witness” HERE.


Also view the video “Connected!” Click here.  (Scroll down to all videos)

Talkshoe Radio With Guest Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption (6.2.16), listen HERE.

Shaheen & Gordon, a law firm with offices in Dover, Concord and Manchester, has acquired Saco, Maine-based Smith & Elliott.

Financial details of the merger were not disclosed.

Under the deal, which became effective July 1, the merger won’t affect Smith & Elliott’s staff or location, but it will become another office under the Shaheen & Gordon banner.

2-13-17 Update for Mike by Dorothy Lafortune:
Shaheen bought the law firm, Smith & Eliott, that stole my business property in cahoots with Saco-Biddeford Savings Bank and City of Saco officials!!! And that law firm is connected to the City of Biddeford….with city attorneys from that law firm! And the City of Biddeford stole my home….behind closed doors. All in cahoots! Oh, judges are involved too….sound all too familiar Michael Gill?

N.H.’s Shaheen & Gordon buys Maine law firm.

NOTE*  The City of Biddeford’s (ME) attorney, Keith Jacques, as well as former city attorney, Harry Center, is from the Saco (ME) law firm of Smith & Elliott. Perhaps it’s no wonder why people in Biddeford are getting no answers from city officials/law enforcement on the heroin/drug epidemic in their city. The same occurred with thefts of property “behind closed doors” when Harry Center was at the helm!

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Will HUD Control Local Government Rule Over Development?

Courtesy of Tom Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center

“The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule is federal enforcement of Sustainable Development Smart Growth Cities. Until now there was at least a pretense that Smart Growth development was a local process. That, of course, is what the American Planning Association (APA), Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and your city council have assured citizens. Now, through the revelation of AFFH, it is clear that such development is a top-down dictatorship, overseen by the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Announced July 16, 2015 by HUD Secretary Julian Castro, the excuse for the 377 page ruling is to promote and assure discrimination and achieve balanced and integrated living patterns for all citizens. To achieve that goal, AFFH is specifically designed to move people out of rural areas into mega cities and tightly control who may stay in reduced suburbs. Exactly as we’ve been warning about Smart Growth policy.

To achieve its goals, AFFH requires agencies and communities that apply for HUD grants to detail income levels, religion, color, and national origin of every single person living in every neighborhood of the community. They will then determine any imbalances and, if necessary, force a massive shift of people into such neighborhoods to achieve the desired balance. This is nothing less than social engineering!

Worse, the AFFH rule will effectively eliminate local government rule over development. Where once there was at least the pretense of local communities making their own decisions and could spend the HUD grants as they determined best for their communities, now, under AFFH, HUD will control those decisions to its satisfaction.” Read more HERE.

Protection of Private Property Rights
Testimony by Tom DeWeese, click here.

Related: Is Biddeford City Councilor, Bob Mills, Controlling Local Government Rule Over HUD Grants? Click HERE.

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Is Biddeford City Councilor, Bob Mills, Controlling Local Government Rule Over HUD Grants?


Bob Mills is a member of the Biddeford City Council. Holding such a position could become self-serving or “buddy friendly”. However, he is not unique. There are many of his like among other local, county and state elected officials.

Mills, as Business Manager of Mainely Realty, LLC and owner, Tim Q. Ly, have many questions to answer.

When a request to review all documents in the Biddeford Commmity Development Office pertaining to CDBG grants and Tim Q. Ly, including financial statements of matching HUD funds awarded to Mr. Ly and/or Mainely Realty LLC, was denied by Linda Hardacker, a request was made to Councilor Mills for his help in obtaining these documents. He refused stating “this comes under the Privacy Act.” Who is he protecting or helping?

(Over the years many state officials were hand delivered/mailed many documents proving official corruption on Maine, most specifically involving officials within the City of Biddeford.)

On August 16, 2011 a Freedom of Access Act request was sent to Councilor Bob Mills and and Linda Hardacker, City of Biddeford HUD Office Coordinator.

Documents were received, but nowhere near the amount of “boxes/files” allegedly held in Hardarcker’s office. One interesting piece of documentation – in between documents – was a personal note between two employees relating to the concern with giving Mr. Ly money in his hands. Was this deliberately inserted with the documents or was it a mistake? Don’t know…but it’s fantastic evidence!

Mills talks a good piece, but you can’t change the stripes on a tiger. Keep an eye on his right hand!

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Failing To Comply With Maine Law…As Biddeford Goes, So Goes Millinocket

BDN reports “Lawsuit alleges Millinocket illegally sold tax-acquired property.

J.P. Morgan-Chase Bank is suing the town and two home buyers for allegedly failing to follow proper procedures during the sale of a tax-acquired house two years ago.

The town’s attorney, Dean Beaupain, denied the allegation this week. He said Millinocket’s procedures were sound and that the town has filed a motion seeking to be dropped from the civil complaint, which is pending in Penobscot County Superior Court.

Filed by attorney John A. Turcotte of Portland on Aug. 10, the four-page complaint states that the town sold the property at 216 Bowdoin St. to co-defendants Wilfredo Rodriguez, who lives in Township 4 Indian Purchase, and Barbara A. Young of Boca Raton, Florida, via a municipal release deed on or about Sept. 19, 2013. The property previously was owned by James and Elise Stewart, according to the complaint.

“As the town failed to comply with the Maine law, its tax foreclosure action was void, and it possessed no title to convey to Rodriguez and Young,” the lawsuit states. “Rodriguez and Young therefore possess no ownership rights in the property.”

The lawsuit asks the court to invalidate the sale to Rodriguez and Young, establish clear title to the property and seeks court costs and unspecified damages.

Read more HERE.

‘Caveat Emptor’ applies “let the buyer beware.” However, town/city attorneys and Maine judges fail/refuse to comply with Maine law….and lawmakers who refuse to take action on compliance of laws they created become lawbreakers.

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Ready. Aim. Fire: Fascinating Interview With Dr. Daniel Parenteau, Biddeford Mayoral Candidate

August 30, 2015

With host Andrew Ready…

Episode 8 ***Andrew speaks with Dr. Daniel Parenteau, Biddeford Mayoral candidate, who will be facing off against incumbent Mayor Alan Casavant in November 2015. Mayor Casavant will attempt to get the nod for his 3rd 2-year term at the helm.

Listen HERE.

More HERE.

Ready. Aim. Fire!


Safe Harbors for Biddeford: Moving Victims from Crisis to Confidence, click here.

Biddeford (ME) Police Department Exposed! Click here.

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WLOB Radio Talkin’ Maine With Guest Matt Lauzon 8.1.15

Hosts Kevin Crocker and Brian Thompson interview Matt about the alleged sexual abuse against former Biddeford police officers, listen HERE. (scroll down)

This is a very good interview with Matt.

The stalls and delays by city and state officials/law enforcement for investigation continue.

Related: Biddeford (ME) Police Department Exposed! Click here.


Matt, and other victims, had the courage to come forward with the sexual abuses inflicted upon them with a demand for investigation. Matt has met with the same “dead ends” as others who have demanded investigations from the Attorney General’s Office. Official corruption and abuse of power is rampant in the City of Biddeford, County of York, as well as at the state level.

Individuals pursuing justice and demanding investigations are faced with retaliation in some way, shape or form. Government officials will use the “credibility card” and attack the person attempting to bring forth the truth.

Matt will pursue, civilly or criminally, in the court. A second awakening may occur when he learns that the courts “rubber-stamp” the corruption and cover-ups of government officials, as documented evidence proves.

Roger Beaupre has been Police Chief for decades. He has been an “asset” to city councils. The city’s corrupt procedures “behind closed doors” are carried out by Chief Beaupre to achieve their intended goals, ie. false arrests, theft of property…and this is abusive treatment.

A few of examples that demand investigation:
Biddeford Police Report
Not Guilty
FOIA to Judge David Kennedy
FOIA – Judge John David Kennedy REPLY – no action taken…passed the buck!

A good point brought up by the host – was Chief Beaupre “on top of” this sexual abuse matter…or part of it? The above documents prove that he has been part of abuses inflicted upon citizens of Biddeford and cover-up, thereof.

“Brian MacMaster, the Director of Investigations since 1984. Mr. MacMaster has served as the Attorney General’s designee on the Board of Trustees of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy since 1993 and has served as Chair of the Board since 1997.” He has been very successful at brushing complaints “under the rug.”

In the past, if you filed a complaint against a police officer with the Maine Criminal Justice Academy because MasMaster failed in his duties, MacMaster was Chairman of the Board! Both he and Detective Mike Pulire have brushed crimes under the rug. Documented!

The host has “hit the nail on the head.” This instant situation ongoing in Biddeford is more about power and collusion…and it is bigger than the City of Biddeford.

Claims of “conspiracy theories” are used to discredit people who are seeking accountability when crimes have been committed. The “conspiracies” claimed are not “theories.” They are documented fact.

“If Sen. Dutremble or anybody else can show us any shred of misconduct by any current city employee – and I emphasize the word ‘current’ – then the council and I will act swiftly and appropriately,” Casavant said in his written statement. Evidence of “misconduct by current city employees” is available! Evidence, when viewed by Mayor Casavant (which dropped his jaw to his knees), he stated “I didn’t know this was going on.” Well. now he does. Did he act? No!

The host, a fair and impartial outsider, stayed quiet and watched to see the criminal process happen…and he didn’t see it happen! Matt is not on a “witch hunt.” There is a bigger picture. This video by investigator Tom Dunn is most revealing. (Tom was called into the A.G.’s Office to help with an investigation. The A.G. got more than it bargained for…and Tom was taken off the case.) View video (28 min.), HERE. This is the criminal justice system in this state!

Senator David Dutremble was told he was committing “political suicide” in his decision to help the victims and would never win another election. Biddeford does “control” the outcome of elections. Here is one example where a full investigation into the City of Biddeford, and clerk Clairma Matherne, was fully warranted and brushed under the rug!

2004 Biddeford election: The events surrounding this election were not just mere “irregularities” or “mistakes.” Issues are:
1) The premature opening of absentee ballots
2) The failure of the Post Office to mail my first-class campaign flyers. This was paid with clean election funds by the taxpayers of Maine. These were not delivered and neither did the taxpayers receive their mail.

These are state and federal violations of law and a matter of public interest.

Asst. A.G. Leanne Robbins. Detective Mike Pulire was investigator on this case. He was only interested in Chief Beaupre’s trumped up charges of “arm twisting” the elderly against good, honest, decent people.

Secretary of State Matt Dunlap also viewed the physical evidence of campaign flyers not mailed by the Post Office. Click here.

It is no surprise that Matt’s investors were contacted…collusion occurs in many ways, shapes and forms. Putting him out of business will, hopefully, put him out of sight!

Motive behind this cover-up? Personal gain/satisfaction in whatever way, shape, or form. They are in position to protect each other…they have “free reign” to do whatever they want because there will be no accountability. Many of today’s “players” are yesterday’s “players.”

Abuse is any way, shape or form…is ABUSE!

The intent of this commentary is to prove that a “pattern” of official corruption exists at all levels of government no matter what the issue! The documents attached herein are just a fraction of the corruption, but should suffice to make the point. Failure/refusal of officials/law enforcement to act upon criminal activity is a crime in itself…. and an egregious breach of public trust!

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Ready. Aim. Fire: Biddeford Officials: What will it take…..? Some are running out of time

August 17, 2015

With host Andrew Ready…

Episode 6  ***Only mild vulgarity this episode: Uncensored talk-casting. Not for the faint at heart or for those folks with their heads in the sand.

In the latest episode of Ready.Aim.Fire…… It’s solo time again for the off-centered, pod-casting fool, Andrew Ready… Andrew reads a personal letter from an “alleged” victim of former BPD officer Stephen Dodd. Andrew reads his response as well.
What will it take…?

Listen HERE.

More HERE.

A message to Andrew…Jonathan has a true friend in you!

Ready. Aim. Fire!

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