LIVE – Attorney General William “Bill” Barr Testifies Before House Judiciary

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Maine Gov-Elect Janet Mills (D) …. Behind The Mask


“Not only was Maine’s Governor elect, Janet Mills, the subject of a cocaine usage investigation but also in addition an Assistant United States Attorney (Richard Cohen) ordered the investigation cancelled and deleted from the record system.

The investigation was conducted by B.I.D.E. (Bureau of Intergovernmental Drug Enforcement). Read FTM’s report HERE. (November 12, 2018))

BANGOR DAILY NEWS reported (May 5, 1992) “Report clears drug agents of wrongdoing” “Attorney General Michael E. Carpenter on Monday released a special investigative report which cleared state drug agents of any wrongdoing in their probe of alleged drug use by District Attorney Janet Mills. But Carpenter stressed that the special investigators — two law professors from the University of Maine School of Law in Portland — were barred by federal law from probing the activities of federal drug agents involved in the case.

The investigation of Mills by the Bureau of Intergovernmental Drug Enforcement, now the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, was terminated by U.S. Attorney Richard Cohen when drug agents failed to turn up enough evidence to prosecute Mills.

News of the probe of Mills was leaked to a Portland television news reporter and first broadcast publicly in December 1990. When Mills, a prominent Democrat and BIDE critic, complained she was being targeted unfairly by political opponents (Cohen is a Republican), the case got widespread publicity.

The special investigators — Professors David P. Cluchey and Melvyn Zarr —stated in their report they were unable to get cooperation from the U.S. Attorney’s Office or the federal Drug Enforcement Administration during their three-month probe of the Mills case. They said the investigation of Mills was justified because “information had come to state and federal law enforcement officials from a number of persons involved in the drug culture that District Attorney Janet Mills had purchased or used cocaine.”

Carpenter said a recent law change by the Legislature would ensure that any future investigations into the activities of state officials would be headed by the Attorney General’s Office to ensure that such investigations are open to public view.” Read more HERE.

Pattern of cover-ups in Augusta

NOTICE AND DEMAND – April 8, 2010 – sent to AG Janet requesting a meeting to present evidence of criminal activity…she refused!

U.S.A.G. Richard Cohen (and former Maine A.G.)  View MOST POWERFUL, REVEALING VIDEO BY TOM DUNN

Richard “King-Kover-Up” Cohen

Do you truly believe “a law change by the Legislature would ensure that any future investigations into the activities of state officials would be headed by the Attorney General’s Office to ensure that such investigations are open to public view”?

The Attorney General has final say in whether or not to investigate crimes. Will the AG investigate himself/herself? As the pattern of cover-ups continued with A.G. Schneider (now a sitting judge) when he brushed a RICO case under the rug, John Morris, Comm. Dept. of Public Safety was contacted. Pursuant to 25 MRS, Chap. 351: Department of Public Safety §2908. Police officers; powers and duties; cooperation, the Commissioner of Public Safety may expand the duties and powers of police officers beyond the duties and powers enumerated in this section to investigate, prosecute, serve process on and arrest violators of any law of this State. After response from John Morris, this law was changed.

As you can see, Augusta has all of its “bases” covered, whether a Democrat or Republican!

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Chris Christie On Short List For AG….Loyalty Does Not “Trump” Lack Of Trust, Honesty, Integrity And Obstruction Of Justice

On this Veterans Day it is not only appropriate to honor our veterans, but to demand questions be answered.

President Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him with Sessions’ chief of staff, Matthew G. Whitaker, Trump announced by tweet Wednesday. However, it is reported that Sessions “submitted his resignation Wednesday.” What to believe?

President Trump gets rid of Sessions and considers replacing with Chis Christie…Why? So Christie can “save his own butt?” There’s a complaint on Christie being covered up by Jeff Sessions at the DOJ. President Trump’s consideration of Chris Christie is a huge mistake. Say it isn’t so….He would be just another “stump” for President Trump…as in “root of the problem.” (Now former Governor) Chis Christie has much to answer for….his cover ups and Obstructions of Justice as N.J. USAG and as Governor. His unresponsiveness as an elected official and his cover ups, including a fraudulent Certificate of Death of a veteran in his Department of Bureau of Vital Statistics.

If Veterans are a priority with President Trump, why is this untimely, suspicious and unattended death of a veteran of no concern to him or the DOJ?

Since (now former) AG Sessions has covered for FBI Robert Mueller (complaint sent to him) and Chris Christie, why would President Trump consider Christie for Attorney General?

Should President Trump nominate Chris Christie for position as Attorney General, letters of opposition must be sent to members of Congress. Loyalty does not “trump” Obstruction of Justice. Since Christie could not uphold the law as USAG and Governor, do you expect that he would do so as US Attorney General?

New Jersey “Bridgegate” Trial


Is There More Behind New Hampshire Corruption?

There Is More Behind Governor Chris Christie And The Bridgegate Scandal!

During the tenure of N.H. Gov. John Lynch (D) and Kelly Ayotte’s (R) tenure as Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte and Lynch covered up official corruption. The corruption and cover up extended to New Jersey, involving Fort Lee and Bergen County Prosecutors office. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) is fully aware, as is the Office of Inspector General, US DOJ.

View reply from Governor Christie.


N.J. Governor Christie Thinks There’s More To Bridgegate

Chris Christie being considered to replace Sessions as attorney general

Chris Christie on short list to be Trump’s next attorney general, report says

Is Jeff Sessions’ Departure a Boon for Christie?

Christie as AG? He’d be awful! Others even worse! | Moran

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Subpoenaed To Congress On October 4, 2018

Subpoena Letter



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DOJ-FBI…Behind The Curtain

By Dorothy Lafortune

Have you ever communicated with, or filed a criminal complaint, a human rights or Obstruction of Justice complaint with the DOJ or FBI?

Have you ever communicated with, or filed a criminal complaint, a human rights or Obstruction of Justice complaint with any U.S. Attorney’s Office or FBI Branch Offices?

Former FBI Director James Comey targeted President Trump in his opening testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey took issue with the Trump administration’s characterization of the FBI as being in “disarray” after he was fired May 9. He also noted claims that the bureau was “poorly led” and that the workforce at the FBI had “lost confidence in its leader.” “Those were lies plain and simple. I’m so sorry that the FBI workforce had to hear them and I’m so sorry that the American people were told them,” he said, describing the statements as an effort to “defame me and more importantly, the FBI.” Watch live hearing HERE.

Comey states he was confused because President Trump had fired him because of the Russian investigation. (Of further interest – FBI-Russia connections ….nothing new. FBI Chief Louis Freeh’s visit to Russia, late nineties quote “We are actually comrades today as I speak to you.”) View video HERE.

Comey states “the FBI’s mission is to protect the American people and uphold the constitution”, and “the FBI is honest.”

The DOJ is also under fire for its corruption, cover ups and conflicts of interest within the department.

Whatever your opinion of President Trump…the corruption, cover ups, conflicts of interest within the DOJ/FBI existed long before President Trump. It is documented that the DOJ is also an accessory to the corruption, cover-ups and obstructions of justice for USAGs Offices and FBI agents in Branch Offices.

An investigation into the Office of the FBI has been warranted for decades, since the tenure of Director Louis Freeh. Complaints of criminal activity, with demand for investigations, sent to the following FBI Directors and Agents were “brushed under the rug”:

July 13, 2000 – FBI Agent William P. Chase, Boston, MA
March 13, 2005 – Robert Mueller III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
August 11, 2005 – Daniel D. O’Brien, Unit Chief, Federal Bureau of Investigation
January 12, 2006 – F.B.I., Augusta, ME
August 30, 2007 – Weysan Dun, FBI Director – Newark Division
February 5, 2008 – Robert Mueller III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Michael Mukasey, USAG (This correspondence has been sent to President Trump.)
(A full and fair investigation is commanded with this documentation to be included. However, the “players” cannot conduct their own investigation. The “swamp” will not drain itself.)

The cover ups continue today with USAG Jeff Sessions and OIG David Horowitz.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017 that he can’t appoint a special counsel to probe Republican concerns “unless the facts justify the need.” The complaint referenced by this response from the Justice Department/OIG was sent to AG Jeff Sessions. The U.S. Department of Justice – Office of the Inspector General determined that the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys management should review a complaint. The complaint filed were not allegations, but very well documented and the facts justify the need for investigation. Why is AG Sessions dragging his feet? Why has current OIG David Horowitz brushed this “under the rug?”

Why did the DOJ not take action on the hand-delivered 1500 pages of evidence involving criminal acts by “officers of the court” or government officials“? This warrants a full investigation, indictment and prosecution where the evidence demands! View Press Release – Due Process Defenders Press Release

Many officials, judges, even the State Comptrollor….the list is too long….left office (to spend time with the family, or other excuse) after receiving correspondences from me. Now the question is…..where is AG Jeff Sessions? I wondered what might happen with AG Sessions after I contacted him about a criminal complaint. (May 2017 – August 2017).

Is USAG Sessions “flying” with former USAG’s, OIG Michael Horowitz and FBI agents? You know…”birds of a feather….”

FBI Director Christopher Wray Testified before the House Oversight Hearing on 12/7/17. “Wray’s only loyalty is to the constitution and laws of the state. Wray: “see something…say something”…..all sounds so good “on its face.” …..and then it’s covered up! Will the same pattern continue with the new FBI Director?

Judge Jeanine talks about the connections in the DOJ/FBI….Is AG Sessions stalling because FBI Director Wray is friends with a specific (now former) US Attorney? View HERE.

Who is Michael Horowitz? Head of the OIG

Do you trust DOJ’s Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz? Have you personally dealt with him? I have!

Michael E. Horowitz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know 

Michael Horowitz Exposed – View video HERE.

It has taken decades for this official corruption to come to light. Why?

The mainstream media has played a huge part in this “masquerade party.”

The “dots” are well connected!

How will integrity and trust be restored with the same “players” in the game?

Are congressional hearings just another waste of time and taxpayer dollars?

The lack of credibility, honesty and trustworthiness of some of the members on these congressional committees further reveal the reason for the public’s distrust in government.

Exposure will continue until our so-called elected officials uphold their oaths of office and hold those officials/judges/government employees accountable for their violations and obstructions of justice!

It is refreshing, and encouraging, that others have come forward, like The Clarion Edict, to “shine the spotlight” on this official corruption.

Will elected officials, in either “party” eat their own to protect themselves?

Other videos to view:
Mark Levin: Robert Mueller, his staff and his investigation unraveling more and more (Dec. 05 2017) “Mueller completely out of control” – click here.


The Big Event! FBI Subversion, Conspiracy, and Corruption! 

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Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn Plea Agreement

The special counsel released Michael Flynn’s “Statement of the Offense.” 

United States v. Michael T. Flynn

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Breaking/AG Jeff Sessions Lays Down the Law…

View HERE.

We shall see! Your thoughts?


Hypocrisy in DC?

What’s Good For The Goose Isn’t Good For The Gander?

N.J. Governor Christie Thinks There’s More To Bridgegate
Is there a connection between Gov. Christie’s “Bridgegate“, US Senator Kelly Ayotte and the US DOJ? Is there political maneuvering behind the scenes? Regardless, all three have personal knowledge of state and federal crimes committed, cover up, obstruction of justice and malfeasance of office, involving drugs. Documented evidence supports this.

Will current A.G. Jeff Sessions continue the cover up because Governor Christie is a friend of President Donald Trump?

Still awaiting a response…..AG Sessions!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Speech at Law Enforcement Conference 9/1/17

AG Jeff Sessions delivers remarks at law enforcement conference – Attorney General Sessions discusses law enforcement in Alabama.

View HERE.

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Who Will Replace U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder?

The Hill reports “Five candidates to replace Holder. Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement Thursday that he’s stepping down after six years heading the Justice Department set tongues wagging in Washington about who might succeed him.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday the White House is already evaluating candidates to replace Holder and that the selection would be a “high priority.” He said the Senate should be prepared to act promptly.

President Obama has plenty of past and present insiders to choose from, but could also enlist a high-profile rising star.

The timing of the president’s nomination will play a critical role in the confirmation process. If Obama picks a more controversial nominee, Senate Democrats might try to ram it through in the lame-duck session after the election — particularly if Republicans win the majority in November.

Here are five people who might be willing to take the plunge.”

1.) Don Verrilli
2.) Janet Napolitano
3.) Kamala Harris
4.) Preet Bharara
5.) Tony West

Read more HERE.

Will “a close advisor and good friend” of Eric Holder change things within the Department of Justice? “Revolving doors” and “musical chairs” never makes change for the good!


Attorney General Eric Holder Will Resign, click here.

Public Corruption And Prosecutions, click here.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Takes Unprecedented Step Against Corrupt Politicians Breaking The Law, click here.

Public Corruption And Prosecutions

The breadth and diversity of the officials caught up in corruption probes include State Senators, Assemblymen/women, Councilmen/women, Elected officials as well as party leaders, businessmen and lobbyists, City council members as well as town mayors and Democrats as well as Republicans.

A few Remarks Of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara – Public Corruption In New York:

“After such a disheartening spate of scandals, it is heartening to see that many people are beginning to take the problem more seriously than perhaps they have until now.

We simply want people in high office to stop violating the law. It seems like a simple and modest request—people elected to make laws should not break them.

Prosecuting public corruption, for the most part, is like prosecuting every other type of crime. As with every other area, we are fundamentally fearless and appropriately aggressive. We go wherever the facts and the law take us.

We have an obligation to investigate vigorously all criminal misconduct no matter where it may be happening and no matter who may be responsible.

No one is above the law, no matter how wealthy or important, and no matter how many votes he or she may have garnered in the last election.

Where there is smoke, there is often fire—that conclusion has become irrefutable over the last few years. And we are duty-bound to go where the smoke is.

We also met recently with leaders of watchdog groups to see if there are other ways we can be effective.

Our goal is to change the calculus of even the most dense public official—so that he or she will finally realize that the reward for violating the oath of office is not reelection, but prison.

We prosecutors will keep doing our jobs—aggressively and collaboratively. And if that means locking up more corrupt officials, so be it.

Perhaps most disheartening is the deafening silence of the many individuals who, over the course of this investigation (and others), saw something and said nothing. They learned of suspicious and potentially criminal activity being conducted in the halls of the Capitol and elsewhere, and they said nothing. No one made a call. No one blew the whistle. No one sounded the alarm.

As I keep saying, corruption is more than a prosecutor’s problem, and everyone with a stake has to be part of the solution. That means the politicians, the press, and the public have a vital role to play also.

First, the role of politicians, of lawmakers.

Apart from refraining from breaking the law, the single most important thing they can do to restore public trust is to act seriously and earnestly to reform the system and the culture of our government and our politics.

Does the press have a role? Absolutely. The press is often in the best position to investigate, and shine a light on, corrupt officials and corrupt practices.

What about the public? That is where the solution really lies. People need to demand more. It is not enough just to be fed-up.

After all, as Edward R. Murrow observed, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

View entire Press Speech, click here.

Also view: Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division Lanny A. Breuer Speaks at the Alabama Public Corruption Investigation Press Conference, click here.


Dorothy Lafortune asks:

As the paper trail of official corruption on Maine gets longer and deeper, who in Maine’s legislature, or Governor Paul LePage’s administration, will remain part of the problem or part of the solution?

People, our “representatitives” and law enforcement have a choice…and so do we!

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