Why Did California Outlaw Shortwave Repeaters and What Does That Mean for You?

Dave Hodges – Common Sense Show – View HERE.

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5G Network A Global Network for the Culling of Mankind…The New Normal?

The Common Sense Show, listen HERE. (pt 1) …. (pt 2) listen HERE.

“My guest in the first two hours of the show was Deborah Tavares. This was one of the most riveting presentations in the history of the show Deborah had not been a guest on my show for quite some time. However, she made up for lost time. I just stepped aside and let educate the audience as to several threats that are being perpetrated upon us by the Deep State and their friends in control of the UN. We discussed many issues including the use of directed energy weapons, not just to create chaos in N California, but in places like Finland. The goal is to block access to water and to use it as a weapon. We also discussed how the UN and Agenda 21 are prepared to move on America and the world in a very big way. Please share this interview far and wide.” (Dave Hodges)

5G Network A Global Network for the Culling of Mankind, listen HERE.


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