Mike Gill – State of Corruption NH – POWERFUL!

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What you are going to see is a trap I set two years ago playing out. With indisputable evidence given to Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Lelling. In this video you will see the evidence, the IRS caught on tape, communications from the IRS delivered to an accountant working corruptly for the IRS who I had never met or employed ever. You will see the evidence against Morrison Mahoney who represented me against these individuals only to be working with the same insurer Liberty Mutual. It was rigged for the protection of the deep state. You will also see a settlement offer for 50 Million Dollars from Morrison Mahoney, with the attached required releases, which just to name a few held Alex Walker, Bill Shaheen. You will see a video of these entities auctioning off my home and property and taking my banking license using the DRA and the NH Banking Department. Interestingly enough the same entities who offered me 50 Million for my silence. Now how do you explain that? The answer to that is how we spring our trap.

– Mike Gill

Included Videos:

Nominated By The President

Message From The Cartel

DEA to Mayor Gatsas to the FBI

Proof of IRS Corruption

Room Service



The same pattern and connections tie into Maine and New Jersey (USAG Chris Christy/Governor)….DOJ/OIG Cover UP! Documented!

Shaheen & Gordon, a law firm with offices in Dover, Concord and Manchester, has acquired Saco, Maine-based Smith & Elliott.

The City of Biddeford’s (ME) attorney, Keith Jacques, as well as former city attorney, Harry Center, is from the Saco (ME) law firm of Smith & Elliott. Perhaps it’s no wonder why people in Biddeford are getting no answers from city officials/law enforcement on the heroin/drug epidemic in their city.

Stayed tuned!

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You Tube – State of Corruption NH

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  1. This is why there is no justice…the swamp is really deep. Tweeted the links to @realdonaldtrump while requesting a prison barge be sent to the New England Coast to collect these birds.

    • Great! Hopefully more people will do the same.

  2. you know where I stand Mike ! only the liars will fight unabashed against honesty. Drag them all of into the depths and dump them in the heart of the valcanoes ! Such blatant disregard for trurh by them all deserves no less !!!

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