Maine Congressional Delegation Scores Low On The 2013 Liberty Index

The Lisbon Reports ” The Maine congressional delegation scored low on the 2013 Liberty Index compiled by a panel of libertarian scholars headed by Dr. Clifford F. Thies, Elden R. Lindsey Chair of Free Enterprise and Professor of Economics and Finance at Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA. The Index was released Monday by the national Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC), of which Thies is former National Chair.

House and Senate members were rated on a scale of zero to 100 on a series of 2013 roll call votes involving economic liberty issues and rate on the same scale on a series of roll call votes on personal liberty issues. The average of the two scores produced the Liberty Index.

“I was disturbed when I read the scores and learned how out of touch our Maine congressional delegation is with the will of the American people when it comes to free enterprise, smaller government, lower taxes and personal liberty without government intrusions. And it crossed party lines with disappointing scores whether Republican, Democrat or independent,” said Maine RLC State Chair Vic Berardelli.”

Republican Senator Susan Collins scored 40 on economic liberty and 50 on personal liberty for a Liberty Index of 45. The average Senate Republican scores were 86 and 81 for an average Liberty Index of 83 for Senate Republicans.

Independent Senator Angus King scored 5 on economic liberty and 11 on personal liberty for a Liberty Index of 8, giving him one of the lowest scores in the Senate but placing him close to the average Senate Democrat scores of 6 and 14 for an average Liberty index of 10 for Senate Democrats.

Rep. Chellie Pingree, Democrat of Maine’s 1st District, scored zero on economic liberty and 75 on personal liberty for a Liberty Index of 38.

Rep. Mike Michaud, Democrat of Maine’s 2nd District scored 10 on economic liberty and 68 on personal liberty for a Liberty Index of 39.

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Representatives Mike Michaud & Chellie Pingree and Senators Angus King and Susan Collins Still Support The President’s Signature Obama-Care Failure

Courtesy of Phil M.

“Have you noticed that every crisis or scandal that was created by the Obama administration, no one is ever responsible (it is always someone else’s fault)? Obama always claims that he never knew what his administration was doing or he did not know that his administration was out of control, but yet he never goes after those who were responsible. Even when a high-ranking person is targeted or questioned, vital information is hidden or lost. No one is ever held responsible, or they are removed from the limelight by giving them the choice to retire with a large retirement, or they are given a raise or promoted to a higher level. Another popular way to pass the hot potato is to blame President Bush, or the Republicans.

It now appears that the Obama Administration is running scared, their leaders are making ridiculous statements, obviously directed to the low information voters to hear. Cathleen Sebeleus, director for Health and Human Services, was quoted to say when she was asked to give testimony before the House energy and commerce committee: She responded: that she did not have to show up because she does not work for the people, but for the President. Harry Reed, President of the Senate said, that he doesn’t understand why some congressmen are making such a big deal of this issue, middle class and especially the rich people want to pay for Obama-Care (really?). Other Congressmen are blaming the Republicans, have they already forgotten that it was the Republicans that asked for Obama-Care to be unfunded by taxpayers money? Have the Senate Democrats and the people forgotten that it was the democrat Senate that was ultimately responsible for the government shutdown when they refused the bill(s) from the House?
Those who tried to defund Obama-Care warned the public that this socialist mandated health care program would not work. They told you that the young and the middle age and the families with children would pay the most for Obama-Care premiums. The elderly (especially those over 70) would not receive the care that they need because much of the current coverage would now have to go before non-medical government panels who would determine what procedures would be covered. The political panel’s decisions for medical coverage would be on a sliding scale as to how the elderly could benefit the community if the procedures were granted. Yes, Sara Palin was right, “Death Panels”!

Let’s approach the facts head on, the Obama Administration are classic bullies. They ignore our rights and do things their way. What free government creates a socialist law that force people to purchase a product that they can not afford or do not want? And what free government applies a fee/tax when the people do not accept socialism? Let’s look at the facts; all Democrats support Obama’s Administration and most of the Republicans are Rino’s and cowards. The Congress voted in this law, they think it is good for the commoners, so they want us to have Obama-Care, but they created law to not force them and their staff to not accept Obama-Care. What do they know that we do not (think about that for a while)?

Representatives Mike Mishaud & Charyle Pinagree and Senators Angus King and Susan Collins still support the President’s signature Obama-Care failure. During the recess break here in Maine, where are the voices from the Congress to support and protect you. Where are your local legislators on this issue? We know Emily Cain is for Obama-Care, where are the Representatives on this issue, why do you not here from them? Why are there no town hall meetings for you to question them (I hear crickets)? I have the answer; they are afraid of the truth and they know that there are many of us who have the real answers on this issue.

Three years ago, Nancy Pelosi said: “we will get this health care legislation though if we have to go around them, under them, over them or through them”; the Obama Administration has done just that while you sat back and watched!

My question to the readers of this article is; how many more crises are you willing to put up with? How many more times are you willing to allow your state and federal legislators to ignore and destroy your natural, GOD given, Constitutional rights; or do you even care?”

Spokesperson Phil Merletti
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U.S. Congressman Mike Michaud Guest On The Rick Smith Show Tonite

Congressman Mike Michaud will be joining Pat Lamarche tonite shortly after nine o’clock. Says Pat “he’s given up his pay until the shutdown ends. We’re gonna check in on what’s up or not up in Washington and we’ll find out about yesterday’s lockdown.  There is a call in number 1-888-520-7425 he’ll only be on for a few. I’ll try and set up a whole half hour, asap. but in the mean time… we’ll get as much info as possible.”

The Rick Smith Show-Where Working People Come to Talk


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U.S. Reps. Michael Michaud, Chellie Pingree Join House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) To Defeat Funding For Veterans Benefits, click here.

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U.S. Reps. Michael Michaud, Chellie Pingree Join House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) To Defeat Funding For Veterans Benefits


“WASHINGTON, D.C. – Amid the shutdown turmoil in the nation’s capital city, 33 House Democrats crossed party lines Tuesday night to support a GOP measure to restore funding for veterans benefits for fiscal year 2014.

The resolution failed (264 – 164) to get the two-thirds vote threshold required for passage in the House under a suspension of the rules. Reps. Michael Michaud and Chellie Pingree joined House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to help defeat the resolution.

In response to Michaud’s vote against funding for veterans affairs, the Maine Republican Party questioned whether the Congressman’s loyalties lie with national Democrats or Maine’s veterans.”

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Source: Maine Wire

View Press Release HERE .

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Congressman Mike Michaud Votes Against Funding For Veterans Benefits

Mike Michaud


For Immediate Release: October 3, 2013

Michaud casts vote denying funding for Veteran’s Affairs

AUGUSTA – The Maine Republican Party today issued a statement questioning Congressman Mike Michaud’s leadership and priorities in light of his vote against the funding of veterans’ benefits in favor of partisan gridlock and a federal government shutdown.

“Mike Michaud has claimed support of Maine’s veterans as hallmark of his Congressional term,” said Jason Savage, executive director of the Maine Republican Party. “But this vote contradicts everything the Maine people think they know about Congressman Michaud.”

“Thirty-three Democrats in the House broke rank with their party leaders and had the courage to vote to provide funding for veterans’ benefits in the face of this government shutdown, but Mike Michaud was not one of them,” said Savage.

Savage said it is time that Maine people, especially Maine veterans and their families, get some answers, “What are Maine veterans to think about Mike Michaud’s recent political turn?  Are our veterans as important to Mike Michaud as helping his partisan leadership team to score a few political points?  How can voters expect Mike Michaud to effectively lead our state if he won’t even buck his partisan leaders to help Maine veterans?”

“Let’s hope that Mike Michaud somehow musters the courage and conviction to stand with Maine veterans in the future, even if it means bucking his party leaders,” concluded Savage. “This recent vote against veterans is certainly not a profile in courage – Maine deserves better.”

The roll call referenced above, roll call 506, can be found at the following link:


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On Maine…It’s Always After The Fact!

PPH reports “After Quebec disaster, feds to focus on Maine. At Maine representatives’ request, they will inspect train tracks of the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway. Maine Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree had requested the inspection in a letter sent Thursday to federal transportation officials as the Canadian investigation continued into the disaster which is believed to have killed at least 50 people in Lac-Megantic, Quebec.

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