Governor Paul LePage’s Comment During An Event Gets Him In Hot Water Again

Governor LePage attended an event Friday in North Berwick  set up for attendees of Pratt & Whitney’s annual employee appreciation day. His comment has sparked debate on both sides of the issue.

Anyone who has not been subjected to the lies, misinformation, demoniztion by the media will not understand Governor LePage’s comment.

BDN reports “As he strapped into the F-35 Lightning II demonstrator machine, Maine’s Republican governor joked to a nearby Lockheed Martin Corp. guide: “I want to find the Press Herald building and blow it up.”

“In July 2011, he scolded reporters, telling them “you folks tend to not like to write the truth,” and in March 2012, he told students at Waterville Junior High School that “ reading newspapers in the state of Maine is like paying someone to lie to you.”

“On other occasions, he’s made clear his preference for television reporting over print journalism and his disdain for newspapers. LePage rarely grants interviews to any print journalists, but partisan politics likely contributes to his special emphasis on the Press Herald and its sister papers, the Kennebec Journal and Waterville Sentinel. The newspapers are owned by S. Donald Sussman, a major donor to Democratic candidates and husband of 1st District U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, a Democrat with whom LePage has often clashed.

“Television station WMTW reporter Paul Merrill later asked LePage if he had any targets. The governor said: The Portland Press Herald and the Bangor Daily News.”

“In response media reports of the event, the governor’s Twitter account soon sent out a message: “Threatened? It was a joke, folks.”

“LePage has long had a frosty relationship with Maine newspapers.”

PPH reports “Adrienne Bennett, the governor’s spokeswoman, said in an email that LePage was clearly joking and was responding to a question. LePage has had a tense relationship with the media — newspapers in particular — since he took office in January 2011. At least twice, he has told students that his biggest fear is newspapers. He once said that buying a copy of a newspaper is like paying someone to lie to you. LePage has a long record of strong statements and jokes gone wrong.”

Per the media’s modus operendi they will twist, turn, inflate an issue to sell a newspaper. If they were sincere in bringing the truth to the public why have they neglected to do so with the following:

The cover up of election fraud by secretary of State Matt Dunlap/ Charlie Summers and the Attorney General’s office, as well as the Post Office’s complicity in this crime.  The general public has not heard about this as the media refused to report on this.

The refusal of our politicians taken action on the evidence presented to them regarding the fraud, waste and abuse of Medicaid funding and refusal of Attorney General to investigate.

The controlled media has harmed many Mainers by refusing to print the “other side of the story.” The official corruption and theft of homes and small businesses, fraudulent foreclosures, kidnapping of children…the list goes on! Victims are further victimized by our mainstream media!

Another issue that warrants investigation is HUD, City of Biddeford office.

This is just for starters….where is the public outrage on this?

Those who do not read the newspaper are uninformed, those who do…are misinformed.

Maine Court Judges Exposed!

Falmouth Today, Editor Michael Doyle, unveils more judicial corruption within Maine courts.

Attorney Jens-Peter Bergen and Judges named in this article are the same players in the theft of my business property,  my home and property in Arundel, Maine.

I went public with a public access t.v. talk show, The Maine Forum, from April 18, 2001 to July 2002 when (now former mayor) Donna Dion and (now former city councilor) Jim Grattelo banned me from Biddeford Public Access. My reasons for going public was due to the controlled mainstream media’s refusal to print or broadcast the truth that people had a right to know. I was tired of having issues brushed under the rug. The Maine Forum was a vehicle used to educate and inform the public on issues that involved everyone at the local, county, state and federal levels. It was time to take a stand for my (our) rights before we no longer had any rights left. Many wonderful and interesting people from Maine to California were guests on my program.

The July 4, 2001 program “What Price Justice?’ featured Philip Castora, a licensed Private Investigator, who gave a report containing his opinions and conclusions with respect to various public documents relative to his investigation into fraudulent confiscations of property through the concerted actions of city officials, bankers, the courts…….and let’s not forget William Zafirson, HAZA Auctioneer who went crying to the mayor because I mentioned his name on my program.

Read more, click here.

Read more about:

Jens Peter Bergen, Esq.

Attorney Jens-Peter Bergen, one of the client’s charged in the Zumba Prostitution Case, was also involved in the theft of Dorothy Lafortune’s home in concert with officials in the City of Biddeford and Biddeford District Court Judge Christine Foster.

As with both cases, Atty. Bergen knows, or should know, the law. In the Zumba case he chose to commit a criminal or unlawful act that reflects adversely on his honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as an attorney. Since the beginning of this case it was obvious there would be a double standard of justice and selective prosecutions where it concerned public officials/attorneys. Attorney Bergen and his cronies in the City of Biddeford, including Judge Christine Foster, are NOT above the law! This is NOT the first time he violates the law! The proof is in the pudding!

Wouldn’t you agree that Attorney Jens-Peter Bergen, who knows, or should know, the law and pled guilty to violating state law is conduct unbecoming an attorney and in violation of BAR rules and professional conduct? He gets away with just a slap on the wrist and still practices law in Maine.

And what about the remaining suspects?

Freedom of Access Act request, December 27, 2012

Second Freedom of Access Act request, January 20, 2013

On January 28, 2013 a response was received to my FOA request to Justina McGettigan, Deputy D.A. from D.A. Kathryn Slattery. D.A. Slattery provided the list of approximate 60 individuals charged. The request was for the remaining 150+ suspects charged.

FOIA – clarification, February 7, 2013

Why is it so difficult to get a response from the District Attorney’s Office to a FOA request? Why will the D.A. not uphold Maine statute and supply the list of the remaining 150+ suspects charged?

Atty. Bergen represented the owner of a Maine Realty company and aid and abet the theft of Lafortune’s home and aided and abetted in the attempt to extort $35,000 from her. Her persistence in pursuing this fraud against her led to the mysterious disappearance of the case file in Biddeford District Court. 

She was not afforded the opportunity, consideration and fairness in the reporting of her side of the story. She was not ensured a fair trial. She was maliciously prosecuted when (now former) D.A. Mark Lawrence had her evidence in hand and working with her. She lost her home, removed by a 13 member SWAT team, armed and masked, arrested and charged with criminal trespass upon her own property and thrown out into the street like a wild animal. She most certainly resents the fact that she paid the salaries of these official “scabs” to defraud and “rape” her.

See summary of Criminal Trespass charge, click here.

Judge Arthur Brennan, click here and here.

Judge Thomas Humphrey

Paper trail to my complaint against Judge Christine Foster, dismissed by the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability also leads to Judge Humphrey.

Related, click here.

Well, if  “you haven’t heard of a docket, any docket, being removed from the court system locally or statewide”, you’ve got more proof that this is “procedure” within Maine’s courtrooms.

Take Notice:

Members on the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability include Judges Paul Fritzsche, Robert E. Crowley. Is this not a conflict of interest? Judge Thomas Humphrey previously sat on the committee. He is the current Chief Justice of the Superior Courts.

The Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability is a Personal appointment which does not require a public hearing or approval of the State Legislature. If Governor LePage’s priority is to “put Maine people ahead of politics”, he must remove the members with this committee.

The corruption is rampant, blatant and more visible with greater exposure. It’s time to take this “bull by the horns.”


Printed in the Clarion Edict

by Dorothy Lafortune

The American public has awakened. If our ” elected representatives” would have upheld the Rule of Law, upheld their oaths of office, performed their duties as they were paid to do, we the people would not have been forced to obtain a free education. Although it has been time-consuming, we have obtained more education than would have by attending law school and receiving a college degree. It is a blessing in disguise that our “representatives” and “employees” (federal, state, county, local) have failed in their duties and forced the people to research and investigate the corrupt agenda of our so-called “representatives” and their “employee gate-keepers.” Gate-keeper: one who answers the telephone (secretary, aide) and denies us access to our “representatives.” Now it is up to those of you who have not taken this opportunity to a free education to do so. It is hard work and time consuming. You must realize that our “reps” will not make change, we the people will make change.

The “revolving door policy” has been in effect for decades. Maine, New Jersey and New Hampshire (let’s not forget Washington DC) have a great investment in “revolving doors.” It’s a great “product” to keep their agenda in place. It’s also a terrific “security tool” for “gatekeepers” of elected officials who will eventually climb the ladder to a higher position.

On January 5, 2011, when Paul LePage became the state’s first Republican governor in 16 years his pledge to Maine people was very simple: “It’s going to be people ahead of politics.” “The framers had it right.” LePage pledged “to listen and work constructively” with anyone bringing forth sincere solutions to the state’s problems. “We are going to get around and learn from the people of Maine.”

States Governor LePage, “Basically, it’s very simple. If I’m running my own business, I’d like to know what my employees are up to, and that’s all I’m asking. Let’s just have open communication.”

On March 18, 2011 I had the opportunity to speak with Governor LePage during his Capitol for a Day tour in York County. He had just placed a Maine’s “Open for Business” sign and I reminded him that his office must also be open for business, unlike past governors. I spoke to him about the loss (theft) of my business property and home due to corrupt bankers, officials and others, and rubber-stamped by a corrupt judicial system. I hand delivered him some documents and requested a meeting with him to detail which government entities/committees/commissions are a real problem for small business owners and residents. I believe that I have much to offer in assisting with his administration in moving forward and making the state of Maine a better place for business and its people. Governor LePage was very cordial, interested and receptive. He promised to meet with me.  Unfortunately, a meeting did not happen with Governor LePage.  However, the governor arranged a meeting with Ronald McKinnon, Dept. of Economic & Community Development, on Wednesday, May 11th. I attended the meeting with another person.

We presented several issues to Mr. McKinnon, some of which come under his “umbrella” and those that did not fall under his authority we asked that he bring to the proper channels, including Governor LePage. Relative to Maine’s business climate toward our small businesses, we presented problems we faced with non-compliance of the law, of policies, of rules and regulations by town/city officials and state employees within various agencies that are in place to protect us, but have failed us miserably and irreparably. We also presented documentation of the deceptive practices and “behind closed doors” tactics used by city officials, specifically Biddeford, Saco and Lisbon, in concert with specific individuals and financial institutions with their deceptive and unfair trade practices to steal not only our businesses, but our homes. The intentional burning of one’s home in Lisbon, followed by another loss of property in Topsham (determined as a result of arson, yet to be justified), the unlawful interference by local officials and rubber-stamped by Maine’ judicial system which only resulted in further economic loss and expense to the State of Maine and its taxpayers.

We brought forward the unresponsiveness of state officials, the “conflicts of interest”, poor job performances, lack of oversight and accountability that exist in some Maine government agencies/departments/committees/commissions which pose a real problem for small business owners and residents.

We also brought forth documented evidence which warrants investigations and/or audits into the following:

Bureau of Financial Institutions, Lloyd LaFountain

Bureau of Insurance, Mila Kofman


Attorney General’s Office (inc. Criminal Complaint)

Secretary of State

State Auditor, Neria Douglass (3 letters – no responses)

Department of Human Services (elder abuse, nursing homes, evidence of Medicaid fraud)

Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, Jonathan Wayne

Municipalities – Biddeford, Saco, Lisbon

Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability (the removal of judicial members policing justices will remove the “root” of the problems faced by small businesses and residents in this state.)

We requested Mr. McKinnon’s intervention in taking the necessary steps through the proper channels, including Governor LePage, to initiate investigations, audits and restitution as this is a matter of public interest and trust. After my July 17th request for an update, McKinnon responsed on September 14th with not so pleasant news. He had “explored this matter with people I trust and find no conspiracy or other unlawful acts on the part of any of the people and parties you have accused of illegal seizures of properties or persecuting actions.” What? We presented him with documented evidence, pictures, videos! Due to the vagueness of his McKinnon’s letter, I filed a FOA (Freedom of Access) request in which to provide the names of the people he trusts and reports. It took 3 FOAs for him to reply that he did not request any documents, responses, nor did he submit a report to the Governor. THIS AMOUNTS TO HEARSAY! McKinnon’s job performance is less than poor and obviously politically motivated. Who are these “trusted” people he speaks of? The same ones that our state legislators and other state employees talk to.

Through past administrations there has always been the excuse, including the Attorney General’s Office – top law enforcement agency in the State, that “there’s nothing we can do.” This being the case, it is MY opinion that the state has 2 choices: 1) replace the person in charge of an agency or 2) if an agency is not serving its purpose/mission, eliminate the agency. This would be fiscally responsible. Paying salaries of employees who fail in their job performance is a misuse of taxpayer money. Our elected officials also fall short in upholding their oaths of office and in performing their duties and obligations as the law requires. Are they incompetent, have a vested interest or have a motive to their madness? All of the above. But they do “get by with a little help from their friends.” Remember, they have “stock” in “Revolving Doors.”

With Governor LePage not realizing that he has surrounded himself with the wrong people, specifically (former) Governor Baldacci leftovers, his vision for Maine cannot, and will not, be achieved……”Maine, one where all of our citizens prosper now and into the future.” The crew is only as good as its captain.

LePage has said there are more welfare recipients in the state than income tax payers, seeking to drive home the point that the state’s systems are financially unsustainable.   It only makes common sense that there would be more welfare recipients than income tax payers when people are losing their homes/businesses through fraudulent foreclosures or “behind closed doors” deals in city halls, being thrown out into the street like wild animals, and the legislature agrees wholeheartedly!

Maine is not open for business when our elected officials turn a deaf ear to the deliberate destruction of families, their constituents! For decades our representatives have refused to keep their constitutional promise to the people and have demonstrated a blatant disregard for the rule of law…..laws that they themselves created. This is when lawmakers become lawbreakers.

Governor LePage, it’s time for you to take this “bull by the horns.” The people will support you and pursuant to the Maine Constitution, Art. V, Executive Power, Section 12. Shall enforce the laws. The Governor shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

As manager of Marden’s, if customers reported to the supervisor(s) that people were stealing from Marden’s and the supervisor(s) did nothing, would LePage have fired his supervisor(s)? Would he take the word of his customers versus the hearsay of his supervisor(s)?

It was reported in the BDN that when LePage was manager of Marden’s they used “secret shoppers” to measure employee performance and to check on whether stores were implementing policies. The shoppers were company employees that posed as shoppers and developed valuable data for company management. “We need that in state government, “he said. “ We need to know what is really happening.”

Well, the Clarion Edict is the place to get valuable data for the state of Maine management.

Is a massive destructive political sunami ready to hit Augusta where state and federal laws are violated at the expense of our people, our lives/livelihoods, where elder abuse, police brutality, judicial misconduct, unfair trade practices, official corruption, and double standard of justice have become a way of life in the state of Maine? What happened to “people before poliltics?”

“The People cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Every violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health of human society.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


I am privileged to have been asked to be a writer/contributor to the Clarion Edict newspaper. This newspaper is a breath of fresh air. This will be a great vehicle to inform and educate the public on the job performance of our elected officials, state employees and agencies within the State of Maine. You will be educated and informed on issues that our mainstream media refuse to report whether by sheer innocence or deliberate design. The marriage between this blog and The Clarion Edict will be educational, informative and most revealing.

I was self-employed for nearly 30 years until the unlawful confiscation of my business property and home through the concerted efforts of bankers, municipal officials and the courts, ran for elected office with infiltration of the Democratic party, produced and hosted my own public access tv talk show “The Maine Forum”, was unlawfully removed from my home by a 13 member armed and masked SWAT team because I stood my ground against corrupt City of Biddeford officials and understood my rights and civil liberties. I have had much support from people within the community, however, people fear their government and are afraid to speak out publicly for fear of losing their busineses, homes or BAR licenses!

View the video of the SWAT Teams ransacking of my home. They came in for me. Was the ransacking of my home necessary? I did recognize the eyes of one of the armed and masked SWAT team – Biddeford Police officer Rick Doyon, a young officer who didn’t know what the 4th Amendment is!

Public servants, officials/employees in various governmental agencies, including the VA, who stonewall, kow tow, hide behind masks, curtains, or each other….will be named!

kow·tow [ kòw tów ]
be servile: to behave in an extremely submissive way in order to please somebody in a position of authority
servile act: an extremely submissive act aimed at pleasing somebody in a position of authority

Elected officials who refuse to come to the Citizens Review Board (CRB) table will be named!

Related: First Amendment click here and click here, Biddeford, and view SWAT team video below.



This has the same makings as the Saco Island deal!

Union Leader (NH) reports “New buyer for grand hotel in Great North Woods.”

“DIXVILLE NOTCH – The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel has a new buyer, but the board of directors of the Tillotson Corp. is giving out few details about the sale.”

BDN news article.

Are these dots connecting?

Saco Island Project

Saco Island – Harpers Development


Sen. Hobbins Radio Address on Government Transparency, March 19, 2011 he stated:

“Democrats have long believed that people should know who, how, where, and what is being governed.” Sen. Hobbins “want(s) to work with Governor LePage moving this state forward, but [he] wants to do it with transparency and openness.” He stated, “Governor (LePage), I hope you will join me.”

During Senator Hobbins’ long tenure in the Maine legislature he could have asked (now former Governor) John Baldacci to do the same. However, birds of a feather….. With decades of seeking justice, the decades of frustration due to the unresponsiveness of elected officials, the lack of transparency in Maine government, the lack of official accountability and judicial corruption, Hobbins still remains behind the veil of secrecy. He has refused to join the people in reining in an out-of-control government and to “do it with transparency and openness.”

We remain dogged in our efforts for fairness, truth, transparency, openess and accountability for the thefts of property, atrocities, abuses and brutalities inflicted upon the people on the State of Maine.

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PPH reports “Justice G. Arthur Brennan to retire, will be ‘sorely missed'”.

“After three decades as a judge, Superior Court Justice G. Arthur Brennan will retire this summer. Brennan, who is based in York County, will retire Aug. 26, leaving a vacancy on the Superior Court bench.”

“He’s really going to be sorely missed,” said Barry Hobbins, a lawyer in Saco who is Maine’s Senate minority leader. “He’s a very special person. Hobbins praised Brennan for his fairness and his ability to bring together the four components of the criminal justice system – retribution, restraint, deterrence and rehabilitation – in his decision-making.”

“Walter Smith, another Saco-based lawyer, said it’s wonderful to appear before Brennan, whom he described as “a real gentleman. He’s a wonderful human being,” Smith said. “He really cares and really tries to be fair to both sides.”

“Before becoming a judge, Brennan was an assistant attorney general and York County’s district attorney. He was nominated to the District Court bench in 1981 and elevated to the Superior Court in 1984 by Gov. Joseph Brennan.”

Hearings on the re-appointment of other judges took approximately 20 minutes and Judge Brennan was before the Committee for over 2 hours!  State aides were rounded up at the last minute to testify on behalf of Judge Brennan.  Despite all of the evidence against Judge Brennan the Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to re-appoint Arthur Brennan. (Video of the hearing is available.) Who was the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee?  None other than Sen. Barry Hobbins!
I requested the Commission of Judge Arthur Brennan.  He failed to respond and the Secretary of State cannot produce the Commission of this judge, or any other judge.

Who is Atty. Walter Smith?  Partner in the law firm of Smith Elliott & Garmey, attorneys for Saco Biddeford Savings Institute and City of Biddeford.

 Judicial Selection Committee Members Announced Today by Governor LePage.

Joshua Tardy will serve as the committee’s chair.

In February 2004 I was a candidate in a special election held in Biddeford, Maine during the administrative of (now former) Governor John Baldacci (D). My contact with Jonathan Wayne, Director of the Ethics Commission.

I contacted (now former) Rep. Joshua Tardy regarding the fraudulent election in Biddeford, Maine. I informed him of the tampering of ballots and tampering of first class mailings with the post office. I asked for his help with the fraudulent confiscation of my properties.  He stated, quote “this has been hashed over.” When I asked why I wasn’t included in the “hashing over” of this issue, he  declined to speak with me and hung up on me.  Now Governor LePage nominates him to the Judicial Selection Committee?

Additionally, Judge Robert Crowley stepping down at the top of his game.

What game?

Does anyone else see a problem here?

Are these issues not a matter of “public interest?”


The Sun Journal reports ” A former Twin Cities developer is expected to plead guilty in federal court later this month to charges related to fraud and theft involving federal loan applications aimed at rehabbing and repairing local apartment buildings.” Soule faces two charges in a federal complaint, including making fraudulent claims for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development money and stealing money from HUD, through its HOME Investment Partnership Program.

On Tuesday, June 28th I, with another concerned citizen, met with a Maine State Senator and his aide on this very same issue.

The following is my e-mail to the Senator and his aide:

 I just discovered this article and want to bring to your attention that one of the issues brought up to you is exactly the same situation regarding my home and my business property.


I left with you my complaint filed with A.G. Schneider. My case involves an alleged foreclosure by the City of Biddeford in 2002. A legal advertisement was placed in the Journal Tribune with sealed bids to be “opened, reviewed and awarded by the City Manager on June 5, 2002 at 9:00 a.m.”

On June 4, 2002 it was announced at the city council meeting that bids had already been opened. This predates legal notice announcing sealed bids sale. No public auction was held.

On June 21, 2002 a quit claim deed was given to Tim Q. Ly. A Writ of Possession was given to Ly with full knowlege by the courts that I had pending litigation against the city’s actions and for my claim of right to title of this real estate.

On August 19, 2002 Tim Q. Ly used my property as collateral to obtain a $105,000.00 loan from Fleet Bank.

In May, 2003 the city sent me a tax bill, which I paid, and the city accepted.
On or about October 24, 2003, The Maine Supreme Court issued an illegal order affirming the lower court’s decision of the issuance of a writ of possession which is null and void by operation of law, in addition to having knowledge of pending litigation in this matter.

I was unlawfully removed from my home.

York County Superior Court judge Arthur Brennan never held a trial in this matter, a denial of my civil, constitutional and due process rights. I remain the sole owner of my property until proven otherwise.

I was in contact with York County D.A. Mark Lawrence. I also wanted an investigation on possible illegal activity. I believed that he would investigate, but he didn’t. He jumped the fence and prosecuted me with my evidence in hand. I was not allowed to present evidence, nor witnesses.

Is this fair and just? MRSA 17-A applies in my case.


I was a small business owner for nearly 30 years. I bought commercial property in Saco in 1984. In 1993, I wanted to add to my business, but Saco denied me a permit stating I had “residential” property. What I intended to do was allowed per my deed. This combined with the bank’s unfair trade practices, refusal to give me my refinanced loan documents and Atty. Michelle Robert’s threats of “seeing me in court for the next ten years” (she left her practice and went to the A.G.’s office) achieved an intended goal – a sham foreclosure action against me. I did obtain an attorney, but was not notified of an alleged hearing on this matter until it “was over.”

An auction was held on my property, selling as “COMMERCIAL PROPERTY.”

I went to the “auction” where the bankers were among the bidders. Someone I was with was the high bidder. The bankers/attys and auctioneer Peter Zafirson took a break and went outside. Upon returning, the auction resumed with the bank placing a bid and the auctioneer immediately said sold.

My investigation found that the bank sold this property to SBM Corp. – members of the bank, one of whom is the loan officer who refused to give me loan documentation. SMB Corp. sold the property to Bruce Haskell (who has a business on my property), the second lowest bidder. I believe his bid was $20,000. Bruce Haskell granted the property back to the bank for $1.

Is this fair and just? MRSA 17-A applies in this case also.

I had much equity in both properties!

Attorney General Schneider’s refusal to take action is discriminatory, selective prosecution and double standard of justice.

Is this fair and just?

Why does the City of Biddeford deny access to HUD financial disclosure?  This is YOUR money? Why does Soule faces two charges and not Tim Q, Ly?

There is no statute of limitations on fraud. HAZEL-ATLAS GLASS CO. v. HARTFORD-EMPIRE CO., 322 U.S. 238 (1944)

I also note, the lawfirm representing the bank was also the lawfirm representing the City of Biddeford.

I further note, what is more disgusting than the events/abuses that have taken place is that our “so-called elected representatives” agree with the abuses.

Do you agree?

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