City of Biddeford, Lisbon, Falmouth – take notice…Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Convicted On Corruption Charges


NBC news reports “Jurors found Kilpatrick guilty of 24 criminal counts, including racketeering, extortion and bribery, after a trial in which prosecutors said he presided over a breathtaking profit machine that turned City Hall into “Kilpatrick Incorporated. The racketeering count alone carries up to 20 years in prison. “ Read more.

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City of Biddeford, Lisbon have something in common.

Falmouth Today.

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City of Biddeford and Town of Lisbon Have Something In Common…Official Corruption Behind Closed Doors

Lisbon Reporter reports “Politics `a la` Lisbon!! Transparency and Open Government Be Damned!” Several discussions were held about the manner in which executive sessions were conducted in Lisbon, Maine. This prompted investigation into Maine’s Revised Statute on Executive sessions.  Title 1 §405. Executive sessions.

Peoples’  rights ARE violated behind municipal “closed doors.” I agree with Larry Filmore that “people need to know the precise nature of the business being discussed behind closed doors.”

As further evidence of  unlawful “executive sessions” by elected municipal employee to steal from the taxpayers, including the theft of properties please view the following:

 August 26, 1994 confidential memo behind closed doors.

Marion Lafortune wanted this issue presented before the city council. Mayor James Grattelo denied this request. Marion was not an employee of the city/state and this issue should NOT have been discussed “behind closed doors.”

The theft of Marion’s home and Dorothy Lafortune’s home behind closed doors are detailed.

A fraudulent foreclosure was entered against my mother, Marion Lafortune, on August 24, 1993 by Coastal Bank, Robert Hirshon counsel and former President of the ABA. She fought to her death and died before seeing justice.  The accomplices in this theft by City of Biddeford officials, James Grattelo, Atty. Harry Center, are the same officials involved in the theft of my home. Others involved,  Auctioneer William Zafirson, Atty. Jens-Peter-Bergen and York County Superior/District Court justices Fritzsche, Arthur Brennan,Robert E. Crowley and Christine Foster to name a few.

During the fraudulent foreclosure against my mother, Coastal Bank continued to accept my mother’s monthly checks.

Police Report on the arrest of my mother for criminal trespass upon her own property, August 8, 1994. No judgment, no writ of possession.

August 17, 1994 my mother filed an Injunction and it was denied by Judge Paul Fritzsche December 6, 1994, three months afterthe sale of her home.

September 1994 Notice and sale. The book and page registry of deeds numbers are not my mother’s property. Researching the records, people would find these book and page numbers referred to Kennebunkport Investment Corp. A great scheme to conceal the fraud and controversy surrounding this “taking.”

October 26, 1995 Deeds office – can’t find judgment.

September 16, 1994 letter from D.A. Michael Cantara to Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre.

November 1, 1994 Not Guilty

June 30, 1997 Maine Treasury relative to the law firm of Drummond and Woodsom.

My mother was left with the clothes on her back (like me) as Southeast Moving removed all of her belongings from her home. The Bureau of Corporations shows that Southeast Moving had not filed as a business since 1992. Everything was removed including her vehicle (which was never recovered).


Filing a complaint on any judge with the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability is futile…especially today since Judge Fritzsche sits on the committee, as does Robert E. Crowley, Esq. (former judge), Superior Court Justice Roland A. Cole and Charles W. Smith Jr., Esq. (atty. in the law firm of Smith, Eliott & Garmey), all involved in my cases.


What kind of beings sit in elected positions?  Their actions are a public scandal!  No Governor in this state has yet taken this bull by the horns. The “behind closed doors” tactics to deprive people of their businesses/livelihoods/property will never generate revenue for this state.

The common thread between the City of Biddeford and Town of Lisbon…is official corruption behind closed doors to steal from the taxpayers!!



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