Elite Are No Longer in Control, They’re Scared To Death

Published on Jan 30, 2016
“Time to spread the word to the Other 75%
Note: I have decided to refrain from using the inappropriate term (Elite) to describe those who have maneuvered their why into such positions of power. hence fourth I suggest we begin using the more appropriate term”Polyp” (a type of Parasite). This will also begin to remove their perceived authority, I promise they will not like it.”

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“When Resistance Becomes Duty”

“You know something is horribly wrong. At what point do you intend to do something about it?”

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“Message to Police”

“Something you need to consider if you work in law enforcement–a question of life or death that you need to answer, and answer now.”
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“Why Good People Should Be Armed”
“Despite all the fear-mongering, emotionalism, and deceptive propaganda surrounding the issue of firearms, the principle that matters most is quite simple.”
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Josie…On Being An Outlaw

Josie explains what it means to be an outlaw, and what it will take to make society what it should be.

View Video HERE.

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