Senior Counsel Karen Hudes World Bank Whistleblower Exposes Everything

“Christopher Hudson, host of the Forerunner Chronicles, interviews former WORLD BANK Senior Counsel Karen Hudes who exposes IRS and JESUIT connection, OBAMA being blackmailed, NUCLEAR False Flag attack on US soil… etc.

“…and we found out, IT’S ALL ONE BANK,” Hudes claims.”

“”Anything the Corporate Media tells you, ISN’T THE WAY THE WORLD IS,” she goes on the explain the Big Six Media and Banker Collusion with the Big Six Energy Companies etc.”

View interview HERE.

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Most Influential 50’s New Names Shaping And Changing The World

Bloomberg reports “Most Influential 50’s New Names Show Shakeup in Finance. They shape economies, move markets, do deals — and change the world. They hold sway by virtue of the money they manage, the companies they control, the policies they enact and the ideas they propound. The people on the third annual 50 Most Influential list, to be published in the October issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine, command attention as masters of the global financial system. 

Some work the strings of power in the courtroom or the halls of government, while others campaign for access to education, equal opportunities or the alleviation of poverty. These are people with clout.”

Read more, click here.

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