Updated – March 14, 2016

E-mail to Governor Christie dated January 8, 2016, click here.

Still no response from Governor Christie.


The Star Ledger reports “N.J. Attorney General Paula Dow leaves office after nearly 2 stressful, sometimes frustrating, years.”

“Still, rumors of her departure swirled for months, and it was no secret that she wanted to be a judge. In December, Gov. Chris Christie granted her wish, choosing her for the Superior Court in Essex County. But her place on the bench will have to wait until the governor and the county’s Democratic senators agree on her and other nominations.”

On March 14, 2010 I wrote to Governor Christopher Christie, with attached documentation, requesting his assistance and intervention. Due to government  employees non-compliance with the law, I called upon him to cause an investigation into a most egregious travesty of justice and violations of oaths of office, breach of responsibility and statutory protocol, Obstruction of Justice, malfeasance of office and abuse of power.

“Pursuant to N.J. Constitution, Art. V, Sec. IV(5), The Governor may cause an investigation to be made of the conduct in office of any officer or employee who receives his compensation from the State of New Jersey, except a member, officer or employee of the Legislature or an officer elected by the Senate and General Assembly in joint meeting, or a judicial officer. He may require such officers or employees to submit to him a written statement or statements, under oath, of such information as he may call for relating to the conduct of their respective offices or employments. After notice, the service of charges and an opportunity to be heard at public hearing the Governor may remove any such officer or employee for cause. Such officer or employee shall have the right of judicial review, on both the law and the facts, in such manner as shall be provided by law.”

On March 29, 2010 I received a reply from Governor Christie stating that he asked Attorney General Paula Dow to review the information I sent to him and reply to me directly. Attorney General Dow did not reply to me and has failed to respond to Governor Christie’s directive. Contact information was given to the A.G.’s office for a Private Investigator from New Hampshire who went to New Jersey in May 2009 for further investigation into the matter and he was never contacted. This Private Investigator is well respected in New Hampshire and his investigation revealed gross violations of N.J. Statutes including contributory negligence which meet the requirements of culpability N.J.S.A. 2C:2-2; 26:6.

Governor Christie was made aware of the fact that A.G. Paula Dow had failed to respond to his directive. I have had no response from Governor Christie as of yet.

How does Paula Dow justify a judgeship when she has failed in her duties, oath and public trust as New Jersey’s top law enforcement officer?

How can Governor Christie justify his nomination of Paula Dow where she lacks integrity and public trust?

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  1. Hello Guru, what inspires you to write this kind of articles? This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  2. The corruption is so blatant its sickening. Until those who hold public office are made to fear accountability, it wont end. After 15 years, I found out how that goal can, and must, be accomplished:

    Here I am at a NJFOG meeting where Chubby Christie was invited to attend. I challenged then US Attorney Chris Christie. Of course he did nothing despite his promise. Now its clear why no one of importance or connections is ever prosecuted!

    [audio src="http://www.southjerseyjustice.com/USAOsoundbyte.wav" /]

    Here’s the answer to the problems all 3 branches of government are causing, as well as bi-partisan corruption:


  3. IMHO.. That is the EXACT criteria for Christie’s hiring requirement!! You MUST possess a LACK of integrity, be deceptive, dishonest and a PROVEN CRIMINAL. Just look at his track record. You want to know ANYTHING about someones FUTURE behavior ?? Look at their PAST behavior !!

  4. His track record as N.J. USAG will become known. Stay tuned!

    It was the same with Gov. Corzine! Remember A.G. Stuart Rabner…turned “judge”?

    • Yea, about that, isn’t thete something wrong or illegal even, for anyone in a prosecutorial role, to jump from the branch that enforces the law, even against judges and politicians, to one that deals with being the top judge? If that isn’t a conflict of interest, as well as a political insurance ploy for dirty officials, I don’t know what is!

    • If, as a cop, I had his stats that he had as usa, I’d be fired! The media lauds his paltry 130 something arrests of petty public officials as great! BS!

  5. I HOPE justice & God prevail. Right now i’m focused on getting thru December… exhausting & Scary !!

  6. All three brances are crooked. Here’s where we who fight corruption must focus on, in order to restore the fear of accountability for action, or inaction by ANY public official (legislative, executive, or judicial) and to then obtain justice,

    James Madison sums up the current dilemma in Federalist Paper #51:

    “In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this:

    you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.”

    Here’s how you “oblige” it, with the use of Constitutional Grand Jury provision, or to be more specific, the PRESENTMENT Grand Jury, or PGJ for short.

    First, did you read the two articles below? They explain all about the PGJ versus the Indictment Grand Jury or IGJ. Both are INVESTIGATIVE in nature.

    The IGJ is the one everyone knows of, where between 20-30 citizens are pooled together and form a Grand Jury. Then they are presented with facts and evidence and subpoenaed witnesses via a Prosecutor. The IGJ then determines if there is sufficient proof, not of guilt, but simply IF the person accused might have committed the allegation, and if so, the accused is indicted and officially charged and it goes before a PETIT jury and judge for trial. They can also determine that there isn’t enough to convince them, and the accused is not charged officially. The IGJ really acts as a buffer between the givernment and the people to ensure against malicious prosecutions. Least that’s how it is supposed to work.
    While the Prosecutor used to have a minor role, with the IGJ, this has changed to the point that it does what the Prosecutor dictates, accepts what the Prosecutor allows them to see or hear, hence the phrase “A Prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich.” This is sad because like the Informed Juror explains, the IGJ has a lot more power than what the Prosecutor allows, and if they educated themselves, they really would even the scales better.
    But that is why the Founding Fathers added the second half of the Grand Jury, the PGJ which was/is intended to be an anti-corruption tool against all three branches of government. It, like a IGJ can subpoena just about any person, place or thing, whether it be be a US Supreme Court Justice (Judicial Branch), an Attorney General (Executive Branch), or even the President (Legislative Branch) and on down. It is the more independent of the two as it doesn’t need to be led by a Prosecutor and in fact, best operates on its own. This is why it is the one that is the most threatening of the two (IGJ v PGJ), and why it was tampered with.

    The links below will expand on this, and explain what was done to neutralize the PGJ. Let me know if you grasp the content of the two authors explanation, and we can go from there.




  7. But, it is up to the People to restore it, and use it; or for the Sheeple to do nothing, and lose it.



    And here is my personal exposé of the NJAG busted for criminal cover up. Yet not one law enforcement office or agency would do anything, hence why we have to restore the presentment power of the 5th amendment and its nj counterpart!

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